48ft (14.6m) Privilege - Sleeps 8 guests.

From: $ 11,500 To: $ 18,150 Per Week. Operating in: Caribbean,

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Sailing on Catamaran Belline II is like a magic carpet ride...

"On a cloud of sound

Any place it goes is right

Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here... " 


Her two hulls give space... speed and stability

Leave your stress, traffic jams, gotta-do’s, hafta-do’s and if you wish even your cell/mobile/wifi/keepintouch-devices behind and experience the richness of a lonely island, a quiet bay, a deserted beach on the fully equipped yacht.

Diving... off the yacht and into crystal clear, warm waters, blending into the world of stunning underwater playgrounds, showing the fish your big grin.

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating reefs still alive in the world today. Or even blow the first bubbles under water with your own PADI dive instructor.

During your sailing cruise you can enjoy all the on-board toys and top your vacation experience with our wakeboard, double seated kayak, fishing rods, aquanaut and much more activities tomake your sailing holidays a great success!

We love eating, so we love food - and we love to cook!  We are devoted to enjoying preparing new and different meals as well as the classic, traditional dishes. You will see how we can surprise you.

Belline II is perfect for a sailing vacation with both, friends and family. It’s Sun and Fun. Who knows, maybe soon you are sitting on deck with a cold drink in your hand! (and a big grin!)!!!


  • CD library
  • DVD library
  • Stereo system
  • Fishing equipment
  • iPod Dock
  • DVD player
  • Hammocks
  • Wakeboard
  • Adult waterskis
  • Dinghy: Caribe / 14ft 0in (4.0m) / 60HP
  • Beach games
  • Mono ski
  • Towing ring
  • Book library
  • Board games


  • Voltage: 220/12/110V
  • Swim platform
  • Deck shower
  • Barbeque
  • Cell phone


  • aYacht is insured for diving
  • Guest must be certified
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Crew certification: Master
  • 10 scuba tanks
  • At least one crew member is a certified instructor
  • 8 BCs
  • Diving from aYacht permitted
  • 8 regulators


Diving: $45 per dive per person 

Courses: available: 
Resort Course: $150
Open Water Referral Cert: $280


BELLINE II Crew Profile

Walter Wegmann – Captain and Chef

Walter (59) is a licensed captain and a certified mechanic from Switzerland. He always has a helping hand for other boaters, too! They call him, “Walter-will-fix-it”.

During a very cold and rainy summer in Europe in 1987, Walter shruffed off the chill and flew off to the Dominican Republic for a dive vacation. He fell in love with the beauty of the Caribbean and stayed, opening one of the first European dive schools there. He never stopped dreaming from the perfect dive & relax vacation solution.

In 1991 he went to France and setting foot for the first time on Belline ll. After some customization work on the catamaran, Walter sailed through the challenging Bay of Biscay, off to the Mediterranean Sea, where he cruised along the French coast, the Spain’s Balearic Islands, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. From there Walter and his crew set Belline’s sails for the crossing of the broad Atlantic. They had a wonderfully quiet and blissful crossing, and made landfall 21 days later in the British Virgin Islands. Walter and his crew thought they where the next Columbus in Paradise, when they found that the beer at Pusser’s was only a nickel! (What they didn’t know was, they had landed on a Thursday, when Pusser’s Pub was celebrating a special “nickel-night”).

Walter will be not only be your all-inclusive vacations charter yacht captain, but also your chef, as cooking is he’s true passion!  Somebody even said: “You cook better than my mother!” That says everything, doesn’t it?

During all this time Walter has hosted over 1000 guests and made lots of new friends, many returning year after year to enjoy their "dream come true" Caribbean vacation.

Arlette Wyss – First mate and dive instructor

Arlette Wyss(23) is also a native of Switzerland. She is a certified horse trainer, specializing in a variety of equestrian disciplines. She traveled extensively the past 5 years, crossing the USA by Greyhound bus from west to east, working in Idaho and Nevada as a real cowgirl, reprised that role in Brasil as a “gauchera” on a “facenda”, conquered the Amazon, hiked through Iceland, drove all over New Zealand, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert and explored the west coast of Greenland on a sailing expedition.

But nothing can beat the beautiful Caribbean and the life on the water. She was only a small child when she was the first time sailing on Belline II with her family. That obviously impressed her enough to return again and again, and to dream of a life on Belline II. Arlette has a Swiss yachtmaster’s license, a 50ft RIB license and VHF certification. Also as a professional PADI dive instructor she’s always happy to take you on a dive around the most stunning reefs of the Caribbean or even blow the first bubbles with you! Arlette achieved a Swiss certification in professional bartending, presentation and service of drinks and snacks.

Her happy face earns her favour and empathy and a smile is always there, even in moments when it’s hectic, with quick thinking and action required. She is comfortable running all deck duties, and she keeps all water sports activities fully under control.

Arlette has been crewing on-and-off with the Belline ll on several charters in the past three years and she worked with Walter in the summer months in the boat yard.

BELLINE II Specifications

BELLINE II Testimonials

June 1st 2014 BVI

Dear Jayde (aka magical Jayde) and Brand (Taaaaarrrrpon)

What an amazing week! You have been officially adopted into out abnormal family! Thank you for all of yours hard work and hospitality. 

Please stay out of the water for 48hrs to let the homing devices settle in. (the devil has implanted them in your sleep) 

We leave you today but will see you in the very near future.

Magical Jayde, I love you and want to keep you, with gratitude & love

Devil, Monkey, Munchin, Gene, Jams, Tony & Boobies XOXO

Brand & Jayde

Thanks for all the wonderful memories! What began as days that felt like months, then ended with each day going by so fast! We had an amazing time! Thank you for treating us as friends & sharing your life with us. Its always so enlightening to hear of how frenzy you can live your life. We hope to be back sailing once again with you. Next time… jayde don't leave me out in the middle of a reef with the “Gray Caribbean Reef Shark” while you do your Olympic swim for Shazz. Hopefully they remember you & Jamila’s great bottle dance the night if “time traveled” Brand; next time we need to catch some Tarp…on! 

Enjoy your week off, thanks for the epic time! Tony & Jamila

PS: Also thanks for the help getting out Jamilas “world record hair know” 

Keep in touch… if you are ever out in Malibu, let us know!

Pictures from Devil, Monkey, Munchin, Gene, Jams, Tony & Boobies


The Cossit, Phillips, Drolet Charter

BVI 3rd -11 May 2014

Jayde, Jayde pretty lady & Brand 

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime – I am so much more greatful than you’ll ever know. You’re a great, FANTASTIC team and I hope paths will cross again. If you ever decide to visit (god-forsaken) Chicago and need a place to stay- HOLLER! God bless! 

Peace, love & calm waters, Caren

Brand & Jayde

What a week of adventures! Anegada was an absolute blast. Beautiful beaches, relaxation, walks & pictures to entertain us for years! 

The food, the scenery, the conversations – everything was perfect! Even the rain wasn't so bad ☹

The Baths, The Bubbly Pool, trek to the Sugar Mill, Willy T’s – all wonderful. 

Crème brûlée– OMG!

Hope to see you again next year. This was a perfect vacation & we set high ⇒⇒⇒ standards! 

We will miss both of you. Hope you remember how entertaining we were… lol! 

Love you, Mike & Caity

Dear Jayde and Brand

What a week! Its hard to believe that out sailing trips can get any better, but they do! 

Thank you for SO many adventures and memories! From Willy-T’s to fabulous diving and snorkeling to paddle boarding to Anegada! All the energy we received from Jaydes fantastic meals helped us to do more than we could have imagined in one week. And... oh yes, the jumping picture – taking adventure… will keep us laughing for a long time! When we look back at the picture. 

You both have a gift for dealing with people as well as your skills of captaining, diving, cooking, bartending…. The list goes on and on… 

We will never for get this week and hope we can meet again! 

Love Diane & Mike

The Round Family of 14 (Tandem with Safari) 

Helens 50th Birthday celebration! 

Sunday APRIL 27TH 2014


It has been a fantastic week! Everything has been so well organized. Great food, snorkeling and many good beaches, bars. 

We will not forget the painkillers! The diving was wonderful until we struggled with the currents and hopefully did not destroy the corrals!

We have been laughing from sunrise until dawn!

A wonderful memory for all us! 

We are so pleased that Helen decided to celebrate her 50th Birthday in the BVI and it couldn't have been better! 

Best regards Anna and Catherine


Many thanks for a memorable week. We did so much and it all seemed to be so effortless for uss to be taken care of so well! Wonderful and interesting islands you showed us a lot and kept us very well fed and watered! Particullary that's for creating a unique and comfortable athmosphere for us all and being so flexible to tandem with the other baot. Thanks akso to Brand for helping Jennifer to snorkel! We will never forget our time in the BVI/s and hopefully we will be back! 

Chris and Helen
 — at Tortola, BVI.


 The Kiser and Reeder Families

BVI’s April 12-18 2014


Dear Brand and Jayde

Thank you so much for being the best crew I could have ever wished for.

Thank you for showing us around the BVI’s and making it the best trip in my life.

With love and a hope to see you in the near future, Will


Dear Brand and Jayde

Thank you for experience of a life time! We have long dreamed of sharing the BVI catamaran experience without boys and you the dream come true! You are both so gracious and good-matured, and put us at ease and made us feel confortable from the moment we stepped on board. Jayde, you are an amazing chef and you’re so brave to take on Will’s nut allergies. We could n to have done this without you! Brand, thank you for helping us spot all the sea life, especially the sea turtles. And many thanks to you both for yours kindness and patience towards our kids. Have to adore you both! To sum it up; thanks for THE MOST AWESOME VACATION EVER!

With love Amy & Ken, Ryan & Will


Dear Brand and Jayde


What an amazing week! We cant thank you enough for your wonderful hospitality and for loving out little people so much!

All of us are looking forward to sharing more adventures with you in the near future. Please let us know when are near California!

Much love Russ & KC, Hannah, Russ2 & Nicola


A perfect week in the islands :)


BVI March 28th 2014

Jayde & Brand

Thank so much for making this week our best vacation ever! 

If either of you make it over to L.A.; you must come and see out little town!

We will miss walking up to yummy breakfast and TLC! 

XXOO Gina 





Cheers to the PAINKILLER Kings & Queens 

This is Jeff we in Huff

Jade & Brand

We consider having you two as out crew was a total “luck-olet”! you gave us an adventure it would be difficult to conjure up ourselves.

You both are so talented and are sure to have amazing futures. Pleas come and find us in California if you ever traveling Laguna Beach. There is always of room at the Inn.

Paula & Tom, David & Suzi


The Tedford Family Charter

March 8th 2014

Brand & Jayde 

Thank you for making out catamaran experience such an amazing vacation. 

Our expectations were high and you were able to exceed these expectations with ease! 

From the outstanding cuisine to the outstanding scenery your guidance throughout the BVI’s made our trip very special. We each made great memories and here are just a few… 

KC - I got to touch the tail of a shark, it was like 12 ft great white (3ft nurse shark)

Sarah - Snorkeling at Diamond cay – the huge stingray! Also loved Jaide’s cooking and Brand’s painkillers.

Alyssa - Snorkeling at Monkey Point and running on the lovely beaches in Anegada

Colleen - Really enjoyed hiking to The Baths and snorkeling at Monkey Point. 

Matt - Scuba Diving at The Indians was awesome and The Baths was fun. Had a great time snorkeling and eating jayde’s wonderful food! And not wearing underwear all week.

Mark - Swimming with turtles and rays, watching KC wrestle a shark and observing Jayde’s love of spiders.

Joice – Snorkeling at Scrub Island, the water wings, climbing in and out through my hotel, my trip to the Spa, Jayde’s delicious and beautiful meals, Brand’s choice of snorkeling locations, spending the days with my family- Thank you, Thank you for a fabulous trip!!! 

The Tedford Family

Ps – We know that you will miss Marks Irish folk songs of shipwrecks and civil wars and KC’s occasional midnight panic attacks. 


The Cullen Group

Feb 2nd 2014

Brand & Jayde, 

Thank you for making this trip the most amazeballs ever! You are tuts-ma-cow we could have asked for! 

Best Painkiller - Brand's.

Best random Drink - Sticky Buns ll.

Best pork ever (plus every other meal on the boat) -Jayde!

Belline ll became our new home. 

Thank you again for all your hospitality- we really had the best time imaginable. 

Love you both! The crazy people from Chicago, Tom, Michelle, Ian, Lynn, Amy, Nick, Tim & Casey


The Black Group 

Email to the Broker: 

Jan 13th 2014


We had an absolutely wonderful time on the Belline II. "The best vacation I 

have ever had" was a frequent comment heard among the guests on the boat.

Our path around the BVI was as follows:

1. 1st night - Norman Island.

2. 2nd night - Peter Island

3. 3rd night - Virgin Gorda North Sound close to Saba Rock

4. 4th night - Anegada

5. 5th night - Monkey Point on Guana Island

6. 6th night - Little Jost Van Dyke

7. 7th night - Marina Cay

We sailed to and from Anegada. It was great. There was lots of wind and big 

swells to and from Jost Van Dyke so we motored those legs.

Brand and Jayde were an excellent crew. They both worked very hard at

welcoming us and making sure that we had everything we needed and that 

everyone was enjoying themselves. They shared their knowledge of the area and 

had great suggestions of things to do. Everyone very much enjoyed getting to 

know them. We felt safe in Brand's capable hands as our Captain and Jayde's 

food was fantastic! She fed us like royalty.

If I was Brand's and Jayde's employer, I would definitely consider them to be 


Thank you for your role in making this a most memorable vacation. We hope to 

be back some day.

Peter Black

Dear Jayde & Brand

Thank you so much for a wonderful week! I cant think of a thing I’ve would have changed. You cared for us as real “Mum’s & Dad’s” J  The food, sailing, snorkeling and daily excursions were all amazing. Thank you both for making our vacation so much fun! I hope we meet again someday! Peter & Janet Black


Jayde & Brand (AKA … Mom & Dad)

Thank you so much for showing the “kids” such a marvelous time! The best time… the best food… the best crew! Darlyn


Jayde & Brand

Thank you so much for sharing your home away from home with us for a week! The food was fantastic. The snorkeling out of this world. Painkillers really worked! You guys are doing a incredible work and it shows that you both love what you do! The week went way to fast but we did feel that we got to truly relax and get away from it all! Particularly >winter! Don't hesitate to come for a stay if you are in Colorado. We have lots of room I will share recipes. Thank again for everything! It was a great week, John & Sue


Jayde & Brand

An absolutely perfect experience due to your attention to detail! Good luck with your travels and your dreams! You made our dream come true in the BVI. Jan and I will never forget this trip! Hope to see you again. Best wishes Peter & Janet



The Millan Family

4th January 2014

Jayde & Brand

The best trip! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, cooking, cleaning, skipping, etc, etc, too much to list!

The best painkillers & snorkeling ever! 

XOXO Cathy

Dear Jayde & Brand

Everything we hoped for, much more than we expected! Thank you for doing everything for us and being so gracious, attentive and kind. So much more to be said! If you’re in Seattle, hope to see you there or again in the future somewhere, Ted

Jayde & Brand

Thank you guys for making this trip absolutely AWESOME! OOSOME? Awwwwsome… you both are just great. See you in Thailand, XX Laura

Jayde & Brand

This trip has been hands down to the best vacation ever! It has been a pleasure sailing & hanging out with you too. You made our trip way special and for that I say thank you! It truly has been a pleasure meeting you tow & hopefully we will see you again in Bend, Thank you! Maplseseer!!! Jeff

Jayde & Brand

You two would not be a better team & we had the most wonderful time. Both of you are genuinely nice & the salt on earth (or sea! Thank you again so much & hopefully our lines will cross again in the future, come for Americas cup! Jake & Bethany


The McDaniels Family

27 Dec 2013

This pen works…!

This was the best week of my entire life! From Brand having to wear his goggles because there was so much wind, to sailing and blasting goldfish! Thank you guys so much! Though this week seemed like a month it was unforgettable! 

I can’t believe that the food we had was cooked in a little galley that Jayde works magic in! Don't know how you do it, but keep doing it, because it s AMAZING!

Anegada has got to be the prettiest place in earth! And how good their food was! I can never eat lobster again, because it will never be a good as on Christmas eve with Quia and Gloria shaking it up on the dance floor and everyone else in a food coma from the lobster steak! 

I’m gonna miss you guys so much! I hope we get the see each other again and if you end up in Seattle give us a call and we can chill! 


Madi for the McDaniels Family


McCorkle Family

30 Nov 2013

We had an amazing time sailing from St.Martin to Anguilla and St Barths. The Crew was so much fun and amazing. Every day was fun and always had amazing food! We were pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the Thanksgiving dinner that was prepared. We learned the correct pronunciation of Aluminium 

Thank you for an unforgettable trip with amazing olives and lots of turtles!


SXM 10-17 Dec 2012

Honeymoon 2012


Vielen Dank Lela, Cheri, Walti und Rafael für die wunderschöne und unvergessliche Zeit auf Belline ll!


Sandy + Moritz


BVI 5 – 13 Dec 2012


Walti and Cheri


Once again we had a wonderful relaxing vacation aboard the Belline ll!

We loved the food, the snorkeling, the time to read and the much-needed naptime!

You both do an incredible job of getting us to engage in activities but still let us just relax. We enjoyed your conversations about your lives because it really sets you apart from other charters!


Thanks again, Lura and David



Walti & Cheri


This cant top it all! We had a fabulous trip!


Dan & Cope


BVI 21 – 29 Dec 2012


Cheri and Walti


Here we are again, on our fourth fifth (fifth sixth for Tony and Ellen!) time on the Belline for another celebration!

Alex could not think of a better way of celebrating his graduation in May then being here in the Caribbean with ya’ll!

Everything is always amazing-

Ø  Walti; you are always the best captain- we are forever in debt to you for clarifying who the Diva is the fifth element… we will definitely listening to Nina Hagen in the future.

Ø  Cheri; we have never had gluten free taste so good! I think we will be raving about that chocolate cake for at least two more months! Thank you for being such a warm and welcoming presence!

Event thought we were off to strange and unfortunate with only half of us still stranded in Texas, we had the most amazing time just wandering around St.John.

This is our first time staying solely within the USVI for a few years now and we could not have asked for more.

Two and a half death marches later, regimented swimming, snorkeling and scuba dives, drowning in champagne and red wine and stiffing on faces to see the point of explosion, and we are still alive… and already on planning on our next trip back!

Thank you for spending your Christmas with us and we hope you like your presents! Wear ‘em with pride and don’t forget to hook ‘em!


David, Leslie, Rebecca, Alex, Tony & Ellen


To Walter and Cheri


The Belline ll has become one of the significant intervals in a life of diverse intervals in spots around the world!

Sometimes I think of you cruising the Virgin Islands while I’m enduring the cold and stormy and I smile a little, remembering…

I hope I’ll always be able to come back for a week of tropical paradise and diving in the beautiful gardens of the sea!


The Stark / Wolf Clan!




BVI Dec 30th 2012 – Jan 6th 2013


Dear Walti & Cheri


We can't thank you enough for a WONDERFUL and much needed trip around the islands! It was the perfect way to sing in 2013, among friends, sand and clear water. The food was absolutely incredible – possibly to much so, because now I am going to hear: "Well if Cheri and Walti could whip that up in their tiny little kitchen and have it taste that amazing, so can you". You should ask the FoodNetwork to host a cooking show out of the Belline II! I’m also glad you pushed us to explore  new water sports – very enjoyable. Not to mention being our guides up and down the terrain of several island stops. Its obvious you have friends all over these islands and we can see why. We hope to come aboard again and will certainly send friends! Cheers to a happy, healthy and successful 2013 for you both!


Natalie & Ken



BVI 6. Jan 2013


Dear Walter and Cheri,


Thank you so much for , well, so much!

Everything was fantastic & fun. From sailing to swimming to climbing the rocks without any need to sign a waiver.

All of the food was delicious, but the conversations with friends and time off from the real world was the best & most tasty treat. I know Erica truly appreciated the fact that she didn’t need to lift a finger to prepare or clean up.

A thing as for, I just enjoy the thought that sometime in the future we may be able to do this again with our 3 boys (maybe more, who knows)

I cant imagine a better way to have started 2013!

A picture is worth a thousand words & since I took about a 100 pictures, I guess, I will be leaving here with a nice little memory book.


Your new friends Ilia and Erica



BVI 8-17 Jan 2013


Leider sind 10 Tage in de BVI’s ausgefüllt mit viel Painkillers, WLAN-Suche, improvisierten Filmabenden, intellektuellen Lesezirkeln, ausgiebigen Shoppingtrips auf allen Inselshops, Stugerol und Dormikum Konsum, Grippeattacken, Gepäcksuche (Scheiss LIAT) Kanueinlagen, mobiler Buerogemeinschaften, tuerkisfarbenem Meer, exquisitem Essen, massenhaft Wein und Ginger Beer und .... schon wieder vorbei!!!

Es war eine wunderbare Zeit.


Danke herzlichst, Walti & Cheri




Kerstin & Marc, Nicole, Pat & Niki, Susanne & Urs





BVI  9- 17 February 2013


Dear Walti & Cheri


Many thanks for another great vacation! Perfect weather, wonderful food and drinks, but most of all for making us feel very special!

Please let us return the favor if you get to DC! 

Wishing you both sunny skies and fair winds…


Love always, Jack ‘n’ Judy


To Walti and Cheri

We cant thank you enough for an incredible week! Everything was fabulous! Our second time of Walti and would want to do it again. We will miss the Belline and Walti & Cheri!!! Again THANK YOU for a fantastic week, dear friends!


Janet & Gary


To Walti & Cheri

Thank you for a great week with beautiful weather, great food, to many drinks! And great friends! We cant wait to get back- please take care and we hope to see you soon.


Love, Johnny & Linda


Walti & Cheri

We cannot thank you enough on another great & beautiful week. The Weather, snorkling, Water was so beautiful. The food, drinks, atmosphere was great. Walti + cheri we want to invite you to the feast coast anytime - & we will be back – take care and good health


Dorothy & Alvin



BVI 21st  Feb – 1st March 2013



Cheri & Walti


Thank you!

Great hospitality, great fun.

You are the best.

See you next time.


Love, Steve & Eileen from St. Luis



BVI 2-10 March 2013


Walti- its been too long, 3 years! Forgot what its like to be on a vacation until we get on your boat! This year in addition to your incredible hospitality you proven yourself to be an expert “locator” in all things … sun, calmer water, cameras and sunglasses!

Your special “Walti” dinners were sumptuously delicious and have a pleasant impression on my taste buds. Until next time! Hugs & Kisses


Cheri, thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess, master sea urchin thorn picker and chef!  I am so amazed at how well you were able to accommodate all the dietary issues this group presented to you! Cant wait to make the cornbread recipe for the kids!

XO- Samantha & Ed


Walti & Cheri

Thank you for allowing this pleasure cruise once again!

Enjoyed seeing you on your lovely Belline ll – a familiar friendly face and places of glorious beauty BVI's. Thank you for anticipating our needs & desires. The food was so good. Nice to toast with everyone here again. I love your smile :)

Keep it up & come to CT we'll have a bed for you…


Andi & Peter


Walti – My brother from another mother! Feels like only yesterday we met for the first time you have a few of these friends in life, the ones you see rarely, but immediately reconnect with. You're a good friend and gracious host. Always a pleasure. I'll keep my doodle sock inflated and my Flugle Horn held high when thinking of you and our amazing times together.

Cheri - Thank you so much for all your help and yummy food! Be sure to let us know if you ever venture to NY, New Orleans or CT, we must find a way to connect!


Yours Da Doodle Sock


Walti & Cheri,
hard to imagine that trip #2 compare to the 2010 voyage but this was another amazing adventure and relaxing getaway. From the "opening gig" at the last resort to toe final return performed of "Da Doodle Sock’s" the week was filled whit  new activities like the aquanaut & “Mankini”. To old favorites like the Willie T and Raclette…. mixed in whit great relaxing afternoons. Thank you for your generous hospitality, amazing food and warm, friendly attitudes. Be sure to look us up when you get to the U.S. or Hong Kong, as we'd love to host you for  some more fun times.


Michael & Jeanette


Walti & Cheri

Words cannot describe the joy we all feel when we step aboard the Belline ll. Our 2nd trip was as amazing as our 1st and we know the next one will bring us the spiritual refreshment, physical play, numerous escapades, culinary delights, and warm companionship you both ensure.

Until next time, our best wishes for calm seas & smooth sailing!


Love, Tom & Janet


There was a proud sea captain

Swiss who's charter one week ran amiss

When a guy brought a thong

To show off his schl***

Butt all that it showed was his crease



BVI 11– 22 March 2013


Lieber Walti, Liebe Cheri


gute, alte Schweizer Jassrunden, Backgammon Lehrstunde, Gourmetküche und einen sehr aufmerksamen Service, machen zwei Wochen auch für einen älteren Herrn zusätzlich zu einem Erlebnis, nebst den bereits bekannten Hghlights, welche die BVI's und die Belline liefern.

Danke für die Geduld mit mir und für die zahlreichen Hilfestellungen.

Bye bye, und hoffentlich auf ein Wiedersehen!





Obe – abe. Ine – ufe, Dinghy ine, Dinghy use, Ruete ine, Ruete use..

 JaJa, so han ich mir Karibik nöd vorgstellt! Nur das ich dä Jimmy 6:1 im Fische schlahne, han ich mir scho dänkt J 

Walti + Cheri, dänke für dä super, lässig Trip!




WLAN isch s einzig, was uf de Belline II no fehlt, de Rescht isch perfekt gsi! J


Liebe Walti & Cheri, ganz Herzliche Dank für dä unvergässlich Ufenthalt i de Karibik!




Au nachem X-te mal uf de Belline isch jede Tag wieder öppis Bsunderigs und speziell schön gsi... wie immer. Üeber s'ässe müemmer gar nöd rede, eifach nur megafein... ich mag's ja em Böse vo herze gönne, sini 6 Fisch, wämmer de eint oder anderi au nö hät chönne ässe... 
Walti und Cheri ich Danke eu ganz herzlich für die wunderschöni zit!


Bis bald, Jimmy



BVI 23-30 march


There once was a captain named Walti that every now + then gets naughty. He has a first mate named Cheri, who is always polite and merry.

They took us to sea

So we didn't have to pee (on the boat)

We enjoyed all the superb food

Which put us in a good mood.

We had energy to swim & snorkel

Then went to shore and party some more!


Bairds, Higleys, Geldners and Churcheys


Walti + Cheri,

Thanks for showing us a great time in the BVI. We really enjoyed seeing the islands from a boats view. The meals were the best ever eaten in the BVI.


Ron and Wyann


Walti & Cheri

Thank you so much for the wonderful vacation. The hospitality was excellent, food delicious & knowledge of the islands superb, White Bay, Bubbly Pool, Sandy Spit, Soggy Dollar, Foxy's Taboo, Cooper Island, Willie T's + all the other places you took us were great!


