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62 ft / 18.9 m Sunreef - Sleeps 8 guests

From: $21,000 To: $31,800

Chartering in the Caribbean


Operating in the Caribbean

Welcome aboard CATSY, a luxury charter catamaran designed and built in 2008 by Sunreef in Gdansk. CATSY is a study in modern naval architecture, combining the necessities of both guest comforts and quality sailing. Comfortable for up to 8 guests, CATSY's guests accommodations include to aft Queen berth guest suites, and two forward double berth guest suites. She is of course air-conditioned throughout, and amenities include satellite TV in the saloon, and a 270 degree view of the blue Caribbean from inside! Of note is CATSY's large, shaded flybridge lounging area and helm station - it's a particular favourite with charter guests, as this design combines some of the more popular aspects of motoryachts with the thrill of sailing. The bridge deck features CATSY’s saloon and galley, and the interior lounging areas, and the covered aft lounging cockpit, where most of her guests enjoy partaking in the sumptuous alfresco dining opportunities the tropical Caribbean climate provides. Truly, one of CATSY's outstanding features is her amazing amount of usable exterior guest space, from the cockpit aft to the trampolines forward, with the flybridge lounge to all the interior cabins, much has been contained in her 62 feet of length.

CATSY's features extend beyond mere architecture – She is fully laden with modern water sports equipment and a large rigid-inflatable tender with a sturdy 70 horsepower outboard engine. This keeps CATSY's guests active with waterskiing, the towing-tube, wakeboarding and kneeboarding, though she also has a full compliment of non-motorized activities, including kayaking, snorkeling and 2 new stand-up paddleboards. For dive certified charterers, CATSY offers several scuba diving opportunities during your week aboard. All of these activities are at a mere arm’s length away, just step down to the sea via the convenient stairstep swimplatforms on the stern of either hull.

The entire CATSY charter package includes her award-winning crew, professional charter mariners that seek to accommodate the guests' every need, while maintaining a safe and eco-friendly environment aboard.

Stern View

The Big Jump!

Side View



62 ft / 18.9 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

8 kts / 14.8 km/h



31 ft 10 in / 9.4 m




Captain: Michael Lang + 1



VAT Registered



5 ft 2 in / 1.6 m





Virgin Islands (British)

US Duty Paid



  • BBQ
  • Deck shower
  • Fishing gear - light
  • Special diets
  • Swim platform
  • CD library
  • Cell phone
  • DVD library
  • DVD player saloon
  • Indoor audio system
  • iPod dock
  • Satellite TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Beach games
  • Floating Mats
  • Kayak
  • Kneeboard
  • Mono ski
  • Tube - towable
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skis - adult
  • 6 Bouyancy compensators
  • Diving by arrangement
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Captain: Michael Lang

Michael is originally from Silicon Valley outside San Francisco, California. He approaches life as an expedition in search of exhilarating experiences. He travelled for a few years working for a Danish wind turbine company, then spent a total of 15 years in after sales operations and engineering support. He has constructed power plants all over the United States and overseas in Germany and Denmark. Now Michael has left the corporate world in search of a bigger adventure.

Outside of work, Michael always has a big project in the works or is planning an excursion to someplace new. At the moment it is their 45ft Blue Water Catamaran. Past projects include their house remodel and, on the side, a 4x4 RV for serious road excursions.

His goal is to be able to go in search of outdoor excitement in any direction, land or sea. Michael is happy to be a guide for outdoor activities, diving and water sports. His practice in addressing challenges has fostered an even-keeled character, reinforced with the patience to reap the potential of hard work while leading life with imagination. He accentuates the pursuit of his dreams with a can-do attitude. Michael is a chocolate monster, loves technical challenges, and enjoys sharing his life experience with guests.

