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75 ft / 22.9 m Azimut - Sleeps 10 guests

From: €27,000 To: €29,000

Chartering in the East Mediterranean

About IRIS

Operating in the East Mediterranean




75 ft / 22.9 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

28 kts / 51.9 km/h


2x 1300hp MTU


18 ft 4 in / 5.6 m




Captain: George Sarakos + 3



VAT Registered



6 ft 10 in / 1.8 m






US Duty Paid



  • CD library
  • Cinema
  • DVD library
  • DVD player saloon
  • Indoor audio system
  • iPod dock
  • Satellite phone
  • Satellite TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tube - towable
  • Water skis - adult
  • Wave runner (sitdown)
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Captain George is of Greek nationality born April 7, 1965. He is married andhas two children. George speaks English. He holds Certificates and Diplomasfor: Skipper Class A, Boatswain, Life Saving and Fire Fighting Appliances,RO/RO Passenger, Ship Security Officer, Tanker Safety. After obtaining all hisCertificates, George began his services at sea in 1997 as a sailor on board f/b“Express Olympia”, and f/b “Express Athina”, and as a Bosun on board m/y“Akazu”. Further on he continued as a Captain Class B on board m/y “Wispers”,and from 2008 onwards he served as Captain on board m/y “Reina”, m/y “LitoMare”, m/y “Waverunner”, m/y “Ilina II”, and m/y “G5”. He is no smoker andduring his free time he enjoys soccer, sports and fishing. He has pleasant andextrovert personality and is easily adapted.

Chef Pavlos was born January 16, 1979 in Athens, Greece, and he is married. Hespeaks English and he is familiar with the French terminology. Pavlos attendedthe Professional Cook School “Palmie”. He has attended seminars on “HACCP”,Molecular Gastronomy, Produits Francais and Fresh Pasta, and he has won the 3rdprize in the Pan-Hellenic Cooking Festival 2005: Mediterranean Cuisine. He isfamiliar with catering, as well as with desserts. During his work experiences,he was responsible for the creation and execution of an entirely new menu.Moreover, he was in charge of the order of ingredients and the control of thecosts and quality. Also, he communicated with ingredients’ suppliers so as topreserve the high quality of the products and to keep the prices at areasonable level. Finally, he was responsible for the training of kitchenstaff. Pavlos prior to joining m/y “Iris” has worked as Chef B at the “RoyalOlympic Cruises”, and at restaurants “Interni” and “Aristera Dexia”. He hasworked as Head Chef at the Italian Trattoria “II Doppio”, and as consultingChef at the Asian restaurant “Moshi-Moshi”. Also, he has worked as Sous Chef at“Pasaji” restaurant, and as Head Chef at “1500” restaurant, as executive Chefat “Join Catering”, and as responsible for the kitchen and pastry chef at theItalian restaurant “Notia”, as Chef at “Omikron” restaurant, as consulting Chefat “Alsos” cafe, and as Chef on board the m/s “Matina”. During his free time,he enjoys playing the guitar, sports and swimming.

Engineer Epameinondas was born August 11, 1964 in Athens, Greece. He is marriedand has one child. Epameinondas holds an Engineer Class A’ Certificate, andalso holds Certificates of National School of Life Saving and Fire FightingAppliances of Aspropyrgos. He commenced his service at sea in 1992 as EngineerA’ on m/y “Anastasia”. Further on he worked as Engineer C’ on board m/s “RoyalOdyssey” and m/v “Star Antares”, as Engineer B’ on board m/v “Bolero” and m/y“Amon,” and as Engineer A’ on board motor yachts “Lady K”, “Harama II”,” KC’SDream”, “Bolero”, “Santa Elena”, “Angel”, “Karyatis” and “Giochite”.Epameinondas speaks English, and during his free time he enjoys to createflying models.

Stewardess Ioanna was born April 4, 1962 in Arta, Greece. She is single andspeaks English. Ioanna graduated from “Organization and Tourism” in May 31,2011 in order to further her knowledge. Ioanna is highly experienced and verymotivated with her work and likes to keep everything in order. She beganserving at sea in 1993 on board cruise ship “Regent Spirit” as a duty free shopsales person and assistant to the accounting department. In 2001 she broughther services to “Sergis Restaurant” in Kos island and in 2004 to “LiotriviRestaurant” in Kos island. Ioanna then moved on to the island of Santorini towork at the restaurant the hotel “Icons”. In 2009 she moved back to Kos islandto work in the hotel “Porto Bello”. From 2011 onwards, Ioanna worked asStewardess on m/y “O’Neiro” and then on s/y “Ellen V”. During her free time sheenjoys traveling.


IRIS can accommodate 10 guests in 4 cabins. The Master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet. 2 Guest cabins have 2 single beds, a pullman, shower and toilet. A VIP cabin has a double bed, shower and toilet. IRIS is fully air conditioned through out. Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.

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