 Walti & Cheri,


Thanks so much for an awesome vacation. The food and hospitality were even better than we expected

John & Donna


What can I say beside.... we had a great time!!! It was awesome, after coming to BVI's several times, we saw things we never have seen! You guys are awesome!


Robin & Amy



BVI April 1st – 8th


Walti + Cheri -


It has been fifty shades of beautiful blue – skies - water – fishes ...

and one unforgettable gold finger! Thanks for taking care and feeding us all that wonderful food


Wayne & Robin



Walti and Cheri,

Thank you so much for a wonderful fun filled week. I couldn't ask for a more relaxing vacation. I can’t say enough about the fantastic meals we had every day. The snorkeling every day was extraordinary.

Thanks for your hospitality.




Walti & Cherie

A huge Thank you for a once in a lifetime vacation. Loved every minute of it, your hospitality was fabulous.





Walti & Cheri


you sure know how make a wonderful vacation for me. Thanks for the amazing food, fun & scuba diving.





BVI 20 April - 3. Mai 2013


Sägle mit em kat

Fisch, mal dick, mal platt.

Mit em Walti ga tauche,

(d'cheri isch dänn eis am rauche...)

Umefräse mit em Aquanaut,

fiicher, dass mer de Auge nöd traut.

Mit em Wakeboard go jumpe,

Es feins Ässe under de Tischlampe,

Sünnele, bädele, fuulänze,

D'chind würded am liebste no e Wuche

D'Schuel schwänze


Cheri + Walti

Beschte Dank für alles,

s'isch mega mega toll gsi


Gabi & Roland, Marlies &  Roland



Liebe Walti & Cheri


Danke viell mal für die tolle Ferie!

S' Esse isch super gsi & am Walti sini Lebensgschichte sehr unterhaltsam


Jana, Selina   



Liebe Walti     


Mir händ so viel schöni Ort gseh, es isch eifach de Hammer gsi. Au die viele verschiedene Abentüür händ eus mega guet gfalle. Mir werdet be3stimmt wider cho!!!


Danke vielmal


Gabi Marlies, Sandro, Timi


Dear Cherry


Thank you very much for the always-great food :-)! We loved your banana bread!


Patrick, Gabi, Marlies




BVI May 6 – 13th


The research in over for the "most interesting man in the world", he has been found sailing the BVI's. He’s a great captain, cook, dive instructor and storyteller, but he taught us how to life each day to it’s fullest potential.

Walti and Cherie have helped a yearlong dream; sailing the BVI's with our good friends. Thanks for the memories that will last a lifetime. Looking forward to our next sailing adventure on the Belline II whit you!


Jack & Julie

Rob & Nan

Jay & Dana

Brian & Beth



SXM May. 18th  - June 1st


Lieber Walti, Rafi und Cherie


Einmal mehr durften wir zusammen mit Euch eine tolle Zeit in den FWI geniessen. Von A wie Abendessen, bis Z wie Zocken genossen wir die Tage, die wie im Flug vergingen


Unsere persönlichen Highlights:


Dani:               Der Ausflug auf Saba & das Essen in Grande Case

Diane:              Delpine, Sonne, sturz ohne Verletzung, Entspannun, morgentliches                         schwimmen, wiedersehen, das Gefühl "zu Hause" zu sein =)

Manfi:                         Abflug nach hause

Severina:          Habe zum ersten Mal Delpine gesehen, von Saba nach St. Martin :-) :-)                   Wahnsinn

Käti:                Ammenhaie beim schnorcheln, lustige Abende auf dem Boot,                                   Flughafen auf St. Barth

Franz:              Eindeutig das Segeln, das Gefühl vom Wind getragen zu werden. Die                       verschiedenen Kulturen auf den Inseln


Walti ich weiss wo dini Boot wohnt. Mann.



SXM June 3rd – 11th



Walti, Sherry & Rafael


We, the undersigned passengers do here by say thank you & god bless you!

Even though we love our mountains and sunshine in Montana (and cooler weather) we loved being here in your world. Belline II is a beautiful craft – take good care her.

If you want to see Glaciers park & Yellowstone Park – be sure and look us up!


Sandee & Ronnie

Walter, Cherie and Rafael


Thanks for a great vacation beyond expectations.

Danke -Thank you


Alex and Olga


Walter, Cheri, Rafael


Thank you for a wonderful trip! We had a great time. We had fun, snorkeling, swimming, and geocaching. The food was superb


"How deep is it?"


Patty & Len



SXM  June 22-29th



Dear Walti & Rafael


How can we ever thank you for making our vacations the "best ever!"

How can they keep getting better, we don't know, but they do.

This past week was another fabulous adventure, from the documentary filming and the wild, wild sailing, to Rafael's conch playing to Arlette's birthday party and a lot more BadaBing (Mike's new nickname).

The food was as delicious as always and the hospitality as gracious and warm as we ever could wish for.

Thank you for taking Diane to Shell Beach, so she could add to her sea glass collection (it's your fault, Walti, for teaching her about sea glass) we hope to see you soon for trip # 5 (+ with Caity & Mike next time)


Love always, Diane & Mike


SXM June 13-27th


The Same Procedure as every year...


Oise Walti mit sim neue Chnächt Arlette händ eois wieder zwei Wuche lang alli Schönheite vo dr Karibik zeigt. Überm Wasser und unter Wasser. Mir händ wieder vil z vil gesse und trunke – Jetzt hand mir ei Johr zit zum Abnäh.


Mike, Fränzi, Philip



So how does a person write about the vacation of a lifetime?  Do you start with the beauty of the water, the scarlet sunsets, the wonderful food, the fantastic yacht, the great water toys, or just the wonder of the islands?  For me, I guess the best place to begin is why I wanted to take this trip.  In 1999 my wife and I joined my sister and her friend on a trip to the British Virgin Islands.  It was a wonderful vacation, and one I’ve wanted to repeat and share with my daughters.  We wanted it to be sort of a family reunion to include family from Nevada, California, Ohio and Australia.  So we researched, planned, and made many contacts, finally deciding on the Belline II, through V I Sailing. 


I don’t think we could have picked a better yacht for our trip.  It was large enough to accommodate all seven of us; providing space to do our own thing along with room to get together to eat, talk, or just laugh. There was plenty of comfortable shade under the canopy and wonderful sunny lounging on the front trampolines,





Because part of our group was arriving by ferry and part by airplane, we were concerned about the best way to meet up with the yacht.  Our fears were unfounded, though, as Lela made sure there was a taxi waiting for both groups with specific instructions for us.  We all met at the proper time and were immediately rewarded with a wonderful lunch and a Champagne toast to start the trip!


 To say the food during the trip was excellent would be a gross understatement.  Cheri and Walt were both masters in the kitchen. Fresh baked bread every morning! One day we had BBQ ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob and green salad….for lunch! Whew, somehow we managed.


 None of us normally eat that much, and were constantly amazed at how we could gobble it all down, and be ready for the next meal! We think it must be from all the fresh air and exercise… least that’s our story.


The cooks in the group loved talking to the chefs about the spices used, and were awed that such huge meals came out of such a small kitchen. And the desserts! They were sublime.




After lunch it was off to the islands.  We sailed that afternoon and settled at Norman Island just in time for an afternoon snorkel.  The beautiful color of the ocean the water sports available to us were highlights to our vacation.  Our typical day included getting up in the mornings to a farm style breakfast, snorkeling, heading off to another island, having lunch, snorkeling, resting in the sun or exploring the islands, having an afternoon snack, then dinner.  All of it marvelously catered by Walty, our captain, and Cheri.


Everywhere we stopped, the water was a different color of turquoise.





Walty always picked spots that gave us views of different types of coral, fish, caves, and beaches.  He made sure we saw as much of the differing island environments as we could in one week.  Besides snorkeling, we were also able to water-ski and take advantage of Walty’s dive equipment. 



To add to our festivities, we celebrated a birthday during the trip.  This gave Walty an opportunity to bring out his party hats, and for Cheri to make a decadent chocolate cake for everyone. There was lots of music, conversation, and a little dancing. By the end of the week both Walty and Cheri were a very important part of our family. We enjoyed hearing about their homes in Switzerland and South Africa, as well as sharing travel adventure stories.



From a parent’s standpoint, I think my greatest pleasure was having the girls spend so much fun time together.  We do not get to see them too often as they live in Nevada and we live in Ohio. They snorkeled, laughed, sun tanned, kayaked, swam, and did everything together.  At the end of the trip they noted that my goal of getting them close together was achieved, and I am so grateful to Walty and Cheri for helping with that.  Those comments by the girls made what was a fantastic vacation into one that is truly memorable and rewarding. 





So as the sun sets in the west, we wish to thank VISailing, the crew of the Belline II, and everyone else who helped our family get closer and enjoy one of the greatest times we’ve spent together.  Thank you so much.




And, as a final note, we definitely want to express how we enjoyed the visual toilet instructions.  We laughed every time we used the facility.  Thank you again for everything.




Name:  Wayne 

Yacht:  BELLINE II with Walter Wegman & Sheryll Gover

Charter Dates:  April 1-8, 2013

Area Cruised:  Virgin Islands

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations.  We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation.  Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1.  Was the crew friendly and accommodating?


2.  Was the yacht comfortable and clean?


3.  Was the yacht well ventilated?


4.  Was the food good and well presented?


5.  Did you like the area you sailed?

Most of it

6.  Could we have helped you further in any way?

You were a big help

7.  May we post this review on our website?


8.  Additional comments on your charter?

The yacht was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed the islands.   Sheryll was an outstanding chef and Walt catered to our every whim.  Thanks so much for your help.


10-20 July 2011, St.Thomas and BVI

Lieber Walti und Simi


Endlich wieder frischer Fisch… Sushi und Haie beim Tauchen.. das boese Mojo ist vorbeit! Dank unserem Swiss-Sprit. Unser PADI Seal Diver hat schon ein Wrack erkunded und seinen ersten Bonito gefangen! Erholt und relaxed… Baungebrannt und mit dicken Baeuchen geht’s zurueck in die Schweiz…

Vielen Dank fuer die Besten Tauchferien, Fraenzi und Mike und Philippe

2nd – 9th July 2011, BVI

Thank you so much for the best of all vacations!

We really enjoyed our time on Belline ll. Going back to Denmark we will remember Walti’s fabulous dinners, lunches and breakfast’s. Simi learning Sisser to dive below the rocks; Walti and Steen frighting the backgammon-table; Simi trying his best to throw us off the tube; the hustle with the engines; the sunset at Brewers Bay; the late evening talks with Walti and Simi… and last but not least, that we actually got Simi to smile more than once a day J - and of course much, much more! Sisser, Steen, Marie, Martin, Josephine & Svend


22nd – 30th June, BVI

Walti and Simi,

Once again a vacation we will forever remember, from the SCUBA (Simi you are an awesome teacher) to the snorkeling, beach combing, tube rides and great food, wine and KILL BILL!!

Simi, every time I see a Barracuda smile, I will always thing of you!

Walti, there will always be a place in our hearts for you, you have seen the kids grow up and are part of our family! Again, thank you both for helping to make our dreams come true, love Susan and Rich

Blondy, even though you were a tease, you made this trip fun and now I am less scared of “sharks” and Barracudas because of you! I hope you will never forget us and by the way, I still think the reason tat your not scared of “sharks” is because you are one!!!

Red, (aka Lara)

Dear Walti kraken,

You’re a fantastic cook; you made me try different food and have fun, thank you soooo much, J Lara


As always, Lara doesn’t let me finish what I have to say !!! Please give Lela our warmest wishes and we hope to see the both of you someday again! This trip though some times a bit of a family challenge was magical. It gave our family the opportunity to bond to share some laughs, and games and enjoy time together that will always carry special memories. Spending time with you and the Belline ll recharges me and again; THANK YOU!

Take care of yourself, enjoy your stay with your dad and wherever life takes you- I hope it includes some time with us! Either in the US or on the Belline ll .

Again with lots of love, Susen

Simi, though my families spend only a short time with you, I believe your philosophy on life, people and “sharks” will influence them in some way for the rest of their life’s! I thank you for showing them that independence and straightforwardness will always take them wherever they wish to go!

And if your travels ever find you in N.J. or Florida- please be our guest- I promise not to “mother” you or at least promise to try not to “mother” you!

With warmest regards, Susan

­­­­­­­­­­­­12th – 19th June, St.Thomas and BVI’s

Dear Walti and Simi

Thank you so much for everything. Who knew we had to change the name of the card game hearts to “Walti-snoots”! Thanks Walti for the delicious food, and especially for making me special vegetarian meals!

Simi, thanks for reassuring me that there would be no “sharks”, when there most definitely always was. Thank you for teaching us how to SCUBA dive and making me loving to tube! Despite being terrified and scared, half the time, this was one of our family BEST vacation!!!

Ps: sorry for my extremely embarrassing father! I had a fantastic time.

I am the geeky frizzy haired girl with the messy room… 

Thanks soo much, Kelly


Dear Walti and Simi,

While your weeks on the boat must become indistinguishable, for the four of us, these last seven days will be forever indelible. Truly, it has been the trip of a lifetime, we cherish so many memories: the spectacular SCUBA dives with the most calm and un-neurotic teacher (if only it had been easier to nudge Mary off the elevator); the breathtaking vistas and beautiful snorkeling adventures (here is to overcoming out fears of those lipless Barracudas); the tubing and water skiing/ e.g. attempts; the indescribable food (you’ve raised the bar way too high Walti!) .

We also appreciate your understated but incomparable service ( I may have to start rolling instead of folding my towels at home) and we’ll never forget these fierce games of KILL BILL and Hearts, or shall we say, Walti Shoots?

Thanks Simi, for all these hat-raising spins on the zodiac and for introducing us to such charming beach bars. We wish you both luck and love (and maybe even luck in love J ) on the next chapter or your travels.

Please let us know if you ever find your way to Sanibel-Florida, we have a room waiting for you!

Thanks, mostly for your graciousness, generosity and grace, Love Mary, Lyle, Penelope & Lilly


4th – 11th June, 2011 St.Thomas & BVI

Walti and Simi,

One word describes it all- AGAVERO!!! Haha !!

One word cannot possibly describe this past week! Our third trip on the Belline ll was as fabulous as the first. You were both gracious hosts, attending to our every need & taking care of us when needed!

The food, the conversation, the freedom of the fresh sea air J, fining treasures, snorkeling, KILL BILL & banana games, the list goes on and on!

We wish you all the best in the coming year!

Simi, with your schooling and Walti with the well deserved time off( that is a joke , we know, you’ll be working on the boat). We look forward to our 4th trip in 2012.

It’s THE ONE THING that brings us through our cold winter in Chicago! There is nothing better than boarding the Belline ll!

Love to you, Diane & Mike


Thanks for another wonderful week, Mike & Diane said it all for us! We love you Simi! Good luck with your finger!

Boo on the dinghy joke!!

Love you, see you in 2013 Walti !!!

Mike & Caity



24th May– 1st June 2011, BVI

Walti and Simi,

Back on the Belline ll again for the 4th time and some of us even the 5th !!! It was amazing as usual! And new, we know the mythical Anegada really does exist ( sorry we forgot the bring back the lobster heads). The food is truly the best in the entire Caribbean! And we LOVED our evenings full of great conversation, farkel games ( Leslie is still the wining champion) thirty and (loads) of champagne!

Snorkeling was incredible! Sea turtles, eel, octopus, nurse shark, tarpon, puffer fish, cuttlefish, coral, sponges, etcetcetc…

Hiking Brewers Bay; Bat Cave, Sharks Bay, overlooking… we came to celebrate Rebecca’s gratuiatuion and Davids birthday as always, and hope to come back for Alex’s college graduation!

Thank you for everything!

You are the best!!! Leslie & David, Alex, Rebecca, Tony & Ellen

23rd – 30th April 2011, BVI

Walti and Simi,

AWESOME!!! You guys are fantastic! Erin and I had such fun with Gregg, Kim, Flynn, Bowen, Bill & Krista and each of you! Thank you for a wonderful experience! We enjoyed every delicious meal, each story, the variety of stops but most of all; the company of friends, both of you included!

Walti, thanks for the expert itinerary and cooking advice!

Simi, follow up on “I want my two dollars” , “roasts” and “have fun storming the castle” ( same movie) !

Best wishes and all of our appreciation for an unforgettable perfect week!

Cheers, Ryan & Erin

Ps: remember us when you wear your fancy new pink shoes J thanks a million XOXO

Walti and Simi,

We came to celebrate a life benchmark for Simones very dream to all that came aboard. Kim, her 40th Birthday which will be remembered by us. Our time on the Belline ll was a life experience for me, we were afforded with your generosity and hospitality. You are bith wonderful people with comfort personalities. You made us all feel like your family #1! Hope we did the same for you.

Thank you again for everything, cheers, Gregg, Kim, Flynn, Bowen

Thank you Walter for the wonderful memories, the time shared with you and Simi were wonderful and the boys, I hope will remember the amazing sights and food we had! Our home is yours if you come through the Tahoe/Reno area. We hope to see you again, Kim


11-21 April, 2011, STT-BVI


Dear Walti, Simi and Lela

From the first email to our last day- all our requests were met with the best sense of  human from Lela, the best food from Walti and service with a smile ( and a lecture) from Simi!!!

We arrived with our “gang” ; Christopher (2 months from 18) Charlotte (1 month from 17) Harriet (15) & Ellie (13), “daddy” David &  “ mother” Gay and our family holiday on Belline ll has been a truly fun filled & sunny ( exempt from the one odd shower)  experience!

Its not often my husband and doesn’t want to return home! We have had so much fun-scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, aquanaut, fishing ( shame about the one that got away) kayaking, suntaning, swimming, gaming ( sadly we didn’t win the boat !) laughing and eating;eating;eating….!!!!

Sadly the only missing one was the oldest member of the gang, Nicholas (24)! (he was in Thailand spreading his wild oats and celebrating his M.Sc and for his investment banking ) hopefully he will pay for the next holiday on Belline ll !

Walti and Simi, we have had a trip we’ll always remember- a million thank yous!!!

Life is for living and we’ll take away memories of a lifetime. Our family holidays are very precious and the pearls of wisdom you have added will be remembered always!

Sadly all good things must come to an end, thank you guys , thank you , thank you!!! David & Gay


I throughout enjoyed the adventure & excitement of coming to the BVI’s and all the experiences; particularly the free-diving and backgammon with Walter.  

Thank you for everything, Christopher


The sights I’ve seen will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you for the many beautiful memories, Charlotte


I have had such a great time and loved every minute of this holiday! Thank you very much, Harriet


Thank you for the great time I had! I really didn’t want it to end! Thank you, Ellie


28th March to 2nd April, 2011, BVI

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! I had so much fun !! I really liked  seing all the different fish. I really liked the food too. My favorite part was seeing the eagle ray and I also liked diving!

I also liked snorkeling and tubing, even though I got a hit to the face .. I also really liked our laughs and me doing the “face plant”. It was a  awesome trip! 

I forgot that I learned to games ( it rocks)  thank you so much, Kaelyn  (11)


And a great DITTO from the whole family! What an unforgettable week! The only thing missing was simis’ running man! Come visit us in Chicago, thank you!!!

Cari & Jim, Griffin & Kaelyn



20th – 27th March 2011, BVI


The “Dirty- Thirty “ was fun, the tour of the Islands was stellar, the food and companionship was a greater gift with each new day. You gave us many special things, but most importantly, you and Simi taught us about graciousness and the pursuit of a good life! That is good for each of us!

We hope 2012 brings you prosperity , but also a sense that you have “enough”, enough of everything that gives you satisfaction and yet fuels the propane burners to send you into the next adventure!



I am pretty sure that I cannot invent any newer or cleverer words to gush out, then what has already been well said in the book of memories. However, I will tell you that I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated what you guys do here! You made an Art-Form out of a sailing vacation.

Thank you, Jimmy W.

Walti and Simi,

No words to express this great of greatest vacations, beautiful people work on Belline ll making tis family vacation a more of a “binding” in this happy/sad period of our lifes.

Thank you for adding joy in our lifes everyday. I have laughed so damn hard and much. You are the best of the best! Such great food, great memories and now new friends. If ever in the states, come visit ken & I in northern Michigan! Some phrases we have heart thru-out the week; Shoes off! Make it your day!  It is what it is! I will do it… Do you trust me?

Ken & Wendy W.


Walti and Simi,

This was the spice trip for us in many ways- a family saying “good-bye” a family experiencing many happy hours and you together- with both of you helping us along the way …

The food was beyond our wildest expectations and with many new experiences and explorations. It has helped us heal out loss of Joe and mold us together as a cohesion unit-there is no way a simple “thank you” would say it all-!

With great appreciation, fondly Sue W


Walti and Simi,

What more can be said? You two have made an imprint in our life’s for not only the BEST VACATION ever, but for how two people “go over the top” with charm, (quick) wit, humor, thoughtfulness & professionalism to make every experience to the BVI to most awesomest(oups , flunked grammer!) it could ever  be J

This family will have these memories forever; the laughter, the tears, the beauty, the love and togetherness!

I will brag /gloat of this incredible experience/opportunity to family/friends back home. The more its spoken- the more I’ll visualizing being back here.

I /we have confidence that whatever you two do in the future – it will enrich your own lives as you two pursue the dream!

Sorry for the big appetite… Everything was beyond the wildest expectations. Thank you again for everything, you are the bestest ( from the heart) , sincerely Sue (Q)


March 14th, 2011, BVI

What a great holiday! I would do it over and over again … best time ever! Walter, what a great host you are ! Fun, patient, GREAT in the kitchen, always accommodating and friendly!

Simi, thank you for taking care of all our needs, always with patience and a smile. And… thanks again for “convincing” me to go snorkeling with you! It was absolutely fabulous!!!

You two make a great team! Have a great year… love Isabelle


Thank you for making this a “trip of a lifetime”. This was an amazing unforgettable vacation that I will always look back at with a smile in my face and laughter’s!



Once again thanks for a great vacation! Maybe we will see on our own boat next year ?

Marg & Rick


Walter and Simi,

Many thanks for hosting us on our “return to paradise”! best food, great times and new dice games. Wonderful memories and a couple of “gaps”… I am sure you guys have “seen it all before” but you still make us feel special as if we were inventing our great new experiences!

Thank you, Gord and Martyne


20 - 28January 2011,  BVI

Thank you Walter & Simeon for another wonderful vacation! Time flies by much too quickly! It seems like yesterday we were planning our week. It again beat my expectation! Just need the winds to settle down a little to avoid blue lipstick past diving… LOL

Spectacular food as before... we will be needing Simi’s personal training post vacation. All the best to you both,

XOXO Carolyn


Walti, thank you for everything once again  ! sad to think Belline ll will be asleep in 2012, bur I’m sure we’ll be back she is up and running again! Good luck and all the best next year, you sure have earned a vacation!

Simi, I must say, I don't think I’ve ever met anyone quite as adventurous as you. With that being said, best of luck on your next adventure!!!

Ceers to you both, Paul


Dear Walter and Simi ,

Thanks very much for a fabulous trip. The food was great as well as the company. I wish both of you the best of all things in the year to come!

A special thank you to Simeon fo the hunting of my glasses in the dark ocean. I appreciate your effort greatly. Thank you from Jay for the greatest dives yet! And he thanks Simi for teaching him how to be a better diver…

Jennifer & Jason


What a great week! Its hard to believe its already over… good days always pass too quickly! Thank you both for everything you both did to make our time on the Belline ll so memorable. Walti , you outdid yourself in the kitchen-the meals were absolutely fantastic. Thank you both for the great service. Simi, you were great with our kids and they loved the dives! Thanks so much for your patience ! thanks also for trying to rescue Jenni’s  glasses. We wish you both the best !

Have a great year off, Walter and best of luck in your next adventure Simi ! We will be back !

Ps: loved the sailing to Anegada and back!

Conrad and Sherry

25 -30 Jan 2011 , BVI

Dear Walti and Simi,

Lieber Walti, was kann ich den sagen? War eine ausgezeichnete Zeit mit Dir und Simi. Das beste war, dass wir uns beide ein bisschen auf Deutsch unterhalten konnten. Hat mir viel Spass gemacht…im Ernst, wir moechten uns, becky und ich, recht herzlich Bedanken! Wir freuen uns schon auf naechstes mal! Alles Gute wuenschen wir Dir und Simi

Becky & Mark

Walti and Simi

Thank you very much for the hospitality this week! You guys are great and made this week very memorable. For us and our friends! Simi, thank you very much for the school rep! it took me back and made the early evenings quite entertaining. Good luck in the future, we hope our paths cross again.

Walter , I am sure we’ll be calling you soon for our next trip!

Thanks again, Jim and Kelly

Walti and Simi,

We had a blast, what a fantastic way to explore the BVI’s! thanks for the great food, insightful thoughts and our new favorite game (30)! Good luck to you both and continue to travel this world! Hope to see you again!!!

Go Heels!!!

Aaron and Lisa, Wala Forest, NC

Walti and Simi

(I had to write something in English…)

Thank you for accommodation our last minute charter. We all had a lovely time… and thankfully there are 1200+ pictures to help us to fill in some of the details. You have both been wonderful to talk with and you have the patience of saints!!!

Thank you for gracious hospitality, delicious meals and bottomless drinks!  We hope to see you again soon!

Becky & Mark, Lisa & Aaron,  Kelly & Jason

BVI, 23th Janurary 2011

Walter & Simeon,

What can we say , once was great, twice is FANTASTIC!  May you always have sunny skies and smooth sailing!  You both made us welcome on your yacht! The best vacation and we have to thank you!nothing could have been any better!!!

Many, many thanks to you , you have made many wonderful memories for Judy and I!

Jack and Judy

Walter & Simi,

What a vacation! THE BEST EVER!!! Thank your hospitality, friendship and a boat-load of fun! Walter, your cooking is unmatched! Every day was a treat and so was the entertainment!

We cannot wait to come back next year, we wish both of you the best in the years to come!

There are no words to describe the entire experience, the attention to all detail and just great people! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Your friends forever, Johnny and Linda, Lansdawne, VA


Dear Walti and Simi,

15 – 23 Jan 2011 , BVI


What a vacation! The best ever!  Thank you for your hospitality, friendship and a boat load of fun! Walter, your cooking is unmatched, every day was a treat and so was the entertainment!

We cannot wait to come back next year. We wish both of you the best in year to come, your friends

There are no words to describe the entire experience! The attention to detail and just great people! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Johnny and Linda, VA

Dear Walti and Simi,

27 Dec 2010 – 3 Jan 2011 , BVI

What a fabulous time due to YOU two, Walti and Simi! Thanks for everything! BonBon

Andy (the middle child) – I drew the conch, thanks for the great time!