Chef / First mate: Jennifer

Jennifer is originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon. With a passion for fresh local food and world cuisines, she went on to develop her craft as a chef by earning a degree from the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. As part of her schooling she travelled to Paris, France where she honed her skills and specialised in patisserie. After seven years as an executive chef for tasteful startups, and a jaunt in an artisan bakery, she was ready for a new challenge by pursuing a career in health care. While attending Portland State University, she worked as a professional nanny and personal chef for busy families. The culmination of these experiences has driven her to excel as an outstanding yacht chef and steward.

Now, as the Chef on Catsy, she is excited to be back at her roots, allowing her adoration as a chef to shine through. She has high standards for quality food. Her methods of cooking from scratch with raw ingredients cater to fastidious and well-trekked palates. Jennifer is an expert when it comes to food allergies (gluten, soy, egg, nuts, dairy, shellfish etc.) because she lives with one of the most difficult food intolerance afflictions. She has agenetic autoimmune disorder that prevents her from eating gluten, called Celiacs disease. She will provide a ‘safe haven’ for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Jennifer doesn’t eat chocolate, she loves to garden, and she is a perfectionist in (and out) of the galley.


CATSY can accommodate 8 guests in Queen berth guest 4 cabins.
The 4 equal guest cabins each have a queen size bed, shower and toilet.
CATSY is fully air conditioned through out.
Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.

Kids: Swimmers age 5 and older please.


Late April, 2017, guests aboard catamaran CATSY with Michael and Jennifer said:
Our trip was excellent, Jennifer and Michael are a wonderful team that provide a world class chef and a extremely capable and professional Captain. The boat is very well maintained and all systems were working during our trip. Catsy has a wonderful layout and the team makes all feel at home, increasing the enjoyment of the boat.
Jennifer’s cooking is excellent at every meal, outstanding presentations, such creative dishes, and the quantity and quality provide more than enough for all to enjoy. 
Mike is always eager to do anything to make the trip enjoyable, snorkel, boat, tender, move the vessel any where, just an excellent Captain to meet the needs and wants of his guests. 
Also the provisions were perfect, they obtained wines we asked for and all meals watched diet restrictions perfectly which took away any concerns. 
Would be happy to recommend this team and boat to anyone that wants to enjoy first class sailing. Please feel free to share these comments with others and Jennifer and Mike, as we are very happy customers.
Thank You, God Bless 

Guest aboard first week of Aprii: 

Kerry, We had a great trip. Mike and Jennifer were unbelievable. My family and I have been fortunate to travel and have many great 5 star experiences both inside and outside the US. As you might imagine, with four teenagers it is rare that everyone likes the same thing at the same level. All six of us agreed that this would be the best trip we have ever experienced. 5 star accommodations, 5 star + food, 5 Star service, and a 6 star experience. I would recommend Mike and Jennifer at the highest possible levels on all elements.

Late July guests aboard catamaran CATSY with Michael & Jennifer said:
1. May I have your Overall Rating for your charter, with 10 being the highest, 0 being the lowest? 
 ( 9.5 )
2. Were Michael and Jenn friendly, professional and accommodating? - 
Yes, way beyond our expectations. They were both phenomenal. Michael went out of his way to be a full-time activities director for our family and personally provided hours and hours of fun (watersports and otherwise) for us and our kids. Jenn is literally crazy about cooking and spent multiple hours longer than we ever could have expected preparing meals for us. They were both dedicated to their roles in a way that I had trouble believing, and it's clear they truly love what they are doing. (And they have fun doing it!) They literally worked 18 hours a day (sometimes longer). I am so impressed with both of them that I hope to book our next charter with them again.
3. Was CATSY comfortable and clean? - 
Yes, in every way. It is a fantastic boat, and Michael and Jenn go out of their way to keep it that way. They definitely act as if the boat is an extension of themselves. 
4. Was CATSY well ventilated? - 
Yes, even better than we expected. The AC on the boat was fantastic, especially since my family likes cold air to sleep.
5. How was the cuisine? - 
Great. Jenn goes beyond a reasonable point with the amount of time she spends on preparing meals and the detail she applies to each one.
6. How was the BVI? - 
Absolutely fantastic and perfect for a charter like this one. We definitely plan to back again to visit the places we didn't get to this time.
7. Any additional comments on your charter? - 
It was better than I could have expected. The boat and the crew were perfect for our family.

