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121 ft / 36.9 m Couach - Sleeps 9 guests

From: €88,000

Chartering in the West Mediterranean


Operating in the West Mediterranean


Master Cabin

Formal Dining



121 ft / 36.9 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

22 kts / 40.7 km/h



24 ft 11 in / 7.3 m




Captain: Olivier Borgialli + 5


At anchor (0 speed)

VAT Registered



7 ft 2 in / 2.2 m


Ken Freivokh




US Duty Paid



  • Exercise equipment
  • Indoor audio system
  • iPod dock
  • Local TV
  • Satellite phone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Assorted water toys
  • Jet ski (standup)
  • Tube - towable
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Captain: Olivier Borgialli
Age: 31 years old - Nationality: French

Olivier has over 8 years experience on both private and charter yachts and since joining the yachting industry he has proven to be reliable, professional, dynamic and well-organized. It is these attributes that have brought him to obtain the position as captain so quickly. Olivier has learnt to adapt and respond efficiently to meet individual requirements; he is always smiling, enthusiastic and very pleasant. Having travelled extensively through the Mediterranean, he has a wide knowledge of many great locations, ensuring that the guests enjoy the ultimate charter experience. Olivier brings a lot of hard work and energy to the boat, he works closely with his crew to ensure a professional and discreet service for all his guests. He’s very passionate about Martial arts and loves water sports.

Olivier speaks French, English, Italian and he has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

First Mate: Kevin Autier
Age: 23 years old - Nationality: French

Coming from a family involved in the Yachting Industry, Kevin grew up surrounded by boats, developing a passion from an early age for the sea. Whilst still very young, he decided that a career at sea would be his focus, Kevin began his work on private and charter yachts, with excellent results and furthermore with a relevant experience in Management services after an extensive training in a Management Company.

Kevin represents a excellent support for the captain, providing guests with an unforgettable charter in complete serenity. He loves to play golf, tennis and he has developed a passion for wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling and spear fishing since travelling through Australia, in U.A.E Dubai and in Madagascar. Being a RYA Jet Ski instructor, he will allow you to discover in safety how exhilarating it is riding a jet ski following a successful route to become a great young captain.

He speaks fluent English, French and has a good knowledge of Spanish.

Chef Engineer: Lucien Dang
Age: 23 years old - Nationality: French

Lucien has a great interest in engineering; he has the will to learn more every day to develop his career. He has a vast training in engine maintenance and offshore engine machinery that has allowed him to gain a concise knowledge and understanding of the maintenance and running of yachts. Currently, he has over five years experience on board charter yachts and thanks to his passion for the ocean, his strong work ethic and his ability to work harmoniously in a team environment, Lucien is much appreciated by the guests and by the rest of the crew.

His bright smile combined with his presentability and his developed self-discipline make Lucien an essential part of a great crew!

In his spare time Lucien has a lot of hobbies, including Karate (with graduation of dark belt, 1st dan), motor bikes, water sports and self-defense

Lucien speaks French and good English.

Chef: Olivier Delcroix
Age: 40 years old - Nationality: French

Trained during three years of internship in France. He traveled and worked for the past 10 years intensively in Europe and in the Caribbean. Indeed he is well versus in classic Mediterranean cuisine as well as Asian and Mexican food. he has been running kitchens for a long time therefore he is well organized, from menu writing to stock provisioning and staff managing. He has skills, personality and he is ready to take on another challenge. he aims to be professional and positive at all times.

“My objective is to serve quality food to the highest standard, using the finest ingredients while working with a great crew. »

Olivier speaks French, English, Spanish, German and has some knowledge of Thai and Italian.

Chef Stewardess: Victoria Vdovichenko
Age: 24 years old - Nationality: Ukrainian

Victoria began her career in the Service industry so far as becoming a guesthouse manager. She joined the yachting industry In 2006, With a great love for what she does, she goes the extra mile to ensure that guests have a wonderful time on board leaving them with an experience they will never forget. She is well organized, meticulous and is able to adapt her style of service to the different clients’ preferences.

Her creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail enable her to progress in her yachting career. Her hobbies and interests include indoors and outdoors sports, travelling and she enjoys all water.

Stewardess: Pinot Anais
Age: 27 years old - Nationality: French

Anais has 10 years experience in the Luxury service as waitress/hostess.

She worked in few famous Restaurants in Paris like Budha Bar and hotel costes.

She is a well organized person and speaks fluent French and English.

Anais has the knowledge to maintain high level of service.

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