This date will always be a very special one for our family. The Belline ll was a drewam cruise – we saw almost all the Islands and evderything on our wish list. Bringing in the new year at the last resort will go down in infamy-the carnival crazy was a blast, the bass player on stilts, freaks and clowns, flame throwers, cannon shooting, rasta free style and muchmuch more to list here! We understand that is your job and our vacation… auuuuas! Walti and Simi will always have a spacila place in our heart and are welcome on our boat in N.C! its all good! Thank you just doesn’t cover it! We appreciate all your efforts from diving to fine dining, to first aid and therapy!  

We will never say goodbye-just “later”…! The Pedersen Family, William & Caroline with Judith (granny) Alex( 24) & Andrew (22), Austin (14), Hunter(11) and Brooke(4)

19 - 26 Dec 2010 , BVI

Dear Walti and Simi,

Walti & Simi

Our week on this boat with you was so memorable.

So easy to fall into a new pattern of living and you made us all feel like one big family.

The food was amazing and made with love.

Celebrating Mira's 11th. birthday was wonderful. Thank you for decorating the boat (and us..) with birthday favors-lays, balloons, hats....

Poker nights were great too!

Loved all of it!!!







"Super" Ferien

fuer unsere Familie

vielen Dank,

To Walti und Simi

Hosts extra-ordinaire

Gail & Jim


Dear Walter and Simeon,


I loved a lot of (all of ) the things we did.

Like: diving



        partys for us and you

        the FOOD

        the jokes and laughs

but the one thing that I loved the most...was the crew!



P.S.hope you have smooth sailing!

14 - 21 Dec 2010 , BVI

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thanks a lot for a “Tabernac” beautiful cruise!  We enjoyed all a lot. We appreciated the time we paid with you. The time went too fast. You are very friendly because we feel like at home! We never forget this trip. Excuse the bad English …. Merci beaucoup le picheur!

Yvon and Danielle, Normand and Helene, Real and Johanne Canada






19th  to 24th July 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you for ALL you did to make our vacation so great!!! We really enjoyed it and appreciate every detail!

Thank you for being so nice with the kids and Jorge…

Simi, thank you for the wonderful adventures….cońo!

We all hope to see you soon again, thank you for a great time and unforgettable moments!

Melisa & Ricardo, Diego & Pablo, Monte Claro PR

Jorge & Jorge, Monte Claro PR

4th to 11th July 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you for opening up your home to us these past few days. Its been as good a vacation as anyone could dream for. You were able to accommodate a wide variety of activities, which met everyone´s desires!

From spectacular scuba diving for Rob, Nicole and Jeff to teaching Alex wake boarding; to snorkeling, cave and beach exploring for Carys and Elli.

Our whole vacation, the food was fantastic, the service even better. Your knowledge of the area and expert sailing solidified our feelings. That we made the right choice to sail with you on Belline ll.

On top of all of this, the many laughs and games played, leaves us with not just many great memories, but two new friends!

Love, Nicole & Jeff, Rob, Alex, Elli & Carys, Chapel Hill NC

26th June to 3rd July 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

It was the third year in a row to sail with you and it was the best trip ever! The food, the sailing, beach bars, snorkeling, just everything!

It was by far the best vacation we ever had, so much laughter and relaxing time, nothing that can top good times with good friends that you became instantly!

We will be back next year and cant wait… we dearly loved to meet Simi, he is just great! We will see you next year … till than.

Ps: thanks Simi, for service with a GRIMACE !!! J

Mike and Cathy, Searcy AR

Dear Walti and Simi,

What a trip to remember! Each year gets better & better. So much fun, food, friends and drinks. What better way to spend a week! We have been looking forward to this trip for a year and truly needed the rest & relaxation.

Once again, your hospitality was beyond generous and Simi really took care of us! He anticipated ouir every need and made our decisions for us, when we were too relaxed to do ourselves. Mike will never forget the “close” game of mercy… of course, our Farkle games and our 1st attempt at “spicy” Farkle.

Thank you again for a week of much needed R&R, laughs and fun, cant wait til the next time…

PS: Please mail the dinghy to our home address…

XOXO Diane & Mike, Lake Zurich, IL

21th to 25th June 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

How lucky we were to have sailed the waters of the beautiful Caribbean with two precious hosts!

The 5* meals were incredible and the attention to every detail made it a trip of a life time! Thank you for this! We loved the “boat” stories; Farkel and the divers surprise dinners.

Your in-depth knowledge of the islands helped to make the most of our short trip and we left feeling like we had made the grand tour.

Thank you for sharing your home with us, nothing would have been better!

Paul & Susan, Lindsay, Jenna and Peter

13th to 20th June 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

You have the gift of hospitality! We felt so welcome and comfortable-every detail considered and luck on our side with good weather and interesting dives.

Thank you, Simi, for your kindness to Luke and for being patient in teaching him to dive! I think he will remember the manta rays and the giant fish for ever and he certainly will remember your confidence in him and encouragement!

Thank you Walter for such good planning and thinking about how we could cover so much ground in just a week. Some of the best sunsets ever and a good view of the Southern Cross too! You are a superb chef and a great host even if not such a great Farkel player… J

Next time we come we can all play Farkel and Bananagrams again in the language of your choosing!

We will miss you and the Belline ll , thank you for everything!!! See you next year, this will be our FOURTH trip with you!

Tony & Ellen, Cambridge MA

Patty &Ken, Luke, Conor , Los Angeles CA

28th   May to 5th June 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Nothing fancy, but excellent service when needed! Hard to find nowadays! All of our desires were met, specially  the first night when we had the FRESH Caribbean lobster! What a way to start a great vacation.

Walter is truly a great chef and a captain of knowledge! Simi, quite and discrete, bit always knew when you needed something and also an experienced PADI dive instructor that always was there to give you an advice if needed.

All the thanks in the world to the two of you for making this charter a TRU RELAXING VACATION!

Ulla & Martin, CANADA

Dear Walti and Simi, MERCI!!!

Fabulous week! Incredible ceur!

We  have had THE BEST GRAND CHEF in the marine world, the best diving instructor in the whole sea world!

A famous BBQ cook, except when some chefs are in the landscape J and a terrific back gammon player, when he lost the car and the girl…

Thank you so much for everything, the trip, the meals, the music, your company and and and …It was a pleasure to meet you two!

Sylvie & Real, CANADA

1st to 3rd May 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

This was just a short LONG weekend with friends… boy… much laughter, fun, friends, sun and more Rosé wine, just incredible. The food of course outstanding, we are used to be spoiled by you J but every time we are amazed how you still manage to surprise us and come up with more.

And again, it was way too short, but nevertheless, it was the best, much needed and sooo much more appreciated to be privileged to be with you on your beautiful Privilege Belline ll.

Next time, who knows when, we will bring more wine, how could we possible run out of it, did we really drink it all on the first day ? Geees…

The sailing was perfect as what I can remember, anyone else remembers any different? LOL, ok , I promise, the drinking will be less next time and so we all can participate in the HOIST THE MAIN and etc stuff we should have helped with but failed, right HUH?

However, again, best time, best boat, bestest crew, cutestests 1st mate and fantastic chef de la small-galley, hipp hipp hurray, Walter and Simi!

Claude, Larissa, Natou, Jeanne … and some more that came help emptying all the Rosé but I cant quite remember their names… also Samba & Tango of course, Marigot F.W.I.

12th to 19th April

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you for the nautical educations! And of course the weight gain-one pound per day MY ASS!!! Putting up with our crazy group must have been a challenge … so we thank you! It was an amazing adventure. I am glad Simi convinced me to try water skiing- appreciate the fact you didn’t try drowning me even tho´I am sure you wanted to …ok SIMI you are great!

Kim & Brian, Calgary CANADA

        Snorkeling –check

Discover scuba –check

Water sking –check

Wake boarding –check

Hiking in the dark –check

Sunday night dance party –check

Turtle sighting –check

Super fun time –check

Thanks a bunch, Teri & Terri, Calgary CANADA

        We had a great time! A ditto for everything everyone else said! It’s been a fantastic trip of a lifetime!

Thank you guys, Kelly & Mitch, Calgary CANADA

         Best dive instruction I have had since getting certified in Australia ! Brian, Calgary CANADA

28th March to 4th April 2010

This two families has left wonderful drawings instead of a comments,

Thank you Paige, Steve, Sam & Hannah , Fairfax VA

And Hardy, Kelly, Zach , Ian and Evan, Leesburg VA

21th to 26th March 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

We all had a great time and I am now sooo relaxed that I don’t know how l ´ll cope in the urban world again!

You were fantastic hosts- a great team… the A-TEAM!

Sam, Kent UK

Dear Walti and Simi,

You are great hosts and added to our vacation experience! Food and hospitality we superb! Thanks so much for an unforgettable and full of memories filled time!

Kevin, Hillsdale NJ

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thanks for making the trip so memorable. You are great hosts. Thanks also for saving Kimbo…

Matt, East Greenwich RI

Dear Walti and Simi,

My son, Sam , and  I have enjoyed ourselves immensely! We were with our American cousins, Walter and Simi made us feel very welcome.

The BELLINE ll was just perfect and the water & sunshine just fabulous!

From London, thanks for the memories, David, Bromley Kent UK

Dear Walti and Simi,

Incredible vacation! Words can´t describe the great time we had! All the best...

Jim, Syosset NY

13th to 20th March 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thanks for helping find our MOJO! You are a gracious host and we also thank you for putting up with Peetano…we know at times that can be taxing! LOL

The food was unbelievable – I will course your name in the coming week as I work off the lbs I gained! Blast you on being so talented!

So much of this trip is just the vibe on board and you really added to it in a positive way. I actually captured a smile on Simi during the last two days J

We have had the time go on dives-made some unexpected connections, strengthened old friendships, made new ones.

Skinny-dipping off the BELLINE ll is sooo sweet, may do a little more next time. I will definitely need a slap in the face on Monday morning amongst the chaos of four kids getting ready for school and wondering where my mimosa might be…? Beer´o´clock?

Simi, when will you take us to dive the Alice In Wonderland? Next time?  See you than unless Weston CT is on your horizon…

XOXO Samantha & Ed, Weston CT

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you, thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you and thank you !!!

thank you  for memories we will cherish forever!

Tom & Janet, Weston CT

Dear Walti and Simi,

Our first sail through the BVI´s we could not have asked for more! Your hospitality, patience, sense of humor and ability to create that “perfect island feel”, made for an amazing voyage. Exiting sails, picturesque dives, relaxing swims & lazy afternoons lounging at the bow put us in the perfect relaxed state for a fabulous, unforgettable meal (loved the paella) followed by great conversations and games!

Thank you for sharing your week with us! Now that we are hooked, we will be back! Can’t say enough!!  Love this trip…

Love, Michael & Jeanette, Weston CT

Dear Walti and Simi,


The meals && your guidance thru´ the islands are well appreciated and the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you for giving us a piece of you-shared space is not always easy- you made it so!

It shows that you love what you do! Such a great time, LOVE, come see us!

 Andi & Peter, Weston CT

5th to 12th March 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

This has been a week that pleasant memories will last a lifetime. Thanks for being such helpful and gracious hosts. There is no place on earth as the beautiful Caribbean! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Helen & Wes, Lake Lure NC

Dear Walti and Simi,

WOW! A glorious week of over eating, over drinking, over snacking, over sleeping and over enjoying ourselves! We had such a wonderful time; we have to go home to REST! I do have some of Walties recipes … eat your heart out world!

David & Jean. Lake Lure NC

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you so much for your hard work, wonderful meals (every one of them!) beautiful views, fun sailing, great conversations and reading. We appreciate your “captains” skills and your great “first mate”, Walti and Simi; you make an very efficient team! Sure wish I had all your recipes!

Smooth sailing, Joan & Dick, Adrian & Barb Lake Lure NC

Watch for Evil Eye Simi!

21th to 28th Feb 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

We´ve been coming to this part of the world for over 20 years and this has got to be the best!!!

It will take 6 months to take off the added weight from my waist and the smile from my face!


We all feel pampered , good diving, eating , drinking, fishing, sailing, sunning and swimming. You have turned us into boat people J

Dan & Carlene, Sioux Falls SD

·         WAHOO… you said it all, DITTO!!!  The Miller Light SD gang, 

Ron & Suzie, Sioux Falls SD


·         What more can we say, BELLINE ll ROCKS !!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! If ever in SD look us up!

Russ & Beth, Brandon SD


14th to 20th Feb 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you both so much for THE BEST VACATION EVER! I am sad to leave your company to head back to the frigid north. The food on board was amazing! It is too bad I will have to go back to Mac´n´Cheese and Ramen Noodles… I had a great time even though I had schoolwork to take care of. I will be looking forward in anticipation of our return!

Cheers, Chris, Saskatoon CANADA

Dear Walti and Simi,

We have had the BEST trip EVER!!!

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our week so awesome! I was nervous about spending a week on a boat before we came, but now I would do it again in a heart beat!

In fact I am sad to leave and go home now! I have has SO much fun! The food was nothing short of mouthwatering! I cant wait to come back! Thank you thank you THANK YOU !!!

Jennifer & Jason, Calgary CANADA

Dear Walti and Simi,

We both agree that this was our “best vacation ever” ! thanks so much for your hospitality – the food was to die for!

Walter I think you underestimate yourself – to me you are definitely a *****CHEF! Everything was perfect, the weather, the beautiful catamaran BELLINE ll , the company!

Simi, thanks for the careful instruction you gave our beginner divers guiding them to their PADI certifications! We also enjoyed the land tours and dinghy rides.

This was our first charter, but wont be our last- it is the only way to see the Caribbean! We will be back- see you next year!!!

Sherry & Conrad, Calgary CANADA

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you so much for the best holiday I can ever remember… cant say for those I don’t! It was definitely worth the night in San Juan all-inclusive airport LOL! You both shared your home & so many gorgeous beaches. I will be dreaming of them for some time to  come. The food has been excellent, looks like I better get to gym soon.

Thank you Simi for the fun dives & helping me stay certified. So sad to say good bye… have a wonderful year, see you in 2011!

Carolyn, Calgary CANADA

Dear Walti and Simi,

Well, that dreaded day has arrived…saying goodbye to the Belline ll and paradise! Back to reality!

Walter, people say that food can make a vacation go bad. You have proven that it also can make a good vacation GREAT!

Thanks for your excellent hospitality; you have made us fell welcome in your beautiful home!

Simi, thanks for putting up with a bunch of rookie divers! Patience is certainly a virtue! Thank you for making us feel a part of the family.

Keep working on your francais, and boy …more PINK! See you both next year, all the best!

Paul, Calgary CANADA

Yo ,

Thanks for everything. Diving was great, dinghy pulled sweet and wrenching on the boat made my week! Caroline and I had a great time Walter, Keep your toes up!  Simi, good job , loved every minute!

Thanks you two, Caroline and Chris, West Sacramento CA

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thank you for a wonderful week! We appreciated the fabulous food & learned some new food tricks! Thanks to Simi for his patience on the snorkeling and beach trips. He qualifies for the diplomatic corps!

Loved the Baths and the bubbly pool! Come to DC sometimes for another kind of sight seeing.

Best and we wish you following seas, Laura & Hassell

5th to 13th Feb 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

What Jack (below) sais AND ABOVE! Really enjoyed the trip & both of you went out of your way to ensure we sure all had a great time!

Thanks so much, Dave & Kathy

Dear Walti and Simi,

One could not have a better vacation sail cruise! The escape from the blizzard of 2010 was fabulous! The sailing, fishing and diving was terrific! The Baths, the bubbly pool on JVD made the trip fantastic! Your expertise made everything wonderful. We probably gained 20 lbs, now we will have to work it off in the gym…LOL!

both of you are a secret that we will spread to friends only! Maybe we will be able to come and join you again someday…

Best of everything to you! You deserve the best because you are the best!

Thanks again for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. People dream about what you shared with us this past week.

Jack & Judy, Dulles VA

27 Jan to 3th Feb 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

Just want to tell you we had a wonderful sail! Having been on Windjammers a couple of times in the BVI´s we can say this week has been exceptional! Rainbows, bubble baths, even the couple of showers were made quick more enjoyable by you two! Thanks again!!! Study winds and calm seas!

Lura & David, Bothell WA

Dear Walti and Simi,

So many elements of healing surrounded us this past week; the sun, the wind, the water, the sky and the sandy beaches…

But the real components that brought everything together that turned this week into such a wonderful experience were your excellent hospitality and active commitment to make this the exact kind of time away we all needed! Very quickly you changed from being the “paid help” to friends that we enjoyed sharing this experience with.

Thank you so very much and as Cindy has told you a dozen times “if you ever in Chicago, you certainly have a place to stay”.

Cindy & Gerry, Palos Heights IL

Dear Walti and Simi,

Thanks for the laughs, great food, great jolles and your patience in dealing with each of us. We had so much fun and would not wanted to be shown the BVI´s by anyone else!

Dennis & Becca, Riverside CA

Dear Walti and Simi, (and Lela at home)

We´ll never go back to bare boating again! It was a great week and all of us appreciated your joining in the craziness´… anytime we need dance show participants and hosts you guys are it!

You made it easy to unwind and made the best out of our al too short vacation!

Congratulations and I and the rest of the gang will be back soon!

Cathrine & Marc, Indio CA

New  Years 2009/ 2010

Dear Walti and Simi,

We just love our new home BELLINE ll ! Its so nice of you to let us live here for the rest of our lives! We promise to get jobs as gardeners and learn how to take shorter showers. The food was amazing (Walti, you are definitely a chef and not just a cook!) and a Caribbean expert- you were right about all the great places to sail! We had such a wonderful time, we will think of you often & can’t wait to see you again soon!

Thank you both for everything!!!

Matt, Nikki, Ian, Tom, Amy, Jim, Nick, McCullie

X-mas 2009

Dear Walti and Simi,

Our 5th sailboat trip in the Caribbean and this one was the best!!! Thank you both for being so much fun and so attentive! Our batteries are now fully charged and we are ready to re-enter the atmosphere of “normal people” at 50° F in Pawkeys Island S.C.

If you sail north call us and we must meet in Charston !  Love you guys for who you are and for what you did for our whole party!

Love Jack & Bettie

Walter and Simi

Thanks so much for a wonderful experience-this was the first time that Maggie and I had visited the Caribbean (obviously) and you both made us feel de-luxe! The food and the commendations were superb. We think our little group is special and you two fit right in!

If you ever get up our way, please let us know and we will try to give you a comparable intro to the SC low country!

Maggie and Rip

Thanksgiving 2009

What excitement, what fun!! Sailing, lounging in the sun!

A wonderful week in our life – no stress, no tail, no strife.

Walti and Simi, you are the best, so much better than all the rest!

Such good company, good hosts & food- catering to our every mood.

You are a gracious & amazing crew, we appreciate all that you do!!!

We´ll never forget this incredible time, everyday was totally sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million for your graciousness making us all so welcome in your home, it was so much more than a trip of a lifetime. The dives were incredible, hope to see you again

Amanda & Chris, Kenneth & Cheryl WA DC, Jeff & Linda, Centralia IL, Andrea & Nick, Westerville OH




Walti, Léla  & Elaine

May 29 - June 6 2009

How many times can one say thank you, simple not enough! Your gracious care and genuine love for the Belline ll are what make such a memorable experience embedded in our thoughts. We can’t help but take a lot of the St.Martin isles with us as we leave you. It has become evident, two trips with the Belline ll aren’t enough, We hope you will find time for us again next year! Maybe a bit more of the Tortola area should be explored.

Until than …  Steve & Cynthia, Atlanta, GA

Walti, Léla  & Elaine

Our second spectacular trip aboard the Belline ll! We coulnt wait to return after our last cruise with you in the BVI´s some time ago.  This year our trip from St.Martin has been just as wonderful-more beautiful water, great beaches, fabulous food, good friends, great stories, many laughs and unforgettable memories! Walti & Elaine, thanks for the great experiences! Léla, we hope to spend more time with you in the future! You are all most gracious hosts!

Kathy & “Saint” Martin, Athens , GA

Walti, Léla  & Elaine

Thank you so much for the Dream come true vacation.  We had heart so much positive things about this sailing adventure from our friends. It was hard to believe that anything could be as good as good as they described it. But … believe me… it was all true and than some! What an adventure!

From the all natural hot tubs (+ shelter) on shore, “shark “ sighting under the boat, LOL, jazz in Anguilla, finding sea glass on Shell Beach in St.Barths, the food, the drinks, the company, the stories, the laughter’s etc…. oh, did I mention the food and drinks? We, especially Diane, have never enjoyed so much good food. Now back to the real world, but we will have our memories to carry to carry us through … until the next time.

Wishing you all well in the coming years and thank you again for all yours hospitality.

Diane & Mike, Lake Zurich, IL

Ps: Loved the outdoor shower

Pps: Thanks for the bacon!!

Walti, Léla  & Elaine

Thank you for another great & wonderful trip and showing us another part of the Caribbean. That we have heart so much about and have dreamed of travelling to! We have had so much fun at the mud baths listening to the jazz band, the nude bathing on the beach, the hot tubs in the rocks we discovered … and so much more. The food was delicious –again! We cant wait until next time, maybe next year ? See you soon…

Enjoy the FLIP video! We will send you the video of the mud baths. Love you & will miss you until next year (hopefully)! 

Mike & Cathy, Searcy, AR

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

May 20 -28 2009

I had a great time! I don’t want to leave! Your boat is soo cool; I want to come again, bye!

Brandon, 11 years, Fremont, CA along with brother Trevor, and mom and dad


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

May 4-17 2009

Zitat  Törn may 2002: “Leider war Walti nicht der ideal Jass Partner” wir haben fast jedes soiel verloren, liegt es wirklich an Walti?

Nein ! Denn er hatte diesmal Niederländisch/ Schweizerisch gegner ;-))


Vielen Dank, Diane & Dani,  Männedorf, Switzerland


Ich musste Walti einmal mehr zeigen, wie man Fische fängt = lll x Mahi Mahi, l x Barakuda

Manfred, Meilen, Switzerland


Dies waren für mich die schönsten Ferien die ich mir erträumen konnte, es war wie im Bilderbuch! Danke Dir, Severina, Tating, Germany

Während meinen Operationen werde ich ganz fest an diese  zwei Wochen denken, alles Liebe, Diane

Lieve Walti,

bedankt voor deze heerlige vakantie. Alhoewel het near net caribisch was zün heb hearlige aneqetelüle in dagen geweost. Dinke hus, Johe , Holland

Lieber Walti,

vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine unkomplizierte und grandiose Gastfreundschft!

... und was wären die Ferien ohne Marcello´s Pina Colada gewesen?

Marcel & Marlies, Wettswil, Switzerland


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

April 25 –May 2  2009

I had become so monotone in my corporate life that even I had forgotten that my dream trip was chartering a boat and sailing the West Indies. A friend remarked as such when I was telling of this trip. Aboard the Belline ll and with Walter & Léla and together with my dear friends , Clement and Philippe , I have awoken again! This reawakening has not been without painful unwinding of memories and lost thoughts, but it has been well worth it! Even a farmer must plow up a field before he can plant his crops that will grow, bloom and produce fruit for years to come.

The islands, music, water and wind have washed my soul as the waves washed me holy.

Thank you for inviting us into your home and allow us to be a part of your family, Samba & Tango too. These are memories that will coming with me, treasured and hopefully never allow to be drained of their color.

Love, Anne and friends, Clement and Philippe , Birmingham, AL


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

April 17-25  2009

Our 3rd sail with you is just like a fine wine tour. Each trip gets even better! Love the new islands, St.Martin, St.Barths, Anguilla. Once again the food & company was amazing! Was fun to stroll the Marigot street sale, bought a lot of exiting bargains! I really enjoyed the dives, nice to be back in the groove. Sailing was TOP SHELF as well the fishing. What “rummy” you made Lindas B-day!

Always remember – “ you know” + mule c….k compliments of Shane and the funny f….er club!

All the best ,

Deb & Steve, Winter Garden, FL

Shane & Shawn , Austin, TX

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Thanks for making me have the BEST B-day EVER! Love & miss you, Linda, Aspen, CO

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Thank you so very much for the “ vacation of a lifetime” part #2! We thorough enjoyed ourselves! We hope to see you both again VERY SOON! Take care, we will stay in touch…

Toni & Scott, Flower Mound, TX


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

March 28 to Aptil 5  2009

Wohoo, what an AWESOME vacation! This was more than we could have hoped for. Your boat is beautiful, the food is to die for , the hikes were breathtaking ( in a good way) the scuba opened our eyes to the beauty below us, and our conversations were much fun!

Thank you so very much for making us feel at home yet pampered! We will be singing your praises all the way back to Indiana and then some!

Best wishes for the “four” of you and we sincerely hope that our paths will cross again!!!

Tracy, Gretchen, Olivia, Jesse, Logan & Joel , Leo, Indiana

PS: thanks for the awesome trip, great food and cool sightseeing adventures. Thanks for teaching my brother to scuba dive and for making me AWESOME desserts! Hope you guys have an AWSOME…. EVERYTHING !!! Stay cool, Olivia …. Samba & Tango are the best guard dogs ever, I mean EVER!!!



Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

March 1-7 2009

This is definitely a trip of a lifetime. Your unique way of making us to feel so comfortable and relaxed on your boat made us enjoy our week even more. And the meals … well… ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! How you do it, I don’t know, I was busy unwinding! This whole experience is something we will cherish with fond memories. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. We had an absolute fabulous trip!!!

Isabelle and John, Bramton, Ontario Canada

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

April & I sincerely enjoyed our vacation on your beautiful Bellinell.! Your knowledge of the islands is outstanding, we couldn’t have had a better crew. You complement one another perfectly! The two of you create a total synergy and experience that is impossible to get from any other type of vacation. We knew we had selected the perfect boat, but how lucky were we to have you gusy as our hosts! VERY!!! You helped make a wonderful vacation wonderfully PERFECT! Hope to see you on another trip … April & Ray, Oakville, Canada

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

This vacation has been unbelievable-even though the weather was not all to perfect, it didn’t matter at all. We saw so much of the wonderful BVI´s ; as first timers in these beautiful islands, we couldn’t have dreamed of discovering so many nooks and caves- all thanks to your excellent guidance. Your good humors and willingness to escort us anywhere were very much appreciated, as was your wonderful cooking! Thank you for an absolutely fabulous week, Martyne & Gord, Oakville, Canada

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Rick and I have had a fabulous week and have truly enjoyed your wonderful hospitality! Everything has been exceptional and we appreciate all your hard work. Hopefully we will see you again and if you ever have the chance to come to Ontario in the summer, we would have to have you join us on our boat for a tour of our bay.