Guests aboard catamaran CATSY over Thanksgiving week, 2015 said:

Not sure where to even start on this…. I could go on and on. This by far was the most memorable trip we have taken. It was absolutely fabulous. Jim and Amanda were amazing. We could not have asked for a better crew. For the kids and us to get off the boat at the end and feel like we were leaving “home” as well as new friends, tells it all. Amanda's cooking was to die for, accommodating 6 teenage appetites plus getting them to try some new things; and Jim’s adventures/tour took us to some new places we have never been too. Catsy was a well equipped boat and very spacious. We were very impressed with what the boat had to offer. Bottom line, no matter the boat, Jim and Amanda were the key to a successful vacation. I would recommend chartering with them any day. 

We are already discussing our next adventures with those two! Thanks again for all your help in arranging this and assisting us in our catamaran choosing.

"Livin' Large" on catamaran CATSY - Guest fan mail for Jim and Amanda Grant​ from CATSY's mid-March charter:
Hi Jim & Amanda,
Check out what Brad had to say about his charter. I personally love the "Live Large. Go Catsy!!" part. Sounds like a nice advertising tag line for you guys!  Thank you as always for the wonderful charters you do!
"The yacht was impeccable. Captain Jim was extremely knowledgeable and fun. Amanda (NOW FOREVER KNOWN AS “AMAZING AMANDA”), keeps a tidy ship and cooks like a goddess. Their team work is so fluent you don’t even realize all that is being done unless you have the previous charter experience that I have had and then you truly appreciate how well they manage the vessel and their clients. I truly have nothing to say. The outdoor living space and overall lay out of Catsy is perfect for the BVI cruise experience. 3 couples are comfortable, And I can tell you that the dollar value is exceptional. Live Large. Go Catsy!! 
See you soon. 
Brad Nelson"

Name: David Keliehor
Yacht: CATSY with Jim & Amanda Grant
Charter Dates: July 3-11, 2014
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5
5 being the highest 0 being the lowest
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
  That's an understatement. We were spoiled by Jim & Amanda the entire week!
2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
  Every Day
3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
  Yes, and AC was nice and cold. Jim kept the generators cranking!
4. Was the food good and well presented?
  Better than ever. Last year we went to shore for dinner and we said "never again". Amanda's "chef Tel" menu was superior.
5. Did you like the area you sailed?
  Awesome. Tried several new spots this year. Jim and Amanda got the Boys involved and they loved it.
6. Additional comments on your charter?
  Booked Year #3 while on board. Enough said.
The Keliehor Family David, Stacie, Max & (Dingy Man) Au

Name: David Keliehor
Yacht: CATSY with Jim & Amanda Grant 
Charter Dates: June 19-26, 2013
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating? 

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean? 

3. Was the yacht well ventilated? 
A/C was cold and comfortable at all times.

4. Was the food good and well presented? 
Better than we have ever had. Tried a restaurant one evening which was a huge mistake. Amanda is a great Chef.

5. Did you like the area you sailed? 

6. Could we have helped you further in any way? 
Good job

7. May we post this review on our website? 

8. Additional comments on your charter? 
Great job working through our decision with us. We are booking two weeks next year instead of one.

From guests aboard CATSY in late February,     2013    
What a fantastic trip!!  Jim and Amanda exceeded our expectations!!  I have taken quite a few vacations in my life and both my wife and I agree, this was the best vacation we have ever taken!  
If I had to put in writing everything that we loved about Jim and Amanda I wouldn't get anything done today. :)  Let's just say they left nothing to be desired.  They took care of us like family!  