Many thanks, Mary & Rick, Oakville Ontario Canada


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Thank you so much ( its rocking as I am writing) for a wonderful trip –saw so much- everything is so wonderful, your hospitality  and the gourmet cooking was the BEST! Thanks for letting Dave drive your dinghy. We also loved having Tango & Samba on board with us. Come see us at the LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Judy & Dave, Osage Beach, MO

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Thank you so much for hosting a great party – we enjoyed everything so much. From the walks to the private fishing excursions- would love to do it again sometime! Food was outstanding – so glad I have some recipes to remember our week!

Tom & Diane, Webster Groves, MO

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

I cant begin to thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime!! It was perfect every minute of the week and even better than we could dream of. We loved the wonderfully guided hikes, the delicious food, incredible sails and colorful snorkeling. Your “home” was delightful and we were thrilled to have the dogs with us, lets not forget to celebrate life together with our dearest friends!

Caren & Jim, St.Louis, MO

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

The signs sais “LAUGHTER HEALS” by the entry door. And so it went all week, we laughed sometimes so hard, we cried! The trip exceeded all our expectations and filled a dream I’ve always had.

Thanks for a great time, wonderful food and much of fantastic healing laughter.

 Pat & Karen, Creve Coer, MO


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Feb 20-28  2009

As the newbie’s of the Bob & Pam charter party we had many expectations with all the talks from both of them, Patience & David and Garry & Linda. This was certainly the best … loads of relaxing, laughing, delicious food, fantastic drinks, good wine, snorkeling and walking all the trails and the beaches. We could have stayed forever!

Sharon and Joe , Unionville CT

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

First, so nice to meet you, Léla. We heart so many nice things about you on our last trip and they are all true! As before, the trip was fabulous!  Good friends with marvelous host & hostess. The food has been incredible and here said of all the trips we´ve taken, this is my favorite! I truly hope we´ll get to come along for the ride again. Take care-precious wonderful people& we will always remember your special treatment!

Much love, Patience & David, Estero, FL

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Every trip has been fabulous but each one is special in its own way. This trip meant more to us because both, Léla & Samba were back and your new little sweet boy Tango added a lot of love and amusement. The little “princess” and Tango make each day a pleasure. We feel a closeness for you both and wish you the best with your charter business, your health and always much happiness. As we´ve said before, the exquisite meals that you produce out of the tiny kitchen and all that you plan to make the vacation interesting, different each time and education is so appreciated. This is the only way to see the BVI´s, on your beautiful BELLINE II!

Léla, I am so glad you have a caring heart for animals. Thanks for sharing Samba & Tango with us. May god bless you all.

Love Pam , Lake Lure, NC

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

This is our third trip with you on the Belline ll and gets better all the time. The food, beverages, clean air and water and your friendship, all contribute to the unbelievable experience. We love your little doggie sailors and the long walks with them. Hope you both be there when we come back in the near future! 

God bless you all, Bob, Lake Lure, NC

Lela & Walti and the special doggies

Our second trip was as special as the first! The vistas , food, attention to each and every detail and the attention given to us is greatly appreciated! We had a great time and wish you continued success in what you do and the Belline ll. Many great years to come! God bless all of you and may the winds always fill your sails, Jerry, Lake Lure , NC

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

I´d rather be on the Belline ll THAN ANY TRIP I have been on! Love Tango & Samba the love bugs J. Thanks for the BEST… no worries or problems on your boat, all relax and sunshine, thank & love you !

Linda, Lake Lure, NC


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Jan 7 – 14 2009

Amongst all the beautiful and special moments, this one stuck the most ! The clean and bright way around the islands, reminded me of an angels ring above his head. The whole week has been an incredible journey! Taking in all of the beauty, the sound of the waves, the underwater life and all this western Caribbean has to offer, was AMAZING!

However, most importantly spending it with both of you, Walti and Léla, has made a beautiful flower of an experience of a lifetime to a vibrant one.

Just like Walti sais: “Its the spice that really makes the food great!” Walti & Léla, YOU are the spice! Thanks soo much for such a wonderful & lifetime memory!

Cheers to a cool and tasty breeze, Kevin, Navwatosa, WI

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

You truly have created an awesome vacation. Both food and good company. The islands are gorgous. Thank you for the unforgettable memories.

God bless & be save, Deb, Beloit, CT

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango baby´s

Thanks for sharing a bit of paradise with us. From the moment you met us on the dock, we felt we were with longtime friends. It would be greedy to not want this to ever end, wouldn't it? We have to live our “normal” lives to truly appreciate the wonderful gift that you bring to us. This is a highlight of our lives … how many of those do we get? Your stories, laughter, FOOD ( yummie yumie) experiences, knowledge's and true passion make this an unforgettable vacation!

Your new “old” friends, Shawn & Carole, Tolland/ Torrington ,CT

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Thank you for all you did to make our vacation as special as it was. The effort you put into each meal , cooking, presenting & cleaning is much appreciated. In addition to that, you are most gracious host & hostess… your wit & humor again were very much appreciated. Tango & Samba made the separation from my own “kids” more bearable. I hope all future guests of Belline ll have as much fun as I have good memories!

XOXO MaryBeth, East Haven, CT

Mama,Papa, Samba & Tango

There are not words to describe how grateful we are for this time that we have had with

you !!!

All of the sights, sounds, food & drinks were incredible, but don’t even COMAPRE to YOUR company!   

We knew we loved your personalities when we first met you at the Tortola Boat Show in 2007- but spending actually the last week with you has put a permanent spot for both of you in our hearts.

…. And the dogs… we just love them so much! Unfortunately we did not have enough room in our bags for both of them (to take them home), so we did not want to separate them – we will return for them- in a few years – and we will bring bigger bags ! J Remember how much they like to dance and have such a loving home.

Thank you , thank you , thank you for everything. We look forward to seeing you ALL of you again very soon. Stay HAPPY & HEALTHY. WE LOVE YOU!

Lesley & Becky , West Haven , CT

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Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Dec 20/08 - Jan 04/09

Another incredible memory on your wonderful boat. Everything was wonderful and memorable and never to be forgotten.

We hope you will visit us in Michigan, we would be honored to return your hospitality.

Much love and many, many thanks again,

Hina , René, Alex & Giz , Ann Arbor , MI

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Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Comi bien, dormi bien y diverti mucho pero me duelen los pies por culpa de Tango. Thanks for the great memories and also many valuable life lessons.


Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

All great things I guess have to come to an end… today is that day! But you send us home with such beautiful memories, new adventures and discoveries … Léla, thanks for a incredible cuisine and all the love you put into all what you do. Walti: you are the man!

Oscar & Michelle, Caleb, Nicole & David, Menlo Park, CA



Guest letters 2007/8



July 23-29, St Martin

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

this was the MOST beautiful trip I´ve ever done.  It was a real pleasure to meet you and I feel very lucky we have met, because you are beautiful people (I don’t know how to say this in English!). I hope we can book again and then I will like that Léla will be here for us!  Meanwhile I am sure I’ll see her in Buenos Aires. The most wonderful experience to sail with both of you, everything was so perfecto! Muchissimo gracias , we love you !  

Vale y Jorge, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Fue un viaje increíble! La pasamos muy bien ( we had a great time) espero poder volver a Belline ll.

 Léla, si vas a Buenos Aires CALL US ¡ Walti, i hope you have a great time with the new crew… Thank you for all, it was the best trip of my life , kisses to Tango & Samba

 Love Mica 13 years

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

La pasamos genial ! Estuvo todo muy bueno (la comida sobretodo) ! Esperamos poder volver! Les deseamos lo mejor , mucho saludos, Tomi , 15 years

Lela & Walti, Samba & Tango

Ha sido todo perfecto , hermosa  y sobre todo la calidez de vuestras personas que nos han agasajado en cada momento. Gracias, gracias , gracias VOLVERAMOS .

 Jorge, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Samba & Tango : We love you  and now I am going to look for a dog as you to live with us! Don’t bark when Walti dives into the water.. he knows how to swim… beso!


Walti & Lela

Thanks so much for the very enjoyable trip! It was as enjoyable as the last one! Also, you did a good job of over-feeding our family…which I thought was impossible! I am sure we will be back, you guys are just soo very easy to get along with, thanks again , Nath, IN

Walti & Lela

Thanks again for a great week, great food, wonderful times and your friendship! I am very grateful for the way you treat my children (and me ! LOL) I wish you the best , until we see you again, Mark , IN

Walti & Lela

Thanks again for a wonderful trip! I am sure it want be long before we are all wishing we were back on the boat with you . everything was excellent, the food, the diving, all of it. We are all very appreciative for how good you are to us ! Cant wait to see you again!

Brigitte, NY

Walti & Lela

The trip was SUPERB! We had such a great time last time, I didn’t think this year could be just as enjoyable, if not better J I would feel comfortable going everywhere with you two, I am steady looking forward to future excursions. You are so good at this; it would be impossible to have any other crew after having you both.

THANKS, Erik, IA….this occupation is tempting


Tortola , June 29-July 6th, 2008

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

Thank you so much for a fabulous trip and all those many, many wonderful memories we can take home.

The family trip of a lifetime, best weather, best food, best sail and best new friends. Thank you so much, we will never forget and savor on sweet memories.

Gregg, Susan, Matthew, Kate & Abby  AZ

Tortola , June 22-28, 2008

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

This has been the most fantastic week ever! The boat, the scenery, the food, all was so much better than we ever imagined it would be. But your friendliness, humor and knowledge of the area made our trip exceptional!!

 You guys have been the greatest. We will be doing this again (but will miss you Steffi and Garry L). Thanks for helping us make memory of a lifetime.

Mike (shark boy) and Cathy AZ

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

When we first began planning this trip we thought it would be fun, but we had no idea that it would turn out to be the best vacation we have ever had as a couple!

You have all been so welcoming, so friendly and have done everything you could to make this a memorable vacation. The food was delicious and far more wonderful than we ever expected, the scenery undesirable, the company wonderful. We simply couldn’t have asked for more – cannot think of anything that would have made this better.

Thanks for being such gracious hosts, for doing so much to provide us with the private, isolated spots we wanted to visit, for simply making this a truly memorable experience.

Walti, we will see again! Steffi and Garry, we wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

Kathy and Martin TX

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

The anticipation of this trip grew with each conversation we had with our friends. The more Steve and I have wanted to sail the islands of Tortola for some time. With this kind of high expectations for this trip, who could have imagined we would leave with those expectations far exceeded. We have traveled quite a bit, yet this has made a place in our memories as the best trip ever. And more, the excitement begins again as we plan a trip again with the Belline II.

Thank you all for the warm and gracious hospitality extended to us all. You continued to surprise us, as you always knew what we needed or desired, even before we realized what that could be.

As everyone has written, the food, the wine, the scenery, and the hosts made this the most wonderful trip… and we got to enjoy this all with our great friends. We learned how much we appreciate all your efforts.

Steffi and Garry we wish you the best together and your next adventures as a married couple.

Walti, what can we say – Belline II is you! Until next time, when the flag of the ‘Callipygians’ fly high on the Belline II.

Hootie Hoo!

Steve and Celia, GA

Tortola, June 14-21, 2008

Dear Friends – Walti, Stephanie and Garry,

Thanks so much for a wonderful trip, which will make for wonderful memories forever. You three made our trip so special.

The best thing was floating in the beautiful water and smelling the delicious food being prepared. We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the meals. They were a ‘culinary delight’.

Thanks too for taking us to good snorkeling places. Thank you Garry for fitting me so well with a mask and fins. I (Barb) did my best snorkeling ever!! It was great snorkeling with Steffi since her eyes spotted more than mine. We saw lots.

You are very organized and made us feel very much at home. We’re so happy we chose your boat Walti – the Belline II.

One last ‘thank you’ for the walk to Bubbly pool, walk at the Bath’s to the Mad Dog for a Bushwhacker and the diving. It was all terrific, thank you! Thank you!

Barb and Bill, PA

Best wishes to Garry and Steph on your wedding day

Belline II – Walti, Steffi and Garry


Memories for a lifetime …

You have enriched our lives …

Thank you – Pete and Phyllis, PA


Walti, Steffi and Garry,

Thank you for the privilege of an outstanding vacation and meeting you three wonderful people!

After thinking (and wondering) for about a year what this trip would really be like – you made it a unforgettable week! The company, hospitality and gourmet food (every meal – including breakfast and hors d’ouvre) was spectacular! The scenery, turquoise waters, snorkeling and weather were all great. Wishing you all the very best in the future and hoping to meet all again someday – somewhere. Thanks for the memories!

Gail and Jack, PA

If you want to visit Hersbuy, Lebanon or the Great Pennsylvania Dutch Country you can stay with us – we’d love to have you!

Walti, Garry and Steph,

You’ve earned a spot in our harts. May you be blessed for giving so much of yourself. We look forward to seeing you again

Mary and Earl , PA

Loved my surprise treat! J


Tortola , June 1-9, 2008

Walti, Steffi and Garry

Here we are back on the Belline II for the third time and it has been the best trip yet!

The BVI is beautiful, but would not be the same without y’all. Everything was perfect. From the Killeritas to the campfire on the beach.

Y’all even managed to work through the complications of gluten intolerance and pescatarianism and everything was delicious (even the cookies, Steffi don’t worry)!

We will always remember nights with champagne and farkel while listening to that inspiring drum solo from Anegada de Vida.

Even though there weren’t really any hot vents and Leslie’s dream was ruined (it’s OK though –she still got a bushwhacker) and we didn’t see the green flash, this will always be one of our favorite vacations!

See you in another 3 years!

David, Leslie, Alex, Rebecca and Uncle Tony and Aunt Ellen, TX


St.Martin,  May 21-29 2008

Walti, Steffi and Garry & Samba

You all met and exceeded all my expectations. Great dive spots, anchorages and wonderful food. We look forward to our next adventure with Belline ll.

Thank you for making this vacation so special!

Remember to drink SIKṺ vodka & Caribbean cocktails.

Dennis, FL

Walti, Steffi and Garry & Samba

Thank you for everything you did to make our vacation so great. Especially want to thank you for helping me to get the open water certified and lading me through my first wreck dive and my first night dive too J !!!

If you do get to Florida, we would love to have you stay with us.

Thanks again,

Vic & Tamara, FL

St.Martin, May 11-18 2008

Walti, Steffi, Garry,

thank you for taking care of us. The weather was great for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sunning. It seems like you have managed to spoil us rotten. You three are unique, wonderful people and we are richer for getting to know you. Please come visit.

Nicole and Time, CO

Walti, Steffi, Garry,

Thank you for a wonderful week ‘down island’. Gary you are a great dive master; Steffi your cooking and presentation was excellent and Walti – even though we have know each other long before, this trip confirmed my suspicions – that you are a warm, caring person who is truly interested in making your guests as comfortable as possible – rest assured I will book Belline ll often,

Thanks again,

Cyndee and Dick Wessel ( Charter Broker)

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

Thank you for arranging such a perfect trip! So thoughtful of you to order 7 days of perfect weather, food fun and friends. Our best to you!

Penny and Russ, CO


St.Martin,  May 3-10 2008

Walter, Steffi and Garry (and Samba!)

The week was even better than expected! Cler became an ‘expert’ diver thanks to Garry and 5 hours underwater – (the only time she kept her cloth on!) – the most photographed on board was Samba – she was great to have along, take to the beach, go on the kayak, I have the biggest bladder I’ve ever seen! Bill spent the week learning to relax and put up with ‘chatty Cler’. The food was wonderful. I can’t wait to go to BVI and Grenada on Belline ll. We achieved our goal of wearing clothes less than I have per day.

Phil, AL

Walter, Steffi, Garry and Lela and Samba,

To Garry and Steffi: The best instructors! The diving was incredible. You have been the most gracious host and hostess. This was a new experience for me, the first of many sailing trips! (on Belline ll). Having Samba on board was a true joy. I love you all so much! XOXO Cler Marie, AL

Walti, Steffi and Garry – (and Lela),

What a wonderful, relaxing week! I’ve never been to any of these places. I knew I was at home with you – from the very beginning.

By the cemetery to the whipped cream nipples! Thanks for all of your hospitality on board Belline ll.

Bill, AL


St.Martin , April 21-28, 2008

Walt, Garry and Steffi

Belline, bacon, beer, burritos ……. Everything was great! Thanks for showing us the FWI’s. We loved sailing, diving and snorkeling. We’ll remember Gustavia and the $30.- coffees for 3 L.

We’ll remember beaches and mudpacks and the champagne that made our clothes fall off. Seared into memory is the site of Walti leaving from the dinghy @ 30 knots as it rounded the back of the boat J. Back to Belline is our way!

Chris & Bill,TX

Paulette, Denny, Phil, Sue, Emil and Ruth, IL


P.S. Death to the French!

Tortola , March 27 – April 5, 2008,

What an incredible week of positive and beautiful indulgences we shared with Lela, Steffi and Garry. We anticipated this vacation for months and it was everything we thought and lots more!!! Thank you for a week of heaven; we will never forget! Happy sailing!

Jeff and Karen,VT

Ditto… Chuck and Betsy, FL

Lela, Steffi, Garry and Walti (on our last day),

Thanks for the experience of a lifetime! We came as 8 great friends and left with more! The cuisine, fun sports, toys, and all of BVI were tremendous! Best of luck on your future adventures!

Missy and Craig, VT

Lela, Steffi, Garry and Walti,

A week filled with wonderful food, big waves, high winds, plentiful conversation (to say the least!) copious liquid refreshments and A-1 Swiss hospitality – not a week any of us will soon forget. Thank you for the huge part you all played on this wonderful vacation.

Steve and Rhonda, NH

Tortola , March 18-26

Lela, Garry and Steffi,

‘A Class set’- what more can we say? We have had a great time. Perhaps a ‘subdued’ group- but not without inner joy. You have done everything to make our stay enjoyable. Great food! Great Company! And great Boat! And- thank you for taking such good care of my ‘bottom feeder’ J

Linda Tilley (and Bob too)

Lela, Garry, and Steffi

Very nice! This has been a trip of a lifetime and our only wish is that Dale could have been healthy enough to truly enjoy everything. We have enjoyed all the wonderful (no calories) food and great conversations. Wish we had been able to meat Walti – sounds like a great guy. Garry and Steffi hope you have a great life together-

Thanks for everything,

Dale and Christi, WA


Garry, Steffi and Lela,

Thank you! What an amazing piece of the world you guys showed us. Everything – the food, guide, sailing – everything was what I expected and more. The three of you are truly the reason the trip was so great. Best wishes to all of you and what lies ahead.

Kirk and Jes, CA

Tortola , March 9-16, 2008

Lela, Steffi and Garry,

We had a Wonderful time, a perfect vacation. This is our 5th year with Belline and te only thing missing was Walti and Samba.

Love and kisses

Crissy and Gary, FL


Steffi, Garry and Lela,

It’s time to say goodbye for now, but not forever. As everyone else says “we had a wonderful time”. Diving, drinking, eating, sleeping, drinking, snorkeling, and finally drinking (not necessarily in that order)

I will never forget this trip,

Thank you so much


Chris and Brian,FL

Steffi, Garry, and Lela: (Walti, you’re with us in spirit)

What a great trip! As usual, the food, drinking and company were amazing. I don’t ever want to leave this place, but I must go back to reality. Thanks so much for everything. I will never forget you guys.

Steffi, our chit-chats and your wonderful desserts and painkillers will always be in my memory. You are such a sweet person. I know you will be a success at whatever you do. Garry, what a great captain and diver!! I loved the places you took us and the dive sites! Thanks for showing me the sleeping turtle, the shark and the dolphins! Oh and the Eagle Rays!!!

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God… Lela, it was a pleasure finally meeting you in person. You are a very unique and special woman. Good luck at everything you do.

Walti, I really wished you could have been with us. I missed you but now I have an excuse to come back to the Belline! I will impress you next time with my diving skills J. Even though you weren’t with us physically, you were spiritually. Thanks again for such a memorable and wonderful trip!

Love,Adri J, FL

Tortola , March 1-8, 2008

Garry and Steffi,

This was our first catamaran cruise and it was such a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for your great hospitality, your friendship, and good times. The highlight I think was our first ever-diving experience, that was incredible!! The food was excellent, better than we expected. Thank you so much, we’re already talking about our repeat trip next year!! I’m so sorry Walter couldn’t join us, but hopefully next year!!!

Marylou and Bob , TX

Garry and Steffi,

Where do we begin? The food, the scenery, the snorkeling or diving? No- the friendship!! You both were so awesome-you made us feel right at home on the sea. This was the trip of our lifetime! That I promise! It will be hard for us to ever top this. We wish you all the best and hope to somehow keep in touch with you and know how you are doing!

Hope to see you again

Thank you for everything,

God bless-

Sharon and Greg, TX

Steffi and Garry

What to say? You made us all feel like a team. This trip was great for all of us. So let Teri and I say this to you. Good luck in you future. Your upcoming marriage and a family if you so choose to have one. Life is sometimes a circle. If we meet again that would be great. We welcome you to our house. So that words really don’t do justice to how we can express our great time. I’ll leave you with this. If you are in Dallas or Rockport you better look us up.

This has been the best trip ever! First of all Steffi-the minute I met you I realized you are a soul mate. Garry couldn’t be more ‘the host with the most’. You guys made every day a wonderful event – well-planned, smooth and awesome food. We hope to keep you in our lives …

U R the best!

Bill and Teri, CA

Steffi and Garry

This has been a trip of a life time. You both made it the best!! Great food and people. We wish you both the best in your future travels. Thank you again!! You guys are the Best


Meegan and Don, CA

Tortola , Feb 12-20, 2008

Walter, Steffi and Garry,

You guys did WAY more than you had to, to make this a great cruise. You didn’t just go the extra mile, you went several extra miles.

Only one complaint; Walter, it’s not nice to humiliate your guests with a backgammon board.

Hope we can be back soon!

Tom and Linda

Walti, Steffi and Garry,

What an amazing adventure. It was even better than I dreamed it would be. Thank you for your gracious hospitality. Now I will dream about the day I get to visit my Caribbean friends again!


Rachelle (Chelle)

Walti, Steffi, and Garry,

Aside from the wonderful food and beautiful surroundings, what made this week so memorable was the comradely that we had with you. Your intelligent conversation, friendships and helping hands are sincerely appreciated by all of us. It is obvious that relationships are as important to you as they are to us. Steffi, Chelle and I loved our girls outings too!

I hope that we can return soon to make more memories-

Warmest regards,

Becki and Bob

Tortola , Feb 1-7th 2008

Dear Walter, Garry and Steffi

Bill and I had a wonderful time abroad Belline (I will write for all) so ditto for Glenn, Cindy, Beth, Tony, George and Kathy. The food and the service were fabulous, beyond expectations. The boat accommodations were perfect, everything clean and well maintained, comfortable and casual. The week was just the right mix of relaxation, diving, partying and touring the beautiful BVI’s. What a beautiful place to be in your business!

Thanks for everything-

Laura, Bill, Cindy and Glenn, FL

Beth and Tony

Thanks for everything!


Walter, Steffi, Garry,

Thanks for the great time and for letting me save your ‘dinghy’. Great party and great memories, stay in touch.

George and Kathy


Tortola January 23-30th 2008

Dear Walt, Steffi, and Garry,

What a wonderful time we all had on the Belline II with a really fantastic crew! The food was fabulous, and the accommodations were excellent – very clean. Most of all you three did everything to make our stay a most memorable one! Keep in touch and Len and I want to hear from you. Really enjoyed our stimulating conversations!

Hugs, Jana and Len, AZ

Dear Walter, Gary and Steffi,

What a terrific time we had. The accommodations, food and staff were fantastic. This trip was everything and more than we expected.

Fondly, Ed (Sat. Flush) and Alyce, AZ

Walti, Steffie and Garry,

What a wonderful experience. All made possible by the three of you! The Baths and the Bubbles were the best. Thanks for showing us a great time. Food was outstanding. Garry, sorry about all the heavy garbage bags. Everyone is welcome to come visit us in Ariz. We will cook for you.

Mike and Betty, AZ

P.S. You should compile a recipe book. I would buy one if you do. So many good recipes.

Dear Walter, Steffi and Garry,

Thanks so much for the great time. This was everything we expected and more. You guys really outdid yourselves! Good food, good company, good scenery. It just doesn’t get any better …

Hope you make it to Arixona so we can entertain you.

Phil and Shelby, AZ

Tortola, Jan 6-13 2008

Walti & Lela

Lela, I bet you wondered what you were getting into when we requested no garlic to keep the vampires away. You met our request and the food couldn’t have been better!

Walti, loved your sense of humor and awesome care of us. Can’t believe you dive 40ft no snorkel to find a snorkel. Wow!

You are the best, Bobbie and Dough, IA

Thanks for help to make my 51st birthday a SUPER DAY!!!

You guys are simple the best! Dough

Walti & Lela

Although there was no golf involved in this cruise … it was a most wonderful week! Great food, great weather, great host and great new friends to share the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you for the time away from “real life” for this wonderful week.

Sail on, Glenda & Jeff, IA

Walti & Lela

What a wonderful time we all had on the Belline ll with a really fantastic crew.

The food was fabulous and the accommodation were excellent>VERY CLEAN!

Most of all you did everything to make our stay a most memorable one! Keep in touch; we want to hear from you …really!! we enjoyed the stimulation conversations , see you soon, hugs

Brenda & Jeff , IA

Tortola, Dec 27 – Jan 3 2008

Walti & Lela

Everytime we go on a trip we leave a memory of THE BEST’s .

So here are our BEST’s for you :

BEST meal: Lela’s ahi tuna salad

BEST New Years Eve: The Last Resort

BEST beach: Sandy Spit

BEST cove: Cane Garden Bay

BEST scuba: With Walter

BEST shower: off the end of the boat in the eveing

BEST breakfast: everyday… J

BEST sunset: Cane Garden Bay

BEST new years costume: Lela as Pussy Galore

BEST boat: Belline ll

BEST energetic host: the crew of Belline ll

BEST Crew ever

BEST Cruise ever!!!

Thanks for all you do and are to make this the

Best trip ever!

Mark & Nancy PA

Walti & Lela

This was my best trip ever! I don’t think it was possible to feel this relaxed after only one week, but you have managed to just do it.

The food was beyond my expectations-absolutely wonderful.. I felt like I was eating in an upscale restaurant every night… oh I forgot I was!

It is truly beautiful down here and all the added pampering really made me feel spoiled – so I guess you can say you did your job well!

Thanks again for everything,

Love, Julia & Dave, PA 

Walti & Lela

Thanks so much for such a cool vacation. When we searched on this trip I was a little scared that was going to be a scary pirate! ARRR… pirates are kool! You guys really know what you are doing and it made everything so comfortable and easy.

You guys have really inspired me and reconfirmed how important it is to be with the people you care about and live somewhere that you truly love.

I think that you have some secret mind reading skills because anytime I wanted something you were already on top of it.

Thanks so much, please look me up if you ever come to the states !

Matthew & Kristin, CA

Walti & Lela

To the providers of serious vacation.

This was hands down an amazing experience and you guys are awesome.

The food, the laughs, the atmosphere… nothing to complain about J

If I could marry the food I would!!!

I hope the rest of your guests have even just half of the fun we did, because it was a lifetime experience, that wont be forgotten!

Cole, PA

Walti & Lela

Dec 10-18th 2007 St. Martin

Walter, Garry and Steffi (+ land-based Lela)

Thank you very much for a memorable experience. I wish the wind and waves had been less boisterous, but you all did a fabulous job in less than ideal conditions. The boat is very comfortable and clean, which as fellow boaters, we appreciate!

Hopefully, we can come back!

Nancy and John, CA


Walti, Garry, Steffi and Lela,

We loved our ‘blustery’ cruise aboard Belline II! Your boat handles the weather beautifully and we enjoyed the ride! You all worked hard to make our experience a wonderful one… and it was! Thank you © We hope we can come again and cruise the coves we couldn’t make.

Tannis and Brian , CA

Loved the wind! 40 days & 40 nights @ 40 knots

Tortola , October 19-25 2007

Walti & Lela

Our time spent on Belline ll with the both of you was absolutely fantastic!

You provided wonderful experiences for all with such ease. The gourmet meals were a delight - we will be doing a lot of walking on  our return home.

Belline ll will be highly recommended by us !

Pat & Lin , LA

Walti & Lela

 Life in the deep blue sea- how wonderful! It was great sharing this past week with you on Belline ll. The food was absolute great, Lela & Walter, you are outstanding chefs ! The swimming, snorkeling and sailing was so much fun. I know we are on the cleanest and best kept boat in the Caribbean.

Thanks for the laughter, fun and great memories, love you guys

Kathy and Bernard, LA


Walti & Lela

What a wonderful vacation for us. Exceeded all of our expectations! Thanks for your hospitality, wonderful food , introduction to the magnificent BVI , entertainment & conversations, recipes and simple a wonderful week.

Enjoyed it all, thanks, Elaine & Oscar, LA


Walti & Lela

We never dreamed we would have such a good time. The food and the island hopping were great. We even had fun on the rainy moments. The two of you make a wonderful team. Thanks so much for everything!

Please stay in touch, Jim & Sandra , LA



August 6th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Mel, first of all, you’re the greatest cook on the planet! Second of all, if we get to come back, me and you will DOMINATE in Nertz and will get to do much more “hand pumps” and also be able to yell “Freakin’ Nertz” MUCH more! You’ve made the vacation very enjoyable! Thanks a bunch! Hope to see you again!

Matt-your impression of the 7-year-old gangster was awesome. I don’t know how the boat would be clean without you because everywhere I looked you were the cleaning! I’ll miss experiencing the “silent killer” in Nertz! Thanks for making this one of my most enjoyable experiences!

Walter, thanks for helping me get over my fear of Scuba diving! Also, for teaching me how to play backgammon, even though you totally kicked my butt! Hope we see you soon!

Thanks for everything! Natalie



First and foremost, thank you so much for being such a great diving instructor. You made us feel so comfortable and unrushed. THAT was a great experience and worth the trip by itself. Thank you also for letting us “take over” your home for the week; it was a beautiful trip and the boat is just perfect. Also, thanks for the great conversation and the healthy “opinionated-ness”, and finally, some kind of thank you is deserved for putting up with our dad.

Mel-Obviously the food on this trip was superb. And thank you for being so understanding of our family’s relationship with dessert. Everything was great. Thank you for being so…cheerful at almost ALL times. Again, you made us feel so welcome and relaxed. Now, for the card playing and chatting…thank you! You are freakin’ hysterical. You guys MUST come visit if or when you are coming through Indy. You’re the greatest! We’re coming back…with friends.

Matt-Thank you so very much for everything you did to help make this trip so enjoyable. You helped me get over (mostly) my unwarranted fear of the barracuda. Climbing the rock was a blast, and thank you for being so patient. Again, thanks for being so easy to get along with. We had a blast just chatting and allowing you to kick our behind in Nertz. Also, I’ve got some new drinks to try out in Indy. You guys HAVE to come through whenever time allows!

Thanks! Eric and Bridget


Thanks so much for an incredible trip!

My warmest heartfelt thanks for being so great with my kids in many ways, not to mention also, with me. “Patience”, “Understanding”, “Kindness” and “Laughter” weren’t in the on-line description of what we could expect on a Belline II charter.

We came for the food, the Scuba certification, the sailing, et al; but the things above are what really made this trip a “one in a lifetime” experience. I’m hoping it will be more than once in a lifetime for us as we look towards future family vacation experiences. This trip would not been the same for ANY of us without EACH of you.

The unexpected things were some of the best things about this trip. Even the “expected” things were “better than expected.”

Amazing food, being greeted by Walter with foie gras in hand, Natalie actually Scuba diving and enjoying it with no ear issues, Matt’s “mixtures”, me and Mel both getting to say “Nertz!”, how you made the vacation for me great despite my back issue.

Watching the kids sit in the pulpit seats in the waves, listening to music even my kids didn’t know, watching Matt be an “angel”-always making sure everyone’s ok without being seen. All of these and many more, again thanks, and God bless your lives.

Thank you so much, Mark



July 22nd 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

There really aren’t enough words-or enough time to adequately describe how warm, wonderful and fun you all are.

You brought us into your home with open arms and smiles. From meeting Walter at the airport (thank you for the honeymoon roses) to your first glass of champagne, to right this second-we felt your love.

The scenery was beyond description-however came to life with your “Guided tours”. From the “Reflecting” pool to the hermit crabs to Mad Dog to Snorkeling to the “photo ops”. Every moment was made more memorable because of you three.

Every meal was incredible and we really love your “dining room”!

Your attention to detail, your genuine concern, your patience, your attentiveness to our wishes is all heartfelt.

We all laughed, giggled, told stories, had a “few” painkillers and bushwhackers and had tons of fun. We recognize the amount of work it takes to run your boat…24/7!

Mel, your food was ALWAYS RIGHT ON. And so is your smile. Thank you!

Matt, Thank you! Not enough words!

Walter, you are a gentleman, a great sailor, a new friend and oh yeah, a great backgammon player-even though you are not that competitive!

We can’t thank you enough.

You are welcome in our home anytime (Mel you will/will not have to cook?)

Thank you for making our honeymoon beyond belief.

Tons of love,

Sue and Michael

July 14th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said…it exceeded my expectations! Great food, beautiful boat, terrific entertainment!

You guys are the best crew!

Matt, thanks for your patience. I can’t imagine a better host and “tour guide.” We will NEVER forget Foxy’s. We will be talking about that for years!! We will be back (with less luggage). If you guys are ever in Houston, I expect a call and visit. Looking forward to next time- you helped make this trip the best anniversary ever!

Steve and Linda

20th Wedding Anniversary


What an amazing vacation! The food was excellent! We enjoyed getting to know each one of you, we couldn’t ask for a better host. This has been a week we will never forget, what a great experience. Thanks for everything!

We will be back, Debbie and Robert


What an amazing vacation! It was absolutely perfect! The scenery is breathtaking, the food was amazing, and we loved diving! Walter, thank you for making us feel so comfortable and letting me stay glued to your hip! Matt, thanks for being and awesome tour guide-we loved having you hang out and talk with us! Mel-everyone mentions your cooking, which was great, buy you were a lot of fun to talk with…good luck with all of your future plans!

Thank you again for everything,

Ben and Amber


Thank you for making our first trip to the BVI a memorable one! The accommodations, service and food was more than we could’ve imagined. We will treasure our experience and your friendships! Best wishes for many, many more wonderful seasons!

Brandon and Ashley

July 7th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

When we read these comments, well, it’s all been said. So-all we have left is:


Cathy and Mac


Walter-What a boat!

Matt-Thanks so much for ending the slug fest. Diving, kayaking, noodling, island drinks!

Melissa-The food was sooooo good. Don’t ever stop! See you in “O” town!


Thanks for the most relaxing vacation ever! We will carry you in our hearts for the next 25 years! Hope to see you soon!

Sherry and Dave , 25th Wedding Anniversary

July 6th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

A.k.a: Crackin, Pretty Princess, and Will Turner,

Once again, 8+ years later-we returned with our children and had the time of our lives. The kids so enjoyed themselves, the diving, the “dolphin”, the rock jumping, fish catching, great food, great times and playing cards. We look forward to another trip again-hopefully sooner than 8 years-“Ryan is willing to work it off!”

We love you and will miss you!

Love, Susan


Walter, had a great time hope to see you after high school.

Mel and Matt, hope to see you when you go to New York . Hope to play cards then.

I’m gonna miss you guys, Ryan

PS. Mel, call us when you get your black jack win in Vegas!


Thanks for the great vacation; I had a really good time. Jumping off the huge cliff and swimming with the dolphin was awesome. Mel, you’re a really good cook. Have a good time on the boat and maybe I’ll see you guys soon.

Walter, you’re an awesome captain!



Thanks for everything. We had a great new adventure everyday. I was able to relax, laugh, sleep, eat and drink at my choice…simple things are the best. Each one of you added a touch of your own personality to our adventures! I look forward to meeting my new (Matt and Mel) and old (Walter) friends again. You’re always welcome in our home. Please take me up on the offer, as I would love to be your “host.


June 16th 2006

Walter, Mel & Matt,

My first trip to the BVI. I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Words can’t describe this amazing experience. You all made me feel so comfortable right out of the gate. I am leaving the BVI with 3 more friends and COUNTLESS memories. You can count on seeing me again.

Sail Away, Jim



SCUBA next time! Beautiful boat, great sailing, wonderful stories, and great memories.

Mel and Matt,

Wow! The trip was incredible: snorkeling was amazing; diving from the rock at the Bubbling Pool was awesome. Euchre game is waiting in Bloomington anytime, you’re always welcome!

See you in the near future, Patti


Thank you so much for such a great week! How did you order the great weather? From the sailing to the SCUBA diving, everything was fantastic. Matt and Mel, if you are in Bloomington you are always welcome at our home and a great meal at Yanko’s (we will have Jim pay!) Mel, I have to go back and lose 10lbs because of your excellent cuisine. We’ll be back soon,

Blowing Wind in Your Sails, Kelly


Thanks for all! Couldn’t have been better. Everything was wonderful. Thanks again for the wonderful treatment over the last week. All the best!

Cheers! Chris


It has been seven days since we met you and yet it feels like I have known you longer. I greatly appreciate getting to know each and every one of you and hearing about all your experiences on sea as well as B.S. (Before Sea!)

For me, the sun, water, and swimming were just a bonus…I had more fun getting to know each of your unique personalities and knowing that I have some new friends.

Kindest Regards, Heather

June 2nd 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Wow-like I have said all week!!

Walter, Mel & Matt, thank you so much for an unforgettable week. Highlights are too many to list but everyday was perfect and an adventure. The food was outstanding as was the captaining!



Completely exceeded every expectation we had for this trip. We felt like we were on vacation with great friends, including the crew. You are like friends. The food was over the top and that comes from a fellow foodie. Thank you for all the advice on where to go to make this such an amazing trip. It included everything we would ever want in a vacation. We’ll be finding you again.

Cheers, Mel and Patti


Words cannot express the amazing time we had this last week on the Belline II. Your hospitality was better than anyone could ever ask for-all three of you are absolutely wonderful people and Derek and I are so happy to have met and spent this time with you. The food, scenery and company will forever be remembered. Thank you so much for the special time spent on refreshing Derek on diving and the beautiful keepsake you brought back for me, Walter!

Good bye for now…hope to see you again.

Derek and Jeana


We thought after our last charter that we could not have a better time. Well…I was wrong. The weather, the islands and the people were amazing. But what made the difference was the 3 of you. I can’t tell you how special you have made this adventure. We talk a lot about changing our lives, but we never do anything about it. You may have been the catalyst to do what our hearts truly yearn for.

Thank you, Brian

May25th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

What an absolutely wonderful vacation. Your local knowledge of the islands, reefs, dive spots and friends was a great extra.

Matt and Mel’s consistent attention to every detail and our needs were incredible.

Mel’s culinary expertise was beyond our dreams. I will be your best word of mouth and you can expect business coming from me!

Will be back! Whenever in SW Florida, call us, we have many extra rooms and we would love to take you boating.

Dennis and Laura


It’s hard to express how great a time we had. Your hospitality was amazing. We all had such a great time-we don’t want to leave! We will be back!

A special thanks to Walter for all of the patience and help with my diving. You really made me comfortable.

Mel, I will think of you every day as I try to lose all the weight I gained!

Matt, thanks for being our tour guide everywhere and taking such good care of us.

All three of you truly made this the perfect vacation. Thank you. We will miss you.

Vic and Tamra

May 14th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Great trip-quiet, peaceful, enjoyable, a wonderful escape. Hopefully Walter will be a better backgammon player during our next visit-I will give him some time to practice and maybe Walter can become Backgammon Kind of the World!

Food was wonderful. Harvey and Marcia


We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed everything (even getting into your arm in the dinghy, Matt). Come visit us.

Don and Eunice


When you visit Florida, be sure to call! Room for free-we can have fun-

Had a great time, Tony and Mary Ann

May 7th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

We had an incredible week. Since we are new to the sailing vacation, we had no expectations. What we ended the week with was a desire to do more trips like this one.

Thanks for the wonderful food! We definitely ate our share of delectable, gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

It was a beautiful week that enable us to bond with great friends and a nice crew!

Joan and Gunther


What a great trip! You ordered up the perfect weather for us! I’m so excited that I have had my first sailing trip of no seasickness…that is a big accomplishment! We had so much fun in all the beautiful spots you took us to…especially the SPA! Can’t wait to see those pictures! Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking walks on the beaches, amazing food…a little adventure! It was all-great! Thanks for everything! Please keep in touch! I want to hear about all your sunny days on the water! Walter-if your friends in Tuscany ever need a house sitter…you know who to call! Hopefully we will be back on the Belline II very soon for another incredible trip!

Thanks so much! Kara

Hey Crazy Midwesterners and CRAZY Swissman-

Don’t make me go! I really will break something if you’d make me stay and do dishes to pay off my debt! Alas, I know I must go.

But really, thank you so much for spoiling us, feeding us, getting us drinks or champagne, taking us snorkeling, waterskiing, navy-sealing, beaching, floating, knot-tying, relaxing. Thanks for everything-one of the most relaxing and exhilarating weeks of my life-I SO hope I will be back, and you are all 3 welcome in my gorgeous neck of the woods anytime you need a dose of the mountains.


Allison & Todd


Our first “Cat” voyage and what a wonderful experience! We’ve been pampered beyond belief-I believe champagne for breakfast will become a ritual on special days at home! We will hopefully get close to duplicating your tuna tartar and will remember you all when we eat it!

We will share many stories with Joan and Gunther, Todd, Cara and Ali over the years-keeping this week as always-special time for each of us.

Best to you, Karen and Bruce

April 22nd 2007


I must say, of all the times I’ve passed through these waters, which is many, many times, I have never had the pleasure of experiencing it with your “eyes.” You made the reefs seem more vivid, the sky bluer, and the water skiing easier. I really felt I was at your “home” and traveled to your neighboring villages. Thanks for your hospitality, and allowing us to be on this beautiful vessel. This is a definite do-over!


PS. Oops, forgot to say how great Matt and Mel were. Constantly there to help and answer my endless questions. Great food too!

My 2nd voyage on Belline (1st time, April 1998)

Thank you from the “noodle navy.”

The food was fantastic, again!

The most relaxing week, again!

Caroline says she had a good time with Steve (smoochy).

Honey Bunny and Mountain enjoyed the quiet time.

Scrabble Champ-Dan-lost 3 times! I was just warming up!

Willy T’s-Body shots, tattoos, Hoover Dam!

Pirate Drinks, I mean drinks.

Fat Frankie-You didn’t save me, I was pushing the Dinghy!

Last Resort.

Dan, Caroline and Steve, Frank & Jessica, Kathie (K1) and Cathy (C2).

(All right! Maybe we’re not done!)

T’was the morning we were leaving,

And all thru the boat

Not a creature was moving, ‘cept Mountain.

Morning coffee, barracudas, painkillers, all them other fish, rain, lightening (who knew?)

It’s almost time to go, and we don’t want to!!

You did a great job of making this a great vacation.


You have shown us many new and beautiful places. Each day was a great adventure and have made some wonderful


Thank you for taking such good care of us…except for saving Dan…it would have been easier just to let him float away, ha ha ha!

Thanks! Frank and Jessica

April 8th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Wow! Our trip was amazing. Thank you so much for making everything just perfect. The dives, the slalom water skiing, the incredible vistas, the fabulous food and most of all, your ability to make everyone HAPPY!

I will often think of you guys and our fun filled days aboard the Belline II. My only regret is having to go home. I am not going to say goodbye, just “we’ll see you again”, hopefully sooner rather than later. Walter you are the perfect teacher. Matt & Mel, good luck with your endeavor!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your friend,Susan

Aka the “Grossmutter”, or better yet, “The Spanish Dancer”


Here are some words to describe our trip:

Good, great, fantastic, amazing, phenomenal, fun, action-packed, water sports, sweet, crazy, funny, abnormal, nice.



WOW! This trip couldn’t have been more fun. You guys are a great bunch of people and I wish we could see you again sometime. Walter, I’m sorry Christian and I had a chocolate fight in your kitchen. Climbing the rocks (more like jumping the rocks) was amazing. You are one of the only people I could trust for that. Your boat is beautiful and hopefully we will see you again sometime.

Matt, thanks a bunch for taking us knee boarding. I don’t think I would have left here without nailing my 360! Going through the tunnel when we were snorkeling was pretty crazy. Melly, wow, I’m gonna really miss your cooking. You were my 30 year old friend on this trip. I loved swimming under the boat with you and diving off the cliff. I’m always up for something new and I think you are too.

Anyway, I hope I see everyone soon and thanks so much for making this a very fun and memorable trip. I will always remember you guys.


PS: Happy birthday Mel! 30 goes a long way!

March 31st 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

What an amazing trip. Makes me want to do it all over again. I will be back so we can swim with the turtles and the fish. You guys are an awesome crew. I wish you the best. Hopefully next time Waltie can keep his promise of no rain or clouds, ha ha. Despite the weather, I loved the trip.

Love you guys, Adriana


Thanks for everything! See you next year!

Love & Kisses, Cissy & Gary

March 25th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

What a wonderful time! We can’t thank you enough for a fabulous time. We have chartered before-but have never had such a great time before this charter. The three of you were great-and treated us like family. We will never forget you guys and we hope to charter with you again.

Steve & Nina

March 17, 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Thank you so so much for such a fun week. It was probably the quickest (meaning most fun/amazing week) of my life so far. Maybe if college doesn’t work out for Erica and me we can come down and work as crew on the Belline?

Mel, the food was absolutely incredible and I even like dishes and foods that I normally don’t. The birthday cake was so good too. Thanks! Matt, those piña coladas were the best especially when paired with dinghy rides and water-skiing. Walter, I loved when you took pictures up my top and skirt, and I’m really glad you had so many good times slaloming with your water ski.

This was such a fun week. Thank you so much for everything. Hopefully we’ll get to come back sometime. We’ll miss you!

Love, Rose


From the moment we walked through Customs at the airport and were greeted by “tall, dark and handsome” Walter, I knew this would be a wonderful week. Mel and Matt-Midwesterners-the only NORMAL people from USA-you two managed to take care of all of us-Matt and skiing, etc, Mel-delicious delights from the galley! Thank you ALL for making us feel so welcome. This will be a week we will always remember fondly!

Goodbye, Belline! Don’t forget us! Call us when you come to NYC! We’ll take care of you!

Love, Susan


Thanks for everything! I had an awesome time even though my tonsils were trying to kill me. Good luck with everything and stay cool!

Love, Erica


What a great week! It really did go quickly. The captain and crew are critical to a charter being a great experience and lots of fun, and I cannot imagine a better group to take us around the BVI’s. Susan and I wanted a memorable experience for Rose and Michael and their best friends and you guys hit the mark! We’ll be talking and reminiscing about our week on the Belline for a long, long time, which is the best indicator of what a great time we had. Matt & Mel, you have a great teacher and role model, and we look forward to one day hearing of our two friends from America’s heartland setting off on their own successful charter. Thank you for everything-it was a fabulous week.



Thanks for an amazing trip, II am going to try and convince my mom to come back. The food was amazing. Thank you for taking me wakeboarding, it was lots of fun.

See you soon, hopefully!



Thanks for the fun trip. Thank you Matt for taking us water skiing and for the short time tubing before Erica broke the tube. Mel the food was amazing. Walter, have fun sleeping with your skis.


February 28th 2007

Mel, Matt & Walter,

We were married at Jost Van Dyke and sailed with you on our honeymoon. We wanted a trip where we could relax and that is exactly what we did. Thank you so much for doing EVERYTHING. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend the Belline II any day. We will see you in a few years with my Aunt Pat and family!


Dan and Tara

Feb 17th 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Thanks for giving us such a great experience. We can’t believe how quickly the time past. Thanks for your hospitality, service and kindness. This will be one of our most memorable vacations.

Mel, thanks for all the great food and attention.

Matt, you’re a great mate. Thanks for letting me drive the boat.

Walter, can’t say enough about the captain. We learned a lot from you and appreciate all you did.

Jerry and Linda


Thank you for making this a terrific vacation! It will always be one of our brightest memories. We so appreciate all your hard work and special touches that made it so great. The food was simply spectacular! The Belline is a beautiful boat and the hard work of the crew makes it show to special heights. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John and Jenny


You all made our week so special. We truly appreciated all the service and tender-loving care. We loved all the places we visited, the food, the companionship and the weather. Walter we value your friendship. Please give our best to Lela and Samba. We shall return!

Bob and Pam


Thank you for a wonderful vacation. Everything about it was perfect-food, special drinks & all. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy your hospitality again soon rather than later.

Patience & David

Jan 2nd 2007

Walter, Mel and Matt,

2 weeks is not enough. I want to stay here forever. Thanks for your wonderful care, hospitality and warmth.

Mel: Thanks for always leaving the bacon/pork out of my food.

Matt: I can’t say other than-you are awesome always.

Walter: They broke the mold after God made you.

It has been a great, memorable trip-words cannot describe how we all feel.

Lots of love,Rene, Hina, Alex and Giselle


Thanks to the best crew ever!

I’ll always remember the great food, dives and mixed drinks. My favorite part by far was kicking Walter’s ass in backgammon. Better practice up for next time! Have a safe and happy ’07.

See you again soon, Alex


Thank you so much for everything! You guys were amazing and helped make this the best vacation! I wish I could stay here with you guys and not go back to Michigan! You guys are awesome and thank you again!



As I sit here this morning, soaking up the morning sun, knowing I am only a few short hours from departure, I feel a little sad. Sad to leave all this beauty and pampering. Getting back to the “real” world will take a bit of adjustment. You provided us with not only the “required” expectations of any cruise but, many extras as well. Walter, your wit and understanding made for successful dynamics among eight very different personalities. Mel, your cuisine was excellent. If I didn’t gain weight, I should have. Matt, what an intelligent, hard working, ambitious, talented person you are. The three of you worked as a wonderfully tuned “team,” insuring a fun, relaxed and pleasant trip all the way from St. Martin to Tortola. . Please know that you will hold a special place in our memories and our hearts.

Love,Peter and Jill


Dec 16th 2006

Walter, Mel and Matt,

This week felt like considerable less than 7 days .

Thanks to all of you and a most beautiful environment.

Mel, you only thought you weren’t a vegetarian chef…. You are the best !

Your tofu meals are just incredible and the variety surprised us every day .

Matt, you do way more than clean Belline ll .

Walter , we never did know you were “sinkin” but they were always good ideas.

And thank you all so much for everything you do way more than simple accommodate our idiosyncrasies and we so appreciate you.

Much, much, much appreciation.

The Khalsa family

Nov 26th 2006

Walter, Mel and Matt,

I had such a great time and much fun too. The food was great , everything was great , love you all,

Mallory (11)

When I learned that my dad won this trip again I as exited, but I thought than since the first trip was perfect that this one would not be as fun . That was definitely no the case…. I had a ton of fun! I liked the scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, relaxing the island and eating!!


M&M’s you are really nice and fun to be around. I am sad thinking of probable not seeing you again so soon… wish me luck to be able to come back to see you all again!

Your favorite diver, Spencer, (14)

Once again- you have done a great job of giving us a week full of wonderful memories. I always feel like coming home when I step on Belline, thank you for a great time and making ME having a vacation too!

M&M’s you two will do great this season and on Belline ll and I am so sure you will like it as we do being your guests. You are wonderful hosts!

Good luck , love, Lisa & Bruce

Nov 16th 2006

Walter, Mel and Matt,

Thank you for the wonderful days in paradise on Belline ll.

Amazing food, company, music, and best of all… new friends!

We cant wait for next years trip!


Man, what a great time!

You guys really know how to throw a “party” !

Don’t want to leave. So will just take you back to Atlanta with me.

Thank you for everything and will be back so soon !!!

Thanks, why Wayne, why …

Words cant describe what a incredible experience this was . this trip far exceeded our expectations . Everything from the food, the crew, the wakeboarding & destinations were amazing.

We will see you soon, love Wendy and Tammy

You are all an amazing and beautiful group .The food was outstanding, the scenery fantastic, and the experience one of a lifetime.

We will talk about you when we hear the music – see you next year !

Lee and Laurie



Aug. 5th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

I had a great time snorkeling. Thank you Tommy! I liked especially the food, Lela!

Thank you so much for a fantastic vacation. It was definitely more fun we could have ever imagined. We hope to do this soon again !

Thank you for making Tori Beths first sailing experience so much fun !

What a wonderful time we had by all !

Thank you for your gracious hospitality and friendship. Our family will cherish the memories we have made together for years to come. And always think of you fondly.

Dan, Fran & Chad ( Cheddar Boy) Tim, Wendy & Tori Beth , Stantonville & Tullahoma TN

July 21st 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Unbelievable time , amazing food, amazing diving, amazing sailing … I think you get an feeling for how it went…

So many fun conversations. I don't think I would have wanted to be anywhere else with anyone else in the world.

Thanks so much for a wonderful week in the BVI's. your attentions to details and your wonderful hospitality are much appreciated. A fantastic way to spend a week…

It's a miracle! You have found the fountain of YOUTH ! Slim bodies and joyous hearts. Never I lost 8 lbs so quickly as I have this vacation. Even with lots of food and smooth cocktails I was able to achieve what never before was possible. The world will spread the word, you will be busy with books, movie and product offers. Good luck ! ( Sue Ellen lost her dive belt and it dropped on Tommy's head… )

What an excellent week! The food the landscape, the company- all top notch! Thanks for an excellent getaway. Call when you're in town and want to drive the viper!