Thanks again!!
The Murietta family


Yacht: CATSY with Jim & Amanda Grant
Charter Dates: November 17-24, 2012
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Jim and Amanda where very friendly and accommodating. They customized the charter to all of our likes and wants.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The yacht was immaculate and very comfortable.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
It was very nice having the sitting area up top which is where we spent most of our time.

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Amanda prepared excellent food and customized it to the tastes and likes off everyone in our group.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We totally enjoyed where we sailed.

6. Could we have helped you further in any way?
Letting us know that the boat couldn't sail at dark and your flight should get in early in the day would of been useful.

7. May we post this review on our website?

8. Additional comments on your charter?
We can’t say enough how enjoyable this vacation was and the terrific job Jim and Amanda did. Jim and Amanda where wonderful hosts to all of us. They designed an itinerary that fit our group perfectly. Each day was something different and had activities for everyone. Amanda is a wonderful chef. She made great tasting meals for the adults while also making a kid friendly version. Jim and Amanda know the best places to go and when to be there. No matter where we went Jim was able to make it seem like we were the only ones there. On night we were the only boat anchored in a picture perfect bay. It will be very hard to surpass how wonderful this vacation was.

From the Peckhams. aboard Catsy in early April, 2012...

How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?
It was amazing and better than we had hoped!

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they courteous? Attentive? Knowledgeable?
Jim and Amanda were awesome.  Both very knowledgeable, fun to be around, attentive and very engaging.  They were truly the perfect match for our group.  Both went above and beyond to ensure a great experience  for our group.

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your group’s expectations?
All the meals were incredible and better than we had expected.

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well maintained? Were your cabins comfortable?
Gorgeous, spacious and very well maintained!

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain.  If yes, what are the key reasons?
Definitely yes!  Loved Jim and Amanda and the boat.  Their energy, attentiveness and excellence in assessing and meeting our groups desires and needs was exceptional.

Additional comments:
Everything was perfect!  We couldn’t  have asked for or expected anything better!  

Name:  Angel 
Yacht:  CATSY with Jim & Amanda
Charter Dates:  March 4-10, 2012
Area Cruised:  Virgin Islands

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations.  We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation.  Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1.  Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Yes, the crew was very friendly and accommodating.

2.  Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yacht is very comfortable and VERY clean.  Jim takes a lot of pride in keeping everything clean and in great shape.

3.  Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes, we ran the airconditioning in the evenings, so the cabins were very comfortable for sleeping, during the day, ventilation was not a problem

4.  Was the food good and well presented?
The food was excellent (and beautifully presented)  Amanda did a fantastic job!  We had one vegetarian and one gluten free person on the trip and Amanda was able to masterfully modify the dishes for these needs.

5.  Did you like the area you sailed?
Yes, the crew was very knowlegable regarding our likes and dislikes and were able to change plans midstream when the weather didn't cooperate with some initial plans

6.  Could we have helped you further in any way?
As we were first time visitors, more assistance with the best way to get to the BVI (either via St. Thomas, San Juan etc)  Also, as we had a stop over in Tortola prior to the charter commencing some guidance regarding where to stay, or dine would have been helpful.  But overall, you were very easy to deal with

7.  May we post this review on our website?

8.  Additional comments on your charter?
Amanda and Jim work hard at making this a true vacation.  We didn't have to think about anything, from meals, to activities, to just plain fun and relaxation.  I highly recommend them as crew and the boat Catsy is roomy, comfortable, and very well maintained.  Excellent hot water!



I am back from our week long sailing vacation. Thank you so much for arranging the week and the flights and the many details.

The week not only met our dreams, but blew them away. The boat was clean, modern, roomy and sailed beautifully.

Jim and Amanda were the ultimate hosts. My baggage didn't arrive, it became Jim's problem and a one hour round trip in the rain, in the dingy to pick it up later, was done without a thought to complain. When Kathy's insulin pump died,(not from a swim in the ocean), again Jim made it his problem, and another trip in the dingy to get insulin without a complaint. Jim made us feel welcome, and made sure we had our every wish fulfilled.