Sue Ellen & John, Grayson & Sam, Austin TX

July 8th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you for the greatest vacation ever! The food was outstanding, beyond our expectations. Tommy was wonderful with the boys. When the children are happy , we are happy! We are both very active families and we were all worn out each day attempting exiting adventures such as the rock climbing at The Baths.

The Clintons & the Stephensons , Rock Hill, SC

June 25th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Its been a great week. The best part was my 100 lb barracuda that was 6ft. long! That's how we tell fish story's in the south. Everything was wonderful the food was fabulous. Thank you !

Thank you for a wonderful week- it was all we expected and more! We all appreciate the extra beer, Crown Royal and Tommy's floor show!

Thank you for a wonderful vacation. This truly was the vacation of a lifetime and it only took me 23 years to get to come to the islands again. Everything was fabulous and done with an impeccable treat!

Who is a pretty girl ??? ( Samba)

The hostess and hosts of all times - we thank you for your impeccable taste, delightful company and cuisine . No matter what time we arose, Lela & Samba were there… all night until the last survivor retired you were there.

What meals, wine, sails , walks and just your interesting conversations. Thanks for everything! You have incredible endurance and patience !

Here's to Lela, what a cook

Here's to Walter - she caught him with a hook

And Tommy the "boy" with the look.

Samba-pretty babe- hides in every noon

We love you all- you treated us right

Fed us so could not eat an other bite

Made us drink until we had double site

You will be remembered- in our memories

Love to ya'll !

Phip & Larry, Ron & Maryella, Jim & Debbie, Van & Cheryl , Columbia TN

June 17thth 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you so freaking much! My bruises have never been more fun getting … this is my favorite vacation, till next year !

Thank you for a wonderful week. For letting me be me ! I love you guys more than you'll ever know & look forward to 2007.

Tommy was an excellent addition to the boat, very professional. These pretzels made me thirsty !

This voyage topped the last one! Words cant express how fabulous this week has been. MEMORIES !

The diving was amazing! Never change , you are fantastic! Samba, thanks for curing my wounds. You will be in my heart always!

Lucky us, to sail again with you! This week has been absolutely fabulous… the company, the food, the islands we stopped at and all the fun we had cannot be topped! Thank you for your hospitality and love that you always give to others!

You are two very special people and we are blessed to have met you. My birthday was one that will not been forgotten… thank you for making it special!!!

What can I say but you guys are great people! So smart , wise , mature and witty ! (quick witted = schnädderi-schnudderi) Walter you are the man! This obviously is the best boat in the Caribbean . I cant wait to come back for the third time. Work on the magic trick Walter, because I expect you to fool me next time. And at that time I'll kick your ass at backgammon ! diving was super! And of course, the food WOW!

Suzan's birthday party at the last resort wont be forgotten. I love my wife so much!

Linda & Shawnie, Debbie & Steve , Suzane & Ron

June 8th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience in the BVI's. We could not have asked for a better boat, crew, dog, experience or anything else . The food , wine and hospitality that you showed us will not be forgotten. You made our honeymoon so much more wonderful than we ever imagined. We especially appreciated the "guided" tour of the baths. Us rookies didn't realized what there was to offer the first time we were there.

The first class shuttle service from the Little Dix . Cant tell you enough how enjoyable this was for us. Thank you , thank you, thank you !

Maria & Scott, Ventura, CA

June 3rd 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you for everything. I love you!

It was wonderful as usual and once again I hate to leave. But until next time, next year …

Love to you all on board the Belline ll. Give my love to the musicians at the Last Resort and tell them not to use any other bag pipers than me. Long live the bag blues…

Kim & Paul, New Orleans LA Chris , NY

May 28th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Queen Samba

Thank you for everything! This trip felt like we were living with family & friends and you were amazing. From running us around endlessly in the dinghy to making sure we were well fed and always with a cold drink in our hands. I wont let this be the last time we see each other, I will be back to visit. If you ever come to the states let me know. I would welcome you all into my home anytime !

Mandy , Salem NH

May 28th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Wow! You were an amazing support team for us, always smiling, laughing and generous in the face of all of our guests and ever changing schedule.

Sailing with you was, no, is like sailing with loving friends. The gentleness that persuades Belline ll calms me, we love you all deeply and so appreciate who you are- adventure, caring, fun, engaging. Food was wonderful. The Belline ll looks fabulous-state of a lot you have done.

Trish & Brad, Portsmouth NH (Incentive Charter Specialists)

May 23rd 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you for making our vacation an unforgettable one !

We had no idea how pampered we would be- how wonderful the food, drink, activities would be- and most of all the hospitality!

Jim is now an expert at water skiing thanks to Walti.

Tommy, I wish you good luck at backgammon vs Walter , you need it !

This trip truly exceeded our expectations - we loved every minute!!

Jim & Maryanne, Mt. Laurel NJ

May 5th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thanks for such a wonderful vacation. The memories will last forever. This week could not have been more perfect .

Will never forget :

    - The Willy T

    - The many sighting of "la tour Eiffel "

    - Lance Armstrong

But most of all , your amazing hospitality, delicious meals and YOU!

We will miss you and come back!

John & Kim

April 23rd 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

This has been a fantastic week of "firsts" for the Scott family :

    - Elsa's & Carolyn's first time in the Caribbean

    - Our first time on a catamaran after 15 years of mono-hull charters

    - Kim's first scuba ( amazing )

    - "mas rapido" on the tube for Elsa & Carolyn

Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation full of memories. All the little extra touches, like the creative posing of all the stuffed animals in the girls' cabin and Lela's willingness to accommodate the less than gourmet menu requests of the four year old, made this one of our best vacation ever! We would be happy to tell anyone considering a vacation with children on the Belline ll that their children will be completely happy and busy.

We wish you continued success and look forward to coming back again to the

Belline ll. Next time Kim will get her scuba certification and hopefully Carolyn will eat something other than peanut butter and jelly…

Matt & Sally, Peter & Kim, Elsa (16) & Carolyn (4)

April 14th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Incredible week with an incredible crew & boat. I never knew or could believe

how great a time this was. You guys took amazing care of us. I will never forget this time ! it was one of these "life" experiences that stay with you forever. The sunsets, water, fishing ( of lack of catching ) the service, meals, conversations… all

perfection !

Thank you so-so much for an unforgettable vacation. We all will never forget the fabulous food , good fun and non stop laughs.

The only thing more beautiful than the boat was the crew! Thank you for the incredible hospitality.

We look forward to Belline ll in 2008.

Top 10 chores that Tommy hated on calendar 2006:

10: look at "Whits" heat rush on his all in shower

9: keeping all pitcher bags checked and organized

8: breaking up lesbian make out festes with fresh water hose

7: applying salvia, lotion & ointment to Mel's lashes, Steve's butt and Mike's broken toe

6: cleaning up bodingly friends on deck and inside of table after orgasmic meals

5: using pool shimmer in stinky cores to clean up stinky core before scuba& snorkeling

4: shaving and oiling Steve before morning swims and whining beach pussies

3: keeping nipples taped over for night flash lessons

2: rescue missions for the following

          - Dave's swim suit

          - Dave & Whites nude midnight swim

          - 2 pair of Mel's sunglasses

          - 1 snorkel

          - 7 bruises from tipped laugh

1: acting as Melanie van Cutchenbergs personal coral "shlampe"

thank you , thank you, thank you , thank you …

Payge & Steve, Suzanne & David, Mark ( Whit) & Melanine, Mike and Jessica, Herndon & Arlington VA

April 7th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Blue so blue so blue…so but

Like seen through moonlight

Veils of hue so electric amazing

The sea rising up to melt the simmering moon.

So much color so much light

Parsed out to each of us to amaze

What we see, a subset of perfection

Blue so blue so blue so blue

So very hard so soft edges with

Every rain a blurring sea of greys

And greens and whites and soft

Yellows make the smell of

Sea and salt so good and true.

Curtains of thoughts follow like

Rain coming down, collapsing

around family, friends and toes

without miles our new emotions

join us in our complete brotherhood and sisterhood.

The rain, the sun, the blue so blue

So blue this amazing place

Mingle with our dreams forever more.

All our friendship feel like a complete picture

Of how we collectively feel. This

Feeling brings us closer , like a closer brings a brother

To the trust of a brother.

All friends are brothers on this trust and others on this trip.

That is why we see hue with each other.

It's a beeline that cannot be crossed.

Mark & Melanie , Arlington VA

April 7th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

We have had a fabulous vacation on the beautiful Belline ll this week. You are excellent chefs , I cannot remember ever eaten so well on a trip and we take many trips…

Thank you so much for bringing us to so many great places in the BVI's . I think our best place was the core in Virgin Gorda, climbing in the baths and diving at the Wreck of the Rhône.

Walti , you are an awesome dive instructor. We will most definitely recommend the Belline ll and its crew to all our friends and family. Sorry about the craziness the first night.. We love ya'll!

Suzanne & David, Herndon VA

April 7th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

It was one of the most incredible weeks of our life-what started as a phone message where we have been "very-very concerned" turned into a week of lapping up every morsel of food on our plates & asking for 2nds and 3rds. More than anything, you were gracious hosts showing us your world & the BVI's in a way we will never forget!

Like your meals , everything you showed us had just the right amount of spice, decadence and beauty ! You are awesome! You laughed on all our jokes no matter how stupid & you even brought humor yourself! One question for Tommy tsunami… did you really like my questions? Awww - you're driven us home -

Gayle & Harris , Weston, CT

April 7th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

We have had the most incredible week aboard Belline ll. Our only regret is that Lela couldn't be with us for the whole week. But we are so glad she made it for the last days and she is feeling better (dengue fever ) our deepest and most sincere thanks to Walter & Tommy for making our trip so memorable. The food was out standing and you both are great chefs ( and I had concerns … ha-ha ) the sailing, drinks, snorkeling & hospitality were so much more than we could have hoped for. We are going to miss you all (including Sambalita ) and cant wait to see you again!

Jodi & Michael, Westport, CT

March 17th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you, thank you , thank you for our very exiting but secure diving adventures, for the BEST GOURMET VEGETARIAN CUISINE !

What a beautiful place the BVI's are , the Belline ll and you are too !

not to forget Samba, she is the best in keeping away pirates !

We will be back soon ! Look out !

We have had the most incredible week aboard Belline ll. Our only regret is it was too short, but will be back soon…

The Khalsa Family, Knoxville,TN

March 16th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Perfect week of weather, sailing, skiing, snorkeling, diving, hiking , cave exploring, cliff diving, drinking, dancing (especially dirty dancing at Willy-T's) pie in the face (at the Last Resort) great food and most of all great company!

Thanks for sharing everything on board and making us feel at home at sea !

We will never forget you and your wonderful place ! Hope we can match up schedules again someday in the near future !

Thank you so much for a trip I will never forget! I had tons of fun at my first bar

(they really let everyone in) ! Tommy here's some advice just don't start Ramadan

(if that's how you spell it) if you know you will break it. Walter, I am not a water waster J Lela, thanks for teaching me some Swiss even though I knew I am going to forget it. Samba, you are adorable! Maybe you will learn to do 35 for your mathematic trick. I loved the food here … yummie ! I gave you my address so you can ship me breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't forget desert ! You guys were so nice and I will see you next time.

This has been an amazing trip. I did everything I wanted to do here. I loved the food and diving and the bars were fun too! I will look forward to coming back and seeing you all again!

What a fun trip! I'm so happy we successfully got every single one out off your "Ramadan" trip! I knew we could do it. Everything was so beautiful & the Belline ll made me feel like home… and you know I LOVED THE FOOOOOD!

I hope to be able to return, thank you so much again!

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! It was great getting Lela & Tommy to break their "Ramadan" , also being constantly teased by Walter , but its Ok 'cause I know you are just jealous J Anyway … everything was soo awesome and I know we will be back at some point. Thank you again for being so great and putting up with all of us ! Not a lot of people are up to such an challenge…

John, Jessica, Johnny, Jennifer, Jill & Emma , Kansas City, MO

March 11th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

The best things in life are good food, good companions and good weather. You made it all and even better !

We had the best this past week. Thank you for giving us a respite from the other world.

Tom & Tricia , Byron & Diane Norwich, NY

March 3rd 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you so much for a great week. You all make it look so easy, although we know you work very hard. Great boat, fantastic sailing, food was wonderful!!!

You are a wonderful crew and a great team! And all of you such great chef's! Thanks for making this a great week for all of us. It was extra special to meet Samba, she is a sweet heart - best of luck - !

Lela your exuberance is wonderful! Walti & Tommy, your backgammon needs work, but it will be our honour to play with you againJ

Pat & Jake, Savannah, GA

March 3rd 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

You provide an excellent escape from the "real" world . We thank you very much you did a very good job and everything was/is greatly appreciated. Incredible good food, all fresh (how you do that?) the very best for you guys , enjoy!

Mike, Denver, CO

April 7th 2006

Dear Walti, Tommy and Samba

I don't care what Cissy, Chris, Ingrid, Gary and Jenn say… I think this was a fantastic trip! Tommy stick with it , some day you make a great dinghy captain. Walter, your knowledge of sailing and fish is bare none, although I couldn't understand a word you said!

I am not sure who you are!? But … Cissy told me to write something nice to you-so… Dear guys, get well soon!

Ps: Hmmm, btw: I think that you may be the nice "couple" I have the picture of on my czmerz. Hmm -smootche cooche)

Thank you for such a fab. Time! Coming back! Ciao

Thanks for taking such good care of us this past week! The food was excellent! It was the Best!!! Did I mention that the food was great?

Lela, thanks for arranging it, so we could be on Belline ll again. See you again soon , our anniversary trip was wonderful!

Cissy, Chris, Ingrid, Gary, Brian and Jenn , all-over the USA

Feb. 18th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you for a lovely relaxing week, with lots of good food (yuuuumie !), laughter's, great sailing, sight seeing and patient dive instruction ! We had the best and more a PERFECT time with you!

Sharon and Al, Alberta, Canada

Feb. 18th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thanks for the most relaxing vacation ever! Snorkeling & swimming were great as was just cruising & sailing.

Lela, I asked whether you wanted to evaluate a 5* hotel and you replied with a laugh. We evaluate a 7* for Belline ll.

I agree this is much better than any hotel could come close to. If you ever want a referral just send the to us! Hope fully we will be back!

Ken & Wanda, Alberta,Canada

Feb. 18th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

This has been the best vacation ever! The food…I have no words to describe!

we will definitely do this again, we will never forget this holiday !

Don & Krista, Three Hills, Canada

Feb. 18th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you do much for the wonderful time, although it was far to SHORT!

The food was wonderful (extremely) !

We will be back for sure. Walter thank you for holding my hand, I will never lose my mask !

Barb & Gil, Didobury, Canada

Jan. 8th 2006

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Once again and not the last … a wonderful time aboard the Belline ll. We wouldn't have picked a better group to spend our new years party with! The food, sports, drunk-drinks, snoozing was excellent!

Remember us, we will never forget you !

Thanks so much for an excellent vacation!! It was awesome! You guys are the best. I will never forget all the fun times I have had on Belline. Cant wait to see ya'll again.

The Fletcher invasion, Atlanta, GA

Dec. 29th 2005

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

We have had a great time with everyone! We'll definitely remember this trip all our lives. Thanks for helping me to get over my phobia with snorkeling. I am glad I also had my first time scuba diving. I enjoyed seeing the islands and going to the baths.

thank you to the crew of Belline ll for everything. This was my first trip to the Caribbean and I hope my parents bring me again!

Many thanks for sharing your "home" with us ! We had the vacation of a lifetime with a lot of great memories. We only hope you will allow us to return the favor, if you ever come to Texas-we would love to show you our southern hospitality.

The snorkeling was the best we've ever experienced… beautiful anchorages and the food was outstanding ! How do you manage this?

Larry, Terri, Caitlin & Travis, Austin , TX

Dec. 29th 2005

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

Thank you so much for a fantastic week! You all are so much fun & easy going. You make a great team. We truly enjoyed getting to know you & Samba of course!!

Samba the sea dog is the best!!

Walter thanks for teaching Emily & Elisabeth to scuba. We had lots of fun, relaxing, eating & drinking. We hope you enjoyed us as much as we did ya'll and our old

jokes & stories.

Someday we hope to come back & visit again! Love you all lots.

Elisabeth, Roger, Rosie & Erik, Kimball, MA

Nov. 27th 2005

Dear Lela & Walti, Tommy and Samba

I thank you for the awesome time. You guys are ze bestz! Samba is the coolest dog ever…

thank you for teaching me scuba diving .

I'll be back …

Ok, besides the horrible drawing, we are very happy to stay on the Belline ll. We all feel like we're lucky and got the best ship & crew in this water. I don't think I will ever forget this trip and you guys, because you guys made this trip!

Thank you so much for all you guys did!

Words are hard to express what a great , wonderful , relaxing adventure we have had this thanksgiving week! Thank you for the best vacation ever . I haven't been on a more exiting and relaxing trip.

We all consider ourselves very lucky & blessed to have such a fun knowledgeable crew. I am sure the boys will always remember their thanksgiving on the water and some day we can get together again!

John, Jacquelyn, Allen & Matt, Wilmington, NC




July 31st,2005

Hey guys,

thanks so much for everything. It has been great , in fact the best! Next time I will bring Jack (husband) and Jetta ( pupp) .

Janet, Maineville, OH

July 31st,2005

Samba, Lela & Walter, Tommy

thank you so much for the most wonderful vacation.  The food, hospitality, drinks ( yummie !) and the entertainment was very enjoyable .

Please stay in touch and with the Belline – we want to come back and visit the Caribbean again very soon !

Kimberly , San Diego, CA

PS: Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for MR: RIGHT !!!  

July 31st,2005

Walter, Lela, Tommy

We had the time of our lives ! Thank you for your hospitality and the foooood … oh my god ! it was just fabulous !

Thanks to Walter and Tommy for your patience with us and teaching us how to dive. We are so glad we were able to share your little piece of paradise . There were so many things we experienced for the first time - it was an “adventure” we will never forget. Thank you !

God bless you and Samba too

Virg & Cheryln Christoffels, Sioux Falls, SD

July 31st,2005

Walter, Lela, Tommy

We had the most wonderful time. You made us feel very comfortable, like part of the family. The food was awesome and the conversations fun and entertaining. Samba was a joy and so nice to have around. We where very fortunate with the weather and we would like to thank you for a pleasant vacation and especially for your hospitality !

Theresa & Mike , Huntington Beach, CA

July 4th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Tommy

you made ours “ a trip of a life time “  !!! Thank you all so much. I couldn’t imagine having a better trip or any hosts better than you ! I hope we stay in touch and that you guys visit us in sunny California !

Thanks for everything !

Marty, San Diego, CA

PS: Thanks for finding me my next ex-girlfriend ;-)

July 4th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Tommy

i had a great time . Danke schoen! Auf Wiedersehen! Ich moechte etwas essen ... aba ich bin sate ... a new artist is born,

Chris, San Diego, CA

July 4th ,2005

Lela, Walter, Tommy &

you all have been absolutely wonderful! We had such an incredible time, we cant thank you enough ! From the gourmet meals to the spectacular diving to the great conversation at night. We cant wait to renew and spend more time with you , with love ,

James & Rena , San Diego , CA

July 4th ,2005

Lela, Walter, Tommy & Samba

trip # 6 … and its getting better … how are doing this ? Now its time for you to come visit L.A. and being spoiled from us ! 

We want to show you as much as a good time in CA as we always get to see on the Belline ! Please come to visit ! Always with love,

Danielle & Ray , Los Angeles, CA

June 25th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Tommy

14 Tage und keine Uhr am Handgelenk, keine E-mails, Zeitungen oder andere Infos. Einfach liegen und laden und das mit Euch bei Euch auf der Belline.

Wunderbarste Tage haben wir an einem Ort der  Welt verbracht, den wir nicht mal auf der Karte wirklich kannten. Tauchgänge in üppiger Unterwasserlandschaften, feinstes Essen, ausgesuchte Spaziergänge... ein wunderbar erholsame Zeit !

Wir danke Euch ganz herzlich für alles und eins wissen wir mit Sicherheit: warum wir heute wieder nach Hause gehen müssen, ARBEITEN ! Damit wir bald wiederkommen können. Vielleicht wieder zu einem solchen wunderbaren Geburtstag ... ? Danke für die gelungene Überraschung !

Sandro & Judith Cahannes Begni, Opfikon, Switzerland

June 25th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Tommy

diesen Teil de Welt kannten wir noch nicht und als absolute Schweizer Landratten sind wir gekommen. Nach Hause gehen wir wir nicht gerade als Delphine, aber doch zufrieden und glücklich, dankbar, dass wir uns so tolle Ferien bei Euch verbringen durften. Das fürchten der Unterwasserwelt völlig unbegründet war  und wir Schnorcheln gelernt haben. Ebenso für die „rund um die Uhr“ Verwöhnstimmung, das unglaublich gute Essen, die fantasievollen Drinks und Eure Gastfreundschaft. Auch wissen wir nun, dass Segeln Muskelkraft braucht, zum Glück hatten die Frauen welche ...

Petra & Thomas , Neerach, Switzerland

June 25th ,2005

Lela, Walter, Tommy & Samba

Nach 10 Jahren Belline abstinent haben wir es endlich wieder geschafft ,Euch zu Besuchen. Wir liessen uns „nach strich & faden“ verwöhnen, beim Essen, Tauchen, beim Schnorcheln und bei den wunderschönen Spaziergängen auf all den vielen Inseln in den BVI’s. Und all dies mit dem gleichen Enthusiasmus und derselben Begeisterung wie Anno 1995. Wo nehmt Ihr bloss die Energie her ... her mit dem Rezept!?

Danke für all die „ EXTRA EFFORTS „ nur um all unsere wünsch zu erfüllen. Was wäre die schöne Karibik ohne Euch ? All dies wird immer allgegenwärtig sein in unseren Erinnerungen and diesen unvergesslichen Urlaub ! Danke !


Love, kisses and huges , 

Maja & Georges, Neerach, Switzerland

June 7th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

We’ve had a great time, the most unusual and excellent food creations we where able to enjoy together with excellent wine and champagne . Something we might expect in a five star restaurant somewhere in this world … but on a sailboat ? congrats !

Samba is the most wonderful dog in the world too how did you trained her so well , or did she trained you !

Loads of dives and loads we learned too , thank you for your patience in explaining all to us and never getting tired of answering questions , some stupid ones too , ha ha !

Ellen & Tony

June 7th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

how can a second trip be even better than the first one ? we don’t know but you made it ! Thank you for sharing so many talents with us , sailing , cooking and your wonderful knowledge of the Virgin Islands. A very special thank to the galley, for being so flexible due to the divers allergies and non-dairies and gluten free prepared meals, cakes and bread . We highly appreciate this ! You are very gracious and we are looking so forward to our next visit !

Alex & Rebecca, Austin, TX

May 30th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

What a fabulous week . I ‘m so glad I’m staying on board with you J !!

Thank you so much for opening up your home and also of course for certifying me in SCUBA! I enjoyed our conversations on food, pets and charters. Thank you for your cooking tips and insight on Island life! I look forward to keeping in touch with you all!

See you next time in Willy-T’s , with love,

Mel, Chicago, IL

May 30th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

It took my 12 years to get here… but finally made it ! I’ve been dreaming of this trip for a long time, but I never could have imagined how perfect it would be. And that is because of YOU!

Your friendliness & hospitality are truly amazing. I cant thank you enough for the best vacation I’ve had.

Until next time,

Matt, Chicago, IL

May 30th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Thank you for a wonderful , fun, exiting and great week ! We all will remember this trip for the rest of our life’s, we will also remember the four of you!

The your food/meals were above and beyond all expectations, how do you all get along in this tiny galley ? I will truly miss eating on the boat.

Thank you and bless your heart …love,

Kelly & Jim, Port Byron, IL

May 30th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Thank you for making a dream come true  of a life time ! It was much more than I had hoped for. I have to admit I was worried about Samba but I would welcome her in my home! She is great and cute too!

The meals are out of this world and so spectacular. You all are so much fun and accommodating . I did a lot of first things on this trip and hopefully not the last time . 

I am hoping this wont be the last time we see you .

Lee, Matt’s & Jim’s Mom, Fort Byron, IL

May 22nd ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

ganz herzlichen Dank für diese zwei SUPER Wochen !!!

Das Wetter war zwar nicht so Bilderbuch Karibisch in der zweiten Woche, aber dies störte niemanden beim Tauchen, Tanzen, Essen , Trinken und vielm mehr... die Stimmung war trotzdem immer kurzweilig und fröhlich!

Danke für den Tauchunterricht, immer den Knopf offen halten ... mach ich !

Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, dass wir alles so wie zu Hause benutzen durften und auch so haben wir uns gefühlt , Pudel ( Samba) wohl! Auch Tommy, schöner extra Bonus ! Danke !

Alles Gute  und tot-sins ,

Diane & Dani , Männedorf, Switzerland

May 22nd ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Es war unser Traum, endlich Euer „ Zu Hause“ kennen zulernen und unsere Ferien bei Euch verbringen zu dürfen. Wir haben jede Sekunde davon genossen und auch Eure Gastfreundschaft übertrifft einfach alles ! An Walti , ein grosses Dankeschön , für Deine Geduld bei meinem ersten Tauchversuch. J

Das war Genial ! Wer hätte das Gedacht ?

Ein riesengrosses DANKESCHÖN ! Bleibt fit & munter , hoffentlich bis sehr bald. In lieber Freundschaft, mi casa e tu casa ...

Julijana & Michel , Nussbaumen & Herrliberg , Switzerland

May 22nd ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Ja nun schon das dritte , oder das vierte (?) mal hier mit Euch auf der Belline. Und jedes Mal ist es besser . Doch diese mal gab’s auch einen Tommy, was für eine nette Überraschung ! Doch leider hat es auch Tommy nicht geschafft , Evi zum Tauchen zu überreden, so schade. Vielleicht nächstes mal ?

Danke für einmal mehr zwei Wochen total Entspannung und Energien auftanken . Nun müssen wir wieder arbeiten, damit wir auch bald wieder zu Euch kommen können ... wollt ihr uns ?

Alles Liebe und bis bald schon ,

Evi & Manfred, Meilen, Switzerland

May 6th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Thanks so much for making this a wonderful VACATION ! We enjoyed our 2nd visit with you . Yo Yo Yooo … Tommy, you are a lot of fun and a great Dive Master too. Thank you.

Hope to see you soon , with love,

Barbara & Freddo, Marietta, GA

May 6th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

Thank you for a wonderful 2nd vacation on Belline. Your hospitality and love mean the world to us. Tommy is the perfect addition to the Belline. Please come to visit on your trip to the north , we would love to return the favour and show you our home in Atlanta. We count the day until we can see you again on your lovely floating home. All our love to all of you,

Missy & Bryan, Marietta, GA

May 6th ,2005

Lela, Walter ,Tommy & Samba

once again you made it ! You gave us the most wonderful and memorable time and a vacation we will never forget!!! Thank you so much for it ! We loved every minute with all of you , everything was so enjoyable and we could relax as much as we needed that too.

Love to you all, we will not cry ,


Kimberly & Peter, Roswell, GA

April 4th ,2005


OK kids ….


finished with pouting  … Samba you cute pup .

Sorry about things being difficult at times …

Life is hard then you die… No rewards !

Remember , he who dies owning the most wins !

I OWE YOU PLENTY … you are losing better catch up !

Come over !!!

Want to have you with us , show you my home !



Mr. P. N.O.

April 4th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Samba  

Thanks for the greatest relaxation and most wonderful time we had. It makes it hard to leave . I already look forward to next year ! Also I cant wait until you can come see us in N.O. of course I mean all three of you ! My pups will have fun meeting Samba . Of course there would be lots of life music to go to and more party … come !


Miss K. N.O.

April 4th ,2005


To the amazing crew of Belline ll


was I fortunate to meet you on Belline or not … ? WOW ! I did never even imagine such relaxing vacation and meeting new friends too. Thank Mr. P and Miss K. and also Lela, Walter and Samba too

for your skills

for your care

for your talents

for you thoughtfulness

for your incredible hospitality

for the best food I ever had

for your boats grace & beauty

for being alive to enjoy all this !


Christopher, friend of Mr.P & Miss K. ,  N.Y. 

March 20th ,2005

Lela, Walter & what’s her name …Samba

Thank you so much for your patience with the other guests on our trip . You guys are saints ! I don’t know that I could have survived their lack of education, refinement and upbringing alone…

The train ride through the Alaskan country side was beautiful. As was the Louvre , the French Country side and Carnival in Sao Paolo … So many memories !

with love,


Ingrid, Pembroke Pines , FL

March 20th ,2005

Lela, Walter and beautiful little Samba

Thank you so much for bringing us onto your boat and in your home. Your hospitality was world class and we learned so  much about the islands. Your efforts to accommodate our group and to make our vacation perfect were very successful . We appreciate the specialized attention you gave to each of us! You are always welcome to visit our home on Chesapeake Bay. We look forward to getting together in years to come. Love,


Lori & John, Fairfax, VA

March 20th ,2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


Thank you for sharing your home with us ! You were so gracious to all of us. The food and all the sailing were fantastic! Thank you for such good care of us , we had a great time .


Chris & Gary , Fairfax, VA

February 27th ,2005


Lela, Walter & Samba

thank you for hosting a great vacation. I imagine this was a bit challenging because of the abilities and preferences of three generations. I was delighted that all of us had appropriate options and appreciate the thought that it took!

A few thoughts :

·       Delicious Hungarian “pot au feu” on the first night … and I was worried that I might lose some of the bowery I’ve been staying up for 15 years.

·       Thanks to Walter for waiting until the last night to play dodge ball with the boys . More than one night would have meant hissing some one over board .

·       Thank you Lela for making every meal to a “world journey” ,food from all around the world.

·       Thank you Samba for sharing your toys … check it out , they are all back !

  Brian & Molly, Whitehouse, OH  

February 27th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

thank you for the great food and the hospitality . I had fun sailing in the air in an inner tube that was behind the dinghy. I had fun throwing the heart and soccer ball at Brandon . Yo, Walter , that was great ! The days passed so quickly that every night I kept sleeping though the whole day and early morning mom would wake me up. We all had a tremendous and spectacular time on the beach and also on the boat with you. One of the highlights was missing school for a while ! We couldn't have had a better trip! THANK YOU !

Sincerely, Connors (when he was 9 and had a good vocabulary and was very. very smart)

February 27th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

Only one request, spread my name and number to the girls in 8th grade like me. Say nothing bad to them, I’m trusting you !

Thank you for your knowledge and willingness to make the vacation fun.

PS: An anorexic would get to eat on this boat- great food!

PPS: The handwriting is sloppy because I am not used to writing because of being away from school… remember … turn out the light ;-)  THANKS !

Brandon, 14, Whitehouse, OH

February 27th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

Who would have thought that a non-swimming , non-agile grandma comes to have  such fun on a boat !? I loved the sailing , even more on the front seats, the views , the food , the company and the fact of being for a week with the whole family !

Thank you for all you did for us! Samba was great, what a cute dog. Hope the pictures turn out …

David & Judy, Tipp City, OH

February 27th ,2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

Kisses & hugs to Walter for getting grandma Sandra in & out the *ç%& dinghy without laughing to hard … What a gentleman !

Kisses & hugs to Lela for all the beautiful meals and a wonderful quickly sense of humour.

Kisses & hugs to Samba just because ©©©…

Jack & Sandra, Marco Island, FL

February 19th 2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

Third time around , love the “new” boat … but it doesn’t love me , have two scares to prove it ! Thanks to the crew for saving the sting ray and the eagle ray from the fishing net and the dinghy from the open sea, other would have just left it !

Lela, Walter  & Samba , as usual the best time! Walti sure knows how to follow the good weather! Samba was great entertainment and what a good crew member.

We’re sad to go home- to the cold & snow. We’d much better stay here where the weather is great, the food is even better and the company couldn't even be better!

Call us or drop by if you’re up north!

Nancy & Steve, Brampton, Ont. Canada

February 19th 2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

How we’ve enjoyed an 4th trip with you and still we see so many new things every day.

We’re glad to have brought only the very best weather, improving daily, so far our last of the ten days was even more spectacular ! It was nice to see you both free the rays from the fish net, good job.

Diving was just great - finishing with the best conditions of a night dive at the Rhône.

Again :

  • good food

  • good wine

  • good drinks

  • good cocktails

  • good company

  • good gaming

and of course SUPER DOG!

It was different to be just the four of us, even more spacious & flexible than usual.

Remember, we come back !

Ellen & David ( Dr.D ) Brighton, Ont. Canada

February 7th 2005

Lela, Walter & Samba

WOW!!! there is no way we were prepared to enjoy the time of our lives ! Despite the fact that Anna-Banana remained evil to the core the entire week, we feel redeemed that finally  Gary showed his pee pee !! We had a fabulous time and are each going home at least 15 pounds heavier. ( don’t think it had anything to do with the alcohol consumption… )

Samba is the queen of the seas and not a single one of us will be able to leave her without going through withdrawal. The cuisine, the personal attention, the gorgeous morning walks, the coffee to put “hair on the chest” , the lovely manner in which everything was PERFECT!  We appreciate the way you two are the most divine zookeepers ! In tribute we’d like to leave you with a limerick or two…

A black bearded captain named Walter

Sailed the seas from Shanghai to Malta

With brown crafty eyes

He shocked the girls with surprise

When he yanked off their panties & halters !


A beauty named Lela (the “cooker”)

Was a vixen and quite a good looker

She could handle all guys

Be they stupid or wise

Great mysterious how Walter could heck her ! J


Samba, the pup, has greace

On the yacht she stays in her place

Went ashore thrice a day

Jo do--- what can I say?

Came back with a smile on her face !

Patty & Gary, Darley & Gary, Pam & Bob, John & Anna-Banana, Lake Lure, NC

January 2nd  2005

Mes Amies

We looked for time in the sun but we also looked forward seeing you guys!

We are still fond of all memories in Corfu, Greece with you !!!

You certainly KNOW how to make a trip special taking care of each and every one of us ! EVERTHING was wonderful and great food !

If you don’t make it to Colorado ( we want you to !) we’ll forward to seeing you on the Belline … AGAIN!

Your friends and much love,


Becky & Dean, Louisville, CO

January 2nd  2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. You guys helped make it that way. Thank you for being so cool. I’m not ready to go home. You guys need to come visit me in Florida where I go to college. I loved your guys cooking, especially the sea food. I’ll miss you guys. Love,


Emily, Gainsville, FL

January 2nd  2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


Thanks for the awesome trip! you guys are the greatest! We all had a blast and non of us are ready to go home. Your meals were delicious. Thanks for making turkey & noodles instead of sea food for me! You guys knew all the great spots. I’ll miss you guys.


Tracey, Louisville, CO

January 2nd  2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


this was the first time experience on a boat, first time snorkelling too. It far surpassed my expectations. This has been the best vacation . Michael and I will have fond memories of this time. Thanks for all your hard work, the meals were incredible. We look forward to seeing you again. Come visit us !

PS: You never forget your first time!


Steve & Michael, San Francisco, CA

November 29th 2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


This has been a great week! I cant tell you how long we have been wanting to take a trip like this. It more than exceeded my expectations. the food was amazing and I don’t plan on weighting myself for weeks after we get home. The cold Iowa winter is ahead of us and I will look out at the lamp hanging on my porch and think of our warm days here…

Thanks for being so great with the kids. Please keep in touch, love,


Lisa, Sioux City, IO

November 29th 2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


You had a tough job trying to fill the expectations I had- and you did an over the top job!!! We had a great week – only wish it could have been longer. My trip report is forthcoming ( 28 pages !!!) but my goal is to visit you again aboard the Belline soon. thanks so much ! It was like sailing with good friends. We hope to bring some of our friends to meet you as soon as we can!


Bruce, Sioux City, IO

November 29th 2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


I had a great time. The food was great, and the sailing was fun !! J I hope to see you soon!!


Mallory, 9 years young, Sioux City, IO

November 29th 2005


Lela, Walter & Samba


I’ve been in Hawaii, Mexico , Alaska and the Bahamas. This was better than all of them. The food was better! I went scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and laying around. this was the best trip ever.


Spencer, 12 years young, Sioux City, IO




Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you again for another great journey.

The next time we see you in California!

How many Belline travel points do we have by now ???

Are we back the… what … fifth time ???

…and will be soon back again !

Danielle & Ray, Los Angeles, CA

We are so happy to count you as our friends; we are looking forward to trip #6

July 12th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

What a wonderful vacation

Couldn't think of a better way to spend our first vacation as a couple in ten tears.

Thank you for making the time for our trip.

Walter, we really enjoyed the scuba & your Caribbean expertise.

We'd love to come back!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Andrea & Chris Callahan, Newark, CA

July 4th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you for a great vacation, we rate it:

Two thumbs way up!

The best "booty day ever "!

Ellen & Wally Dexter, Peoria, AZ

July 3th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Almost a year in planning. Obviously the best choice. Best food, best crew! Eight of us, scuba lessons, beautiful full moon, sail on, lost in the clouds, trade winds blow, relaxation, sunrise, sunset, the best bars, full moon party at Bombas - but no tea L

Best friends, once again, BEST DAY EVER!

We all go back to our "real" life's, will keep this memories alive… the beauty is: there will be another time.

Thank you, Vivian & Linda Moore, Falls Church VA


July 3th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Best day ever

10 top reasons to sail on Belline :

1 Lela, Walter & samba

2 delicious food, morning, noon & night

3 fast sailing

4 BVI weather

5 Beaches & locations

6 Drinks & more drinks

7 Bomba experience

8 soggy bottoms

9 laughter

10 funs with new friends

Thank you for a wonderful week,

Joyce & Barry Alexander, Harpers Ferry,WV

July 4th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Love da "booty"

Play da "booty"

A remarkable time!

Keep the music alive …

Bob & Carol Moss, Spokane, WA


June 26th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Such an exiting week! Thanks so much for being such great hosts. Walter, your patience with the cockroach diving was unbelievable. The Indians and the Rhone where so enjoyable.

Lela is an awesome chef and I cannot imagine the talent it takes to come up with such great meals in such a little space.

Walter you help with Bill and his shoulder where great.

Once again, thanks again for a wonderful week and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Yupik guys are great!

Bill & Sandy Sinclair, Olathe, KS


June 26th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

What a wonderful week. We where looking forward to the opportunity to relax and expand our horizon- never could have guessed it would have been so terrific.

Steve loved learning about sailing and acquiring a taste of wines.

The diving was awesome. So glad we didn't pass on the Rhone dive.

Will keep looking for that new bikini

Thank you for you hospitality, warmth and friendship… it helped create wonderful memories for us to go home with.

Looking forward to next time XOXO

Steve & Bonnie Marsh, Olathe, KS


June 26th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you so much for letting us stay on your home. We so much appreciate your hospitality. We felt so comfortable from the time we stepped on board. Walter thank you for making our dive experience not only educational but also extremely fun. You have a patience of a saint !

Lela, I can't quite figure out if I want to take you home and cook for me every day or leave you here so we don't explode from the incredible food you cook…

It was an amazing & delightful experience at every meal. The time goes by so quickly I can't believe this is our last night. I can't wait the next time we meet you both again-because I know we will be in for a hell-of-a-time …hopefully soon!

Thank you again,

Your house is beautiful, your friendship will last a life time & so will so will our memories!

Jeff & Traci Johnson

PS: Samba, take care of Lela, Walter; you are the real "boss"!

June 25th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Never thought we would all dive the Rhone, but we where comfortable with it and LOVED it. Got anymore Tom oh, I mean Glenn Fidditch?

Learned some international symbols, including the flying something or other… created our own underwater symbol for busting our balls, which happened a few times during the week. (* Not mine though)

Thanks to Walter Cindy learned to clear her mask; not an easy task.

Loved the self-service bar at cow wreck, no tip necessary. Disappointed knock off 20 cases, but with all the wine & drinks we didn't quite needed that much. We cannot believe what Lela surprised us with out of that tiny closet like galley for the eight of us. Wow!

Loved the trip, loved our hosts, loved the easygoing dive instructions …simply WE WILL BE BACK! THANK YA GUYS!


Loved Samba, what would the trip be without that funny buddy?

Tom & Cindy Manning, Olathe, KS

June 16th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

You brought your boat

And took us out

For a week afloat

To wine & dine

And sail and scuba

Through the BVI's

And forwards Aruba

Jennifer and holly

Sister tow-

Brought our boys

To sail with you

We arrived one Wednesday

At Trellis Bay

Close enough to hear

The donkey's bray!

We explored the isles

Turning every stone

While Jake searched hard

For an "international phone"

Jake & Taylor

Had a blast

The week went by

Really fast

Awesome food

Great Bellini's (drinks)

Bet you're glad

We wore no bikinis

We drank wine & beer

And diet cola

Was every island

Really Tortola?

It's hard to name

Our favorite port-

Willy T's

Or last resort?

Hope we haven't

Been to rowdy

We'll leave you with

One last "howdy"

Too soon its time

For us to part;

You two are awesome


When times get rough,

Grin & bear it,

But always remember…

If the foo shits, wear it !

One last thing

May make you cuss

Looking for Samba

She's with us!

Jennifer Pearson, Holly, Taylor and Jake, Amarillo & Lubbock, TX


June 6th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

…these brezels are making me thirsty !

You are 3 of the most bodacious booties!

Will be back!

Deb & Steve McLaughlin, Winter Garden, FL

June 6th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Words cannot describe this fantastic week we have experienced with you!

Thank you for your extraordinary hospitality and love that you have showed us!

This trip has truly been and experienced that will be hard to top! The food, the destinations, the dives, the music, and every little thing about it has been the best of the best!

You and Walter are the perfect example of a perfect couple J

We will be back with our crazy friends!

Love to you both, Suzan & Ron Walker, Cupertino, CA


June 6th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Please come visit us in aspen, stay in touch!

We love you both!

Samba too!

You are two very special people and we feel fortunate to have met you.

We wont say good-bye

But we'll see you soon, kiss, kiss, love you, and mean it!

To my new friends Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you for introducing us to your life style, being our friends, teaching us a new way to view life.

The diving was exceptional, the friendship brilliant. You made my husband enjoying his vaca !!! Squeaky O-ring … exercises my right arm.

Linda & Brad Randel, Aspen, CO


June 6th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

What a dream come true!

Words cannot express alone all the thoughts, feelings and emotions!

This vacation has been a blessing on so many levels!

Thank you so much for opening your home to us. We hope to see you all again very soon.

Please stay in touch with us.

God bless you and keep you save, always Toni & Scott Moffitt, Flower Mound, TX

May 26th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you for a wonderful, memorable trip. We had a wonderful time and are thankful that we received the privilege of vacationing with the Belline ll. Samba is such a lovely little "hundle". I can't wait to get home and show my friends hoe to tie knots!

This was the perfect way to celebrate birthday # 44!

If you visit Charleston, SC, PLEASE drop in for a visit.

We will be back, thank you, Lisa & Alan Blunt, Mt. Pleasant, SC


May 15th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Well what can I say, you have done it again. This week on Belline was too short, I think I'll just stay and be a "boat boy "!

Thank you for everything, I look forward to next year some time! Remember you MUST visit NC and play on our lake!

Much love, Monte Tuttle, New London, NC

You've done it again, Monte said it already! We couldn't have had a more enjoyable week- unless it could have been two weeks!! Maybe next year. We look forward to our next meeting.

Much love, Todd Tibbs, New London, NC

May 15th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Another memorable trip! Thank you so much again sharing your home with us.

Of all the traveling I've done, this trip by boat I could do over & over.

Thank you and love you, Judy Witter, Westport,CT

May 15th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

With greatest thanks for a brilliant, wonderful time. Your hospitality & generousness are second to none!

I can't wait to 'til next time, Sylvia Twigg, Norwalk, CT

May 7th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

What a wonderful vacation! Everything was perfect, the food especially…

I suppose never to eat again! Thank you for your warm hospitality, please visit in New Orleans.

Charlotte Viener, St.Nola, LA

May 7th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you so very much for everything. The trip was exceeding my expectations, as I know we no doubt exceeded yours with our foolishness. You both are patient, professional and a lot of fun. We would love to entertain you should you find yourself in New Orleans, please come!

Thanks, Paul St.Raymond, New Orleans, LA

May 7th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you so much for the wonderful food, snorkeling and company. You guys are great! It has been a great vacation. Could not ask for better. Hope to return soon. Come see us all in New Orleans!

Elena Garcia Chaffer, aka Miss Gogo, New Orleans, LA

May 7th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you very much for a wonderful fun filled vacation. This has been one of the best vacations I ever had. The food was outstanding but most of all the company was out of this world. You are the best, including Samba.

This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime. I hope to see you both & pup soon either in New Orleans or back in the BVI's.

Love you, Kim Ann Meng, New Orleans, LA


March 31st, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thanks for a great week of fun & sun. We'll never see anything as beautiful as this place. Hope to do it again some time. Thanks for missing the crowd all the time & keeping us all happy.

I'll think of you guys often, thanks again, Brenda Moore, Lexington, KY


March 31st, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you again for a wonderful week of sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, drinking, winching, pillaging …oups…we just felt like pirates, getting away from it all.

Your hospitality made the trip truly special.

We'll be back.. Gibb & Karen Harrington, Holley, NY

March 31st, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

We had a wonderful time, you are great people. Besides having a fantastic time we appreciate your conservative approach to business, even in paradise there is great business people. Remember the " dairy 3 a day " come to Florida and see us!

Ron & Marcie St.John, Trenton, FL


March 15th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you! This has been a truly memorable week for all of us.

Walter thank you for putting up with Foxys and three boys who do not sleep.

Lela, thank you for all your kindness & consideration of all of us in your home. Your meals were so wonderful and your kindness is most appreciated.

Samba, how do you stay in the dinghy without falling? We loved the pampered pooch!! From tom, Ginny, Steven, Gregory & R.J. Blasco, Lake Forrest, Ill

March 2nd, 2004

Dear captain "Ron " (Walter), Lela and Samba,

Thank you!!! For a spectacular and unforgettable week. Thank you! For welcoming us to your home and showing us the wonders of the Virgin Islands. We loved the hiking to the ancient Petroglyphes in St.John, the long hike in Peter Island and all the beach walks together with samba. Your hospitality made our " first anniversary " a truly wonderful experience!

(Gina): never was as interested in wreck dives. But the Rhone changed everything.

(Lamberto): I need to log my final certification dive! Never I thought I would breathe bushwhackers J

Looking forward to returning to you and the virgins!

CARPE DIEM, Lamberto & Gina Calipes, Anaheim, CA

Feb. 22nd, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

This has been a vacation to remember! The sailing, amazing food and great personal attention to each of us NINE! Was very much appreciated. We will never forget the snorkeling & beaches! We hope to come back soon,

Connie & John Bouck, Auburn, NY

Feb. 22nd, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you for your hospitality and great company for a fun filled week- above and below the water!!! Diving on the Rhone, waterskiing, feasting on fantastic meals are all something, which we will never forget. We look forward to having you as guests in Prague… and don't forget to bring Samba along.

Best wishes, David & Eva Bouck, Prague, Czech Republic

By the way, this is our last trip as a couple and we shall be back with a third member of the family… soon!

-send money-

Feb. 22nd, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thanks for an amazing trip for our family. Everything was spectacular… the food, beaches, the stops, your service… thank you to arrange everything so nicely for the kids, we will never forget it … the kids and I, we will never forget you three…

Jessie, John & Terry Bouck, Ventura, CA


Feb. 10th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you so much for being our captains and hosts and our friends too. Treasure every day that we spent aboard the Belline ll. These moments include the wonderful meals, the terrific dives, and the entertainment form samba. What a great pooch!

You extensive knowledge of the islands was invaluable. Walters patience and competence mad our dives beautiful & relaxing. We also greatly appreciate the presentation of each meal your ability to cater to our preferences and the stylish and comfortable accommodations. Everything equaled that of a 5***** hotel!

Thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime and we hope to return soon!

Love, Elizabeth Breimyer, Sarah " Dirty" Sanchez, San Fancisco CA

Naomie & Chris,Seattle WA

Paul Breimyer, Newton MA

John Steerze, Wellesley MA

Julie Wexler, Los Angeles CA

Jan. 24th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

You know it's always difficult to accomplish the same the second time around.

But both of you didn't accomplish the same- you simply made it even better this time. We don't know what it was this time… we didn't know what it was last time … we thought we were in heaven the last time…but now it was definitely greater than heaven. Both of you - with Samba this time - still amazed us; still surprise us, still were the best all around! Thanks for the great week although it was way too short!

Please know you can count on our being repeat guests…

Our love to the three of you, Nancy & Jerry

Jan. 24th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Barbara: we are here for the second time! Enough said? NO! We'll be with you again!

Allen: when we discussed another catamaran cruise vacation to the Caribbean, the only one we thought was Walti & Lela on Belline ll. We were not willing to go to the Caribbean unless it was on Belline ll!

We were pleased to learn that Walti & Lela and Belline ll were still in " business" and did not hesitate to make all the necessary reservations. We almost didn't did not go due to Barbara's cancer. However she respondent very well to her treatment and we are here … in this we are all very grateful. The past 7 days prove it was more than the right idea.

Thanks to you, Lela, Walter, Samba and the Belline ll

Jan. 24th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

We loved our first Belline ll vacation!

W = watchman, we can trust

A = adventurer on the Belline ll

L = life boat - no need, he 's our guy

T = tall, dark, handsome

E = eager to learn "Rumikub"

R = revered captain

L = loyal to her " customers" friends

E = energy that we envy

L = loads of fun

A = attractive smile

S = spoiled princess

A = affectionate… we love her

M = mascot, furry and white

B = barking fog horn (no fog, no bark)

A = amazing water dog

We are looking forward to the days ahead when we can return to the Belline ll and sail the high seas again.

Thank you, BJ & Lewana

Jan. 2th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

We booked the Belline ll because of the little additional " thing" that only Belline ll offered; Samba! But than from the moment we met you guys too we knew that this would be a great holyday- we clicked right away! We have enjoyed every single day - with wind, rain, sun, sun, sun and all the other memories … the food was spectacular and the company even better. Thank you that we could extent our stay with you for another couple of days.

We really felt welcome in your home and hope one day that you will visit us in Texas.

Scott & Lenny Fletcher, Marietta GA

Jan. 2th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

I have had an amazing time over these past nine days. This trip is definitely one I am going to remember foreverJ from snorkeling, to learning how to scuba dive, looting islands, waterskiing and much more… this vacation has been filled with many fun, exiting, crazy moments. I never thought I would scuba dive, and I wasn't planning on learning, but Walter you were very patient instructor who I felt very comfortable with.

Thank you so much for teaching me.

Lela you are an amazing chef, all your meals were sooo good I eat them all and finished always my plate and sometimes even a second one. Thank you for making my vacation the best ever!

Emma Fletcher, 18, Marietta GA


Jan. 2th, 2004

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you so much! You made this vacation a whole lot of fun. We did so much with you; looting islands like pirates, tubing, being attacked by a cactus, and so much more! Thanks again and I hope to see you soon,

Lydia Fletcher, 12, Marietta GA

Dec. 12th 2003

Liebe Lela & Walti und Samba,

PANZER… ich begruesse Sie ! Sag mal, was geht denn hier ab ? Die sind ja am durchdrehen hier …

Der Urlaub war mal wieder echt toll, sogar nach dem x-ten mal ( 6 mal ??? Schon ?) allerhoechstens koennte man bemaengeln, dass die Belline so etwa 3 " zu kurz ist… Walter ! aber waere sie laenger , haetten wir Walter nicht so oft be seinem Lieblingssport beobachten koennen X-treeme -Deepfreezer- Diving… J

Vielen dank von

Bruce, the fun board Willis

Hannes- ist schon was ausgemacht ?- Krauss

Udo Willhelm, genannt " die Winde "

Susanne -very Quick - die laengsten Arme in den Virgins

Sigrun -Lector- Eith-Juettner

Matz -Sleepfast- Krauss

Die gute Ute -"that tried everything "- Fritz

Und …

Kaffemaschinen-Terrorist Ralf -"the bean" -Juettner


Nov. 30th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Thank you again for a wonderful week full of NEW islands adventure. Superb food (as usual!) drinks and not to forget the company of the three of you, hope to see you next year again… love, Madelaine and Victor Thorn-Leeson, Belgium

Nov. 30th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

…and once again we are thankful to have wined & dined as your guests. Thanks for another fun b-day / thanksgiving party!

We loved the Spanish Virgin islands and would have never thought that Puerto Rico is so "Rico" on nature and things to see. Thanks for taking us there!

When do we see you again?

Much love, Lisa & Michael Thorn-Leeson, GalvestonTX

Nov. 14th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Loved every moment of our time together. The companionship, the warmth, the wonderful cuisine. God…. SAMBA! How could we ever forget Samba and her little friend Bear - which was a lucky Bear to be found and rescued by Lela before he drowned. And now goes to live in Iowa!

Will be back again, Judy Reel, Des Moines

Nov. 14th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

I met this really lovely guy, he is taking me home. Mitzie is not so sure, but have I ever listened to Mitzie? I will have a new address in Iowa now. Thank you for rescuing me, come visit!

Little Bear (puppy, ca. 10 weeks old)

Ps: my new friend is Dough Norris, Des Moines, IA

Nov. 14th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

You are the best! We have enjoyed our trip with you the weather was a "bitch " but we had you to spoil and pamper us that that was not an issue anymore! Great hosts! Bravo!

Julie Mays, Rochester Hills, MI

Nov. 10th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Encore, encore!!!