The only decisions we really had to make all week were whether to have a Bloody Mary or Mimosa with breakfast or Red or white wine with dinner.

The itinerary included all the hot spots we had read about in the travel guides. We visited party coves and experienced the Will T and Soggy Dollar Bar, scenery unparalleled, snorkeling areas that were breathtaking, Natural sites like the Baths, and secluded isolated anchorages.

Amanda's should never be called a cook. She is a five star rated chef. Never in my life have I experienced 7 consecutive days of food that made me say "Oh Wow" at every meal and every course. Salad nicoisse with grilled tuna and a killer homemade dressing, or chicken roti for lunch, pina colada pancakes or rum infused french toast for breakfast, grilled Mahi Mahi in an amazing tropical marinade, beef tenderloin for dinner as just a sampling of the menu. And the desserts..........homemade cheesecake, key lime pie, and chocolate birthday cake.

They made reservations for us on our one night out for dinner and we had the most amazing lobster dinners in the Caribbean.

Not only can I recommend this boat a crew, but I am already plotting a way to spend another week with them. (they have committed to the Bliss next year.

Thank you again for finding Bliss and arranging a extraordinary week for me and my family. This is an experience they will never forget.
Mike T.

This was one of the best vacations that we have ever taken. Amanda and Jim were both outstanding. Amanda’s meals were amazing, great variety and Amanda did an amazing job tailoring her menu to our particular dietary needs. She also doubled as a great underwater guide. She came diving and snorkeling with us and was very knowledgeable about all the different species. Jim was a great captain and master of ceremonies. He put together the perfect itinerary and kept us moving with lots of great activities. He was also like a private instructor helping us windsurf, water ski and scuba dive. We got on the boat after a very busy week for our wedding and Jim did the extraordinary step of even getting some laundry done for us!

Can’t say enough positive things about them both. They are total pros. The boat is a fantastic. She is in perfect shape, very well maintained and has amazing amenities. The sat tv and internet was a nice surprise that we ended up using even though we thought we would not. The sound system was great and all the “toys” were in great shape and a lot of fun. The dive equipment was brand new and in great shape. I really can’t think of anything that was missing.

The pace and itinerary of our vacation was perfect. After a long hectic week for our wedding, Jim knew and executed the perfect mix of relaxation and activities. We often anchored at out of the way places which afforded great privacy.

Jim and Amanda are a great team and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them. Our charter was only 2 people so we obviously had a lot of attention but I bet Amanda and Jim would be an amazing team for larger groups as well. We are already trying to get a group together to charter with them again.

Matthew and Nichole

Dear Amanda and Jim,

After having a few weeks to reflect on our wonderful vacation we are only more positive that it was the most perfect week we have ever spent together as a family! Far from cell phones, TV, and the pressures of life, we were able to completely relax and connect with each other and the amazing locations, flora and fauna of the BVI.

Your enthusiasm and obvious love of life on the water was contagious. We learned so much from you and we carried home with us splendid memories! (snorkeling with the myriad fish we now know the names of, finding the cannons, swimming through the tunnel, hanging out with sea turtles, seeing the lurking barracudas, hiking to the pirate lookout, our own private beaches and secluded bays, fancy frosty drinks and amazing appetizers after a riotous afternoon of tubing, wakeboarding and kayaking, star lit gourmet dinners, fabulous desserts, we could go on and on...) Quite often you just read our minds, like when you whisked us from Anegada to Norman Island just to find the perfect sunset.

We thank you for your many kindnesses to us that went above and beyond the call of duty. Our week with you will never be forgotten and we are determined to reconnect with you in the future.

Have a great summer!
With sincere gratitude,
Steve, Liz, Betsy, Steven, Hannah, and Claire Smith

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