As usual a beautiful experience, loved the French isles and the shopping in St.Barts (… J)

Thanks for setting us up with such great new friends, robin & mark.

Are you coming to California before we come back to you next summer … ?

Love, Ray & Danielle, Los Angeles CA

Nov. 10th 2003

Dear Lela & Walti and Samba,

Someday I hope Samba and Mr. Moose can meet each other. They are the two cutest dogs ever!

We are like ships

Upon the sea of life,

We meet with you, our friends,

So clean

That we sail on

Swiftly from you, our friends,

We 'd like to linger near,

Sometimes, we wish the winds would cease,

The waves to be quite too and let us drift a long side of you,

Our dear friends…

Walter, Lela & Samba, again, what a wonderful trip! We love you so dearly!

Looking forward to seeing you in Mulaje, Baja California

Thanks for setting us up with Danielle & Ray

Robin & Mark Brock , San Diego, CA

Recipe for pleasure

1 small sea (about the Caribbean sea)

1 cat (48' in length)

All spices a paradise can offer

A splash of sunshine

2 outstanding and ripe hosts

And finally the proverbial cherry on top SAMBA

If words could only dug into this wonderful experience

Thank you, Jason & Wes




July 31 - August 7, 2003

Thanks for making our first sailing adventure a very memorable one!  We have all had a fantastic time.  We appreciate your sharing your special talents with each of us!  

We came to sail the ocean blue 

with an awesome crew.

With dove and swam with the fish 

then we would fill up with a gourmet dish.

We smoked our cigars and drank drinks from a coozie

then picked a selection from the library's movies.

We used some cool words like starboard and hatches

and we all looked like pirates while wearing our patches!

We thank you so much for a wonderful week

We'll call you again when adventure we seek! 


Jennifer Porter  Dan Porter  Kathy Porter  Steven Porter     

May 13, 2003  

Belline ll is absolutely the best!  Made us feel comfortable and we loved getting to know them! The Crew was meticulous in keeping the general areas and our cabins clean. The food was   delicious ,  great variety and beautifully presented.  Could not have asked for anything more.  We loved the area we sailed, it was very accommodating in fitting in Paul's dives and allowing us to see a lot.  We would definitely request to go with Belline ll again.  It was perfect in every way.  Also we loved having Samba onboard.  We're all dog lovers and she was fun to have around.  Beth Rocheleau  

   July 5, 2003 

Lela, Walter and Samba , thank you for a wonderful week! Belline ll is the perfect boat for a family vacation. Close enough to be friendly and enough space to not be under each others feet. Belline II is not new but from my non-sailors eye impeccably maintained with care!

All advertised equipment was on board and in excellent condition. It was nice to be able to wake board and water ski.

Walter thanks for making every effort to make sure all of us got to do everything we wanted to do ! We had so much fun diving you are an awesome dive instructor! 

Lela thanks for all the fun conversation we had, the food you made your cooking sets extremely high standards for everybody who says, “they cook good food“! We loved all your tasteful decorations and especially the welcome gift in our cabin was a sweet touch of yours. Samba was the BIG plus of this week. There are for sure more Samba pick’s than of us. She is an absolutely delight and we have never seen a dog so well behaved and incredible mellow. We love you guys and miss you … will see you again Rick, Linda, Kelsey, Russel and Laurie Aronstein    

June 19, 2003 

Lela, Walter and Samba, RULES as told to the woman of Michigan: 

  1. Only Jimmy buffet music from 10am – 10 pm 

  2. Capt. reserves the right to reference the “Ferkel” game 

  3. No drinking …. alone !!! 

  4. When the Capt. loses the boat at backgammon – must pay up! 

  5. Fighting guests must stay in ( time out ) the dinghy until finish complaining 

  6. If you don’t know the answer to your question…ask “Jeeves” ( 269.524.7871) 

  7. No drinking while discussing the safety rules 

  8. You must only wear the lipstick of a beautiful woman under your Caribbean kilt 

  9. During “Noodle Basketball” each team member must have matching noodle 

  10. Watch your behavior so you don’t become a “story”  

  11. Wear expandable clothes – the food is outstanding ! 



We, the wonder woman of Michigan hereby resolve that 19 June be known henceforth as the Belline II Appreciation Day with all rights and privileges appertaining to Walter, Lela & Samba . Laughing, boating, skiing and yearning for Lela’s food will fondly remember this day! 

Karen Johnson, Deb Berkey, Amy Seth, Betsy Kuhle, Sherry Wegner 


April 11,2003 

Walter, Lela, Petra & Samba , what a trip ! You guys made us feel at home right away. 

Great food, great friends and great hosts. Theresa & I have never eaten so well on a  vacation. 

Thank you – we love you … Bob & Theresa Hadley 

April 11,2003 

Walter, Lela, & Samba, I didn’t think it could have be done better! You guys made our second trip to the BVI’s even more enjoyable. You all made a lot of unforgettable memories possible! Will be back! Long live Belline II , Brian & Missy Willard 


April 11,2003 

Walter, Lela, & Samba, what a party! You guys rock ! Thank you for such a great week , what a great place to work… if you ever need help … I will work until we go to the “Cow Wreck” !!! 

Also thanks to Samba, for letting us invade her home for the week, she is the sweetest dog!! Its nice that she wasn't always in our face wanting to be patted and loved on, but would come by every once in a while to make sure that we were there and to make sure her home was ok.

Campbell loved her Peter's Island t-shirt you bought for her, pictures to follow.

From the bottle of Pusser's upon our arrival to the clean sheets and towels during the week everything on that trip was special. You guys are the GREATEST.

Thank you again so much for such a memorable trip.

Please keep in touch and we will see you again in 2 short years. , give Samba a extra kiss….

Peter & Kimberly Clark

April 11,2003 

Walter, Lela, & Samba, our twentieth anniversary couldn’t have been better! Thank you for the greatest time – see you in two years , Barbara & Fred Sangenito 

February 28, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, we had a wonderful time. The food was outstanding and you where so accommodate. We loved Sambas attention it kept us from missing our dog too much! Thank you for sharing her with us . You all did such a great job for timing everything so perfectly around my daughters wedding. You kept us well fed and entertained – your are the best ! Betty & Bob Godfry 

February 8, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, I cant express in words the week spent with you on Belline II. I feel as if I have found friends of a life time. Even the rain we had couldn’t dampen this trip. I look forward to seeing you again as friends, so we can continue this week. Thank you for the best vacation ever! 

Vielen Dank – Todd Tibbs & Monte Tuttle 

February 8, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, thank you ever so much for a wonderful relaxing week. You where the perfect hosts. First vacation in a long time with NO stress ! I’ll be back – Judy Witter 

February 8, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba the cutest dog in the world!!! Thanks for a fantastic week. It was way too hard to handle all the stress & worry  J Best trip I have ever been ,  thanks a million - Bonnie Berrier 

February 01, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, great crew, great boat, great wine, great company, great dives, great time, great weather… what more can anyone ask for an perfect vacation- TERRIFIC ! thanks so much , Debbie & Kevin Price  Vincent & Shirley De Luca 

January 29, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, thanks for a wonderful family vacation. I was never a water person neither I liked small dogs… but I LOOOOVE snorkeling now and I’m not afraid of the fish in the water anymore-now that I have seen them- and I clearly want a sweet doggie like SAMBA as a companion for my retriever. She is the cutest dog in the world and I wish my dog would behave at all times like SAMBA! How did you do this ? My family knows now that we will be back for another incredible Belline II vacation – I am a water person now ! Thank you Walter for holding my hands on my first snorkel trip, thank you SAMBA for letting me use your board and your company on my long beach walks and Lela, can I take you home ? There was never the same meal in the hold two weeks we stayed! How on earth do you coordinate all this? The Krauss’s from Germany  

January 04, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, I have shaking hands as I try to write this note! It couldn’t be alcohol poisoning…or the memories of jumping naked from the boat… so it must be the symptoms of “withdrawal” withdrawal from the one of the greatest weeks of my life. Thank you both for your hospitality and thoughtfulness. Thanks for making this vacation THE BEST !!! 

Ron, Kathleen, Fraser & Graeme Close 

January 04, 2003

Walter, Lela & Samba, cant begin to describe the trip new experiences , new sites, new friends- what a fabulous way to enter a new year. You are the very best captain & host – thanks for the awesome food  and all the memories you had made for us! Randy & Sandy Close 

January 04, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba…. Noodles Alfredo over Jennifer Lopez … you made my day ! 

Graeme Close ( the fussy eater and woman–getter ) 

January 04, 2003 

Walter, Lela & Samba, it was the best of all times – snorkeling, sailing, diving, eating… but it was the worst of all times – watching my parents jump naked off the boat ! Frazer Close 

December 01, 2002  

Walter, Lela & Samba, we had a great time sailing with experts who have the ability to give us the feeling to be part of the family. We had great fun eating , drinking, sailing, snorkeling and not to forget the hiking up the volcano. Thanks and love – Madelaine & Victor Thorn Leeson 

December 01, 2002  

Walter, Lela & Samba, what a wonderful trip we had being your guests ! We felt right at home on Belline II as if we were old friends. We only hope you enjoyed our company too! We were well fed … oups ! Thanks for Michaels fantastic surprise birthday party . Walter you are a pro sailor ! But we will really miss Samba – till next trip- maybe next year ? All our love , Lisa & Michael Thorn Leeson    





Lela and Walter

We planned our trip with you almost 8 months ago and it was worth to wait!

We have had the " Best Time". All that we did on our vacations will be great memories for a lifetime. In 7 days we have seen 6 different islands. Snorkel, scuba diving, water-skiing (even though I couldn't get up) and riding the inner tube. Thank you for all of the fun times. We hope to be back someday and vacation with you again. Please keep in touch

Mollie and Tom McCoy

What a fabulous week!

I have worked a trip like this for fifteen years. It was all I expected and more! You two are wonderful hosts and we hope we can sail with you again…soon.

I apologize to you for giving you "turrets syndrome" J and hope you don't pass it on to your future guests! How do you say " shit-zophrenic "? J

If I could have only one more vacation, I would be on Belline ll. The diving snorkeling & skiing were beautiful.

You guys made our vacation!

Take care and hopefully we'll soon see you again here on the Belline II

Ellen and Mark

Ps: thanks for the magic shrooms.

Walter and Lela

Thank you so much! It has been such a blast spending time on Belline II.

Wakeboarding, tube riding, snorkeling, puppy buying… we have never had so much good food.

We will always have memories of the dolphins, brave heard the amazing turtle in the farm, fishing puffer fish, the wormy things in the spotlights, Walters marine biology class, counting shooting stars, coconuts, cactus, conch shells, hair braids, bandanas, pirates, sunscreens, sunburns and suntan … loud little hermit crabs, puppy playing, wine tasting, cheese cake, full tummy's, sushi, red-white & green pasta, avocado soup, elephant stew and warning for puppy BBQ, M&M's, cards gambling, game boy, the lights stay off …….

Arielle (11), Alex (9), Alicia (16), Katrina (15)

Hello... remember? Al and Wendy - we holidayed with you with Dave and Ellen in February... we can't thank you enough for such a wonderful vacation. It was one of the best, and most relaxing, we've ever had. You fed us way too well!! Our diving was the best!

We are planning another vacation with you guys (want to take us??)

Anyway... must go... we miss you guys....

Write back when you get a chance. It's still cold here, but spring is trying to arrive -warm spells among the snowfall!!!

Best Wishes.

Al and Wendy

Walter and Lela,

We made It back home, arriving at 3 AM with all of us quite beat. But it was well worth it as by avoiding an overnight, we had an extra day on board the Belline II!

I'm not sure I expressed my full appreciation for everything you two did for us. There were so many small things, like the CD copies, Tracy's special chicken Cesar's salad lunch, the bottled water in the bunks. Also, Walter was so helpful with Becky and Marcy's scuba experience. Scuba can be so scary and facing one's fears is scarier still. Walter is a master instructor in every sense and I am very thankful for the special time he was able to spend with my favorite women.

The food was also a unique experience. I expect many guests do not appreciate the effort that goes into preparing such excellent food with such small quarters and so many provisioning challenges, but we do.

I also appreciated the quality of the boat, the care you take shows in its super condition.

By the way, you two both have an excellent sense of humor. I'm still laughing about one of Walters's last comments "Emily, do you want to take an emergency pretzel along for the plane?" Humor is a huge part of our life, I hope it showed.

Our family cherishes the special friendship we have found with you. Warmest regards and here's hoping that there are many good times, and many good laughs, yet to come.

Dean, Bec, Emily & Tracy

Walter and Lela

Greetings from Iowa!!! It actually isn't too bad weather wise here. Just a quick note to say that we really miss being there. Kelly, Brian, Barb and I are already talking about coming back.

You are the BEST and we hade a lifetime vacation with you and the wonderful Belline ll.

I definitely wont mix so much alcohol, Dramamine and the patch though, a lethal Combination. Barb and I are expecting in June child #3 this June (must have been the trip!!! ha!ha!).,

Doug and Barb Koerperich

Dear Broker

Thank you for helping us choose the best yacht/crew a group holiday could have asked for.

We have some pretty experienced travelers / boaters in the gang and all of our expectations were exceeded.

From being met by Walter at the airport for the WALK to the jetty, the absolute cleanliness and fitness of Belline II and her onboard toys, to the magnificent meals that Lela produced from the well-equipped galley, we were constantly amazed.

We know how hard it is to keep everything on a boat working, and were never disappointed by any equipment.

Walter helped set an excellent sailing itinerary and was able to engage some of the men in sailing, and was an excellent dive instructor. Three of us completed our resort course and received our diver's logs.

Walter and Lela were extremely compatible with all members of our diverse group, and made us feel like welcome guests in their floating home. There is nothing that could have made any of us any happier with the whole experience.

It was also nice to see your continued attention to our vacation, and I

have sent our feedback form by mail. Thanks for the follow up phone call, but your 800 number does not work from Canada. Rest assured though that we'll be back.

Bye for now,

Ellen and Dr. David (for the happy 8 of us)

Dear Broker

Walter and Lela are indeed two delightful people. Both took such good care of the kids. It was wonderful, we were very comfortable with the crew and became great friends and were so sad to have to leave them.

To answer your questions, yes the boat was wonderful, very clean and well ventilated. We loved our cabins they all have been beautifully decorated one can tell its Walter's and Lela's home.

Yes we did take too many clothes so we had to keep quite some stuff in our bags, but that was no big deal.

The food was out of this world, Lela is a most wonderful cook we loved and eat every bite of it. They were interesting and a lot of fun to be with.

The trip proved to be everything we hoped it would be. I didn't think the BVI would be so natural and beautiful I expected hotels and resorts in every nook and beach but I felt we were on Virgin Islands.

Walter is an excellent dive instructor and gave our daughter her first diving lessons much to her delight. We were very happy with this experience and will surely want to charter them again.

We loved every minute of the trip thanks to a wonderful crew.

Best regards Monique Clidiere

Dear Walter and Lela

Just a quick word to say that we got back safely. Our heads are still full of fond memories, from our wonderful trip with you. We so enjoyed it, and we already miss you. You have become dear friends to us and have "after-Belline blues". Wish we could be with you. We will try … I'll stay in touch!

Received your parcel today and thanks for the shirt. I hadn't missed it yet... Julie was thrilled to get her sand dollar; she was so unhappy that she had left it. It was a precious memory from her first dive!

Lots of love thank you again for your friendship and take care!

Monique and Julie Clidiere

Dear Broker

It is a very rare occasion that I take the time to endorse any product or service. However. Because of the quality and friendly service that both Walter and Lela provided to my family both during our recent trip to Grenada and the Grenadines and our three prior trips to the BVI's that I have decide to make this an exception.

Our vacations aboard the Belline over the last four years have become more like homecomings, rather than the chartering a boat and crew for vacation. Our hosts, Lela and Walter have gone above and beyond to make our stays enjoyable, fun-filled weeks of adventure and a culinary experience of delightful food and wine. The boat is immaculately kept and our quarters were very comfortable.

On this recent trip, we had only one short week to enjoy the considerable expanse and beauty of Grenada and the Grenadines. Lela and Walter ensured that we saw and experienced as much as possible of this tropical paradise. They planned out our trip so that we could enjoy experiencing seven islands that spanned from Grenada to Bequia. The trip included car tours of Grenada and Bequia, a trek to a tropical rain forest and water fall, a visit to a nutmeg factory, a plane ride to Carriacou. A delightful lunch at a beautiful restaurant on a scenic Grenada beach, sunset visits to local watering holes, and a visit to a turtle sanctuary. Our days were fun-filled on the water and included a short dingy trek to a middle of the ocean sand-bar, where our hosts surprised us with chilled champagne, served to us in the turquoise waters while enjoying the majesty of the Caribbean. Our evenings were filled with exquisite meals and stimulating conversation. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Walter and Lela are gracious hosts and enjoy pleasing their guests. They are, in my opinion, consummate professionals and the very best in the business.

Sincerely yours, Jack and Theresa Bilodeau

Dear Broker

Lela and Walter are the best! We all had a fantastic time and this is no small part due to Lela and Walter's hospitality. Anyone who can't enjoy the beauty of the BVI's with even a "satisfactory" crew is an unfortunate fool. But Lela and Walter were more than satisfactory. They made us feel very comfortable in their "home upon the sea". They are personable, amiable and likeable. They are efficient, but with a grace that never made us feel anything but "right at home" in their home. I hope we shall meet again and in fact they have an open invitation to Massachusetts and to my new abode in Istanbul. I welcome the opportunity to return the hospitality they extended.

Thanks so much for recommending Lela and Walter. I would gladly recommend them to anyone that seeks a reference.

Best Regards,

James A. Green

Dear Broker

Thank you for your help with our group's cruise with Belline II. Our sentiments are best reflected. In the following statements I made during the last night of the cruise Thanks.



Walti and Lela, as you know from the Information I gave you prior to the cruise, all of us have prior experience with mega cruises but not charters of this type. Because of our hearing loss, we often take on new adventures with some initial reservations. Historically, deaf people have had to deal with poor attitudes, misunderstandings, etc., most often due to ignorance. These thoughts crossed our minds when we reserved Belline II for the Millennium 2000 Cruise This was even more critical because we are talking about a cruise of a much smaller scale- Just the ten of us! And, at a very special time! We had no indications about how good Belline II and its crew would be except for the fact that another group tried to reserve your boat soon after we made the reservation two years ago, thereby requiring us to put up the deposit immediately.

The most amazing thing about this cruise is what happened during the first five minutes-the time when we all greeted you two for the first time on the pier. In essence, a very positive bond was formed immediately you both were very warm and put us quickly at ease. It was as if we knew each other for years. The kick-off welcome you gave us on Belline II was also a very positive and memorable experience. During the course of the next 7 days and nights, you both continued to prove even more about how much you really cared in making sure our vacation experience was among the most pleasurable in our lives. The major thing was that you had no, absolutely no difficulty with our being deaf. You accepted us just as if we were hearing and spoke another language-it made us very comfortable.

We know that this cruise must have been unique for you two, too. We would be chatting away and you never knew what we talked about because we signed far more than we spoke. Only if you were able to understand our sign language you would then have learned that we talked numerous times about how lucky we were to have found the right charter with a fantastic

Crew…on our very first try!

You have made a lasting and real difference for us and now we all will leave tomorrow knowing we had the best cruise ever. Tonight, we will give you a tip for your wonderful service. This tip is but a small token of our sincere gratitude for your superb hospitality. We hope there will be many more times in the future that we can cruise together. Thanks for everything, and above all for being the wonderful people you are!

(*As shared by Jerry Nelson on behalf of the cruise group during the last night's dinner on Belline II.)

Dear Walter and Lela

What a delightful surprise to receive your letter, post card and the latest Cafe del Mar! I love it Thanks so much. It's a very cold winter so far. I have thought about you in the warm BVI on Belline II.

I am drumming up interest in another sail. Everyone would love to go right now we just get so busy moves on.

I'll try to get our crew together and pick some dates we can run by you.

We all love you so much and miss you and the Belline II. Wish to have another lifetime vacation with you two!

May you have smooth sailing under sunny skies?

Jimmy and Diana Orders

Hi Walter and Lela

How are you guys? We're all doing nicely up here in Ohio. What's new down there? Still hot or did it cool off? Have you guys been doing anything fun? I really enjoyed the vacation, and we are definitely going to have to do it again sometime. Well, not much has changed up here except that we miss you the great sites and food

The photos came out excellent and when we were looking at them they provided a great laugh. I bet the boat will look very beautiful because when we went it looked beautiful if you ask me I don't no how u can make it anymore beautiful. I'm sure we will be back (we are very persistent people)

Well we miss u and hope to see you soon,

HAPPY SAILING!!! Love Katie king (12)

PS: When you do get the new recipe for the cake I will definitely make it and eat it all!

Dear Walter and Lela

We had an amazing time. Will develop our photos as soon as we get back. I'll send some of the better ones when I get a chance.

I got back to work and had a foot-high pile of mail and 113 e-mails. I wish we were still on the boat.

Thank you again for making our wedding so special. You two are amazing! What you had organized in such a short time of notice we could not have dreamed of and it was a surprise with memories that will last forever!

Ciao, Ray and Danielle

Guests email from the boat to the kids at home

Hi guys

We're having a great time. It's amazing how beautiful the ocean is and how different the people are …everything just feels so awesome. The boat we are on is wonderful and we're enjoying the company of our friends very much and are getting along well. Lela and Walter are the boat owners and are the ones taking care of us. The meals are fancy and so many new and different things to taste; you would LOVE it!

We went scuba diving today and mom did pretty well…. dad did great of course. Walter is a SCUBA instructor and very patient with us . There were lots of cool fish… you'll just die when you finally get the chance to dive in this kind of water. We saw a sea snake, which turned out, was actually an eel, and we saw lots of colorful fish, coral, etc…. I saw a SHARK today while I was SCUBA Diving. It was over 4000 ft long!!!!!! O.K., O.K. maybe it was a little smaller like 12 Feet long. Actually, it was a Nurse shark, which is very friendly as sharks go.

Other than that, we've been wind surfing, water skiing, wake boarding (not me of course), sailing, snorkeling, island exploring, and missing you guys a lot!

I think we should sell the house and just move down here, what do y'all think? We could live in a thatch hut and never have to wear shoes again!!!!! Let me know if that sounds O.K.

Love you all…

Bye for now,

Big Daddy Jimbo and Julie

Dear Walter and Lela

As American guests we were apprehensive to charter a yacht crewed by foreigners from Switzerland. However, this was not the case at all. You were a joy to be around and as experienced guests on yachts, we found you to be clearly the best yet.

Furthermore, having chartered Mono Hulled boats in the past, we found that Belline II, with her catamaran design, was much smoother than ever experienced. The fact that she is equipped with her own dive gear and compressor saved us many hours of hassle on boats we have experienced in the past.

Belline II and her crew are very well prepared to professionally accommodate any situation.

We highly recommend, above others we have experienced, Belline II, to all Americans and others as well.

Yours truly,

Mark and Robin Brock

Tom and Kari Armstrong

Dear Lela and Walti,

It was so nice to receive your letter and package with the pictures you had taken. Reading the words in your letter made me feel like we were all together again sitting around the table on Belline II. I read the words and heard them in my mind, as you would have said them in your lovely accent. I should note that it took about two weeks for me to stop trying to talk with a Swiss accent. My favorite was Walti saying, "continue" and I still practice saying it like him about 5 times a day. That should give you an idea of how much we miss you both and how often we think of you.

If you knew me better, you'd know what a perfectionist I am and how important it is to me to convey my deepest and most sincere appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful time my family had on your lovely boat. Let me jus say a few personal things to you both:

1. Thank you for opening you home to us an allowing us to become a part of your family. You have definitely become a permanent fixture in our family and I'm certain you have not seen the last of us.

2. You two are the perfect people to run a charter business! From the very first anxious moment we laid eyes on you until the last very sad moment you made us feel welcome. You did everything you could do to make our trip as enjoyable as possible and I want you to know that we all appreciated everything you did. I could point out all the little things you guys did that contributed to our "Trip of a Lifetime", but it would take way to long.

3. It has taken some time to get used to "normal eating habits" after being spoiled by the Gourmet Cooking the two of you kept forcing down our throats (yeah, like you had to twist our arms to eat those great meals). After eating 3 square meals a day plus all the healthy snacks (and occasional beverage or two, or six) …

4. The diving was tremendous and I could not imagine a person I would rather have train our boys in SCUBA than Walther. The way you lead them through the important concepts they needed to know made it fun for them to learn. I'm sure the fundamentals as taught by Walter will stay with them a lifetime. We all had a ball and the learned to dive safely and responsible.

5. Lela, thanks for the photos! They are better than most of ours. We have never been good at capturing candid Kodak Moments.

There is one more thing I wanted to tell you; when we tell everyone about our "Trip of a Lifetime," we typically mention all the usual stuff that you would expect to hear like great food, beautiful boat, great diving, wonderful weather and scenery etc., etc. But when 'we tell folks about the one single element that made this trip so very special for us it always comes back to Lela and Walter. I feel like we have made some very special friends in you two. I can't explain why I feel so close to someone we have only known for such a short time. You are both such open and caring people who are willing to share your personal lives. You love to have fun. In addition to all the above, you shared your cultural experiences with us and helped us to appreciate that there are a lot of people around the world who are different from those we know. Whether you realized this or not, you helped us to engage our thinking and open our minds (especially mine) on a lot of topics…

Definitely not enough time to enjoy the company of such amazing people as Walter & Lela.

We all love you !

Dan, Mary, Brian, Trevor & Brock

Many thanks to you both Lela & Walter

Thank you so much for turning our long needed vacation into such a wonderful experience! We all are planning a trip next year when the time is right and we talk to you soon about it. We have all told you how great our trip was; there is no kind of weather that can out do painkillers and diver's tea!!!


Diving was fantastic!!!! Hope all is well with you two and the Belline II. Take good care of her, as we know you will. Lela, please keep our space for a picture because there is great one of you two together. We will keep in touch and please do the same.

Fondly Grant (the big potato) and Hollis


BELLINE II Specifications

LENGTH 48ft (14.6m) BEAM 27ft (8.2m) DRAFT 5ft 0in (1.5m)
GUESTS 8 CREW Captain Walter Wegmann + 1 REFIT
SPEED 7kts / 10kts STABILISERS None FLAG United Kingdom
ENGINES 2x Yanmar 50 HP

BELLINE II Accommodations

BELLINE II can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins.
The master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and manual head.
Another 3 cabins have a queen size bed, shower and manual head.
BELLINE II is fully air conditioned throughout.
Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.


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Walk Way To The Guest Cabin

Fabulous Diving in a perfect Caribbean Underwater

The Sunkiss Cabin, Starbord back

Emerald Suite, the spacious forward Cabin

The Head and Shower in the back Cabin

Emerald Suite, Starboard

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