62ft (18.9m) Lagoon - Sleeps 8 guests.

From: $ 28,000 To: $ 36,300 Per Week. Operating in: Caribbean,

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ENIGMA Main Photo

ENIGMA, a luxury Lagoon 62 performance sailing catamaran is spacious, immaculate and features accommodations for 8 guests in 4 queen berth cabins,.
This luxury catamaran accommodates 8 guests in 4 queen berth, deluxe cabins. The master suite is  from the cockpit and from the saloon, and features a walk-around bed,  and spacious ensuite facilities. Three guest cabins with queen berths are equipped with storage and plenty of natural light.
Please note the Video portrays the 4 cabin  Lagoon, whereas Enigma is the 5 cabin version.


  • CD library
  • DVD library
  • Stereo system
  • Media Hard Drive
  • Air bed
  • Wakeboard
  • Child waterskis
  • 2 kayaks
  • Book library
  • iPod Dock
  • DVD player
  • Satellite television
  • Fishing equipment
  • Kneeboard
  • Adult waterskis
  • Towing ring
  • Dinghy: RIB / 16ft 0in (4.8m) / 60HP
  • Coffee machine
  • Sun loungers
  • Defibrillator
  • Outdoor audio system
  • TV all cabins
  • Beach games
  • Inflatable floating island
  • Paddleboards multiple
  • Ice maker
  • Water maker
  • DVD player master cabin
  • Printer
  • TV saloon
  • Board games
  • Paddleboard
  • Wake skate


  • Air-conditioned: Fully
  • Deck shower
  • Voltage: 220v /110v
  • Swim platform
  • Barbeque
  • WiFi and Internet
  • Cell phone


  • aYacht is insured for diving
  • 8 regulators
  • Crew certification: Master
  • Snorkeling gear
  • 12 scuba tanks
  • 8 BCs


Diving is included - up to 5 dives during the week

ENIGMA Crew Profile

Captain: Eddie Reeves

spent his childhood boating with his family on the Long Island Sound and lakes throughout western Connecticut. Upon moving to Rhode Island he began sailing Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound out of Newport. After delivering boats from Rhode Island to Florida and the British Virgin Islands it became apparent that it was time to turn his passion for the sea into a lifestyle. Eddie is a graduate of Johnson and Whales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a concentration in psychology. He has spent many years working in fine dining restaurants, holding all positions from busboy to General Manager and has spent many years as a licensed mortgage loan officer. Eddie is easy going and can strike a conversation with adults and children alike. His life experiences make him easy to relate to and you will always find the conversations with Eddie interesting.

Chef: Lisa Mead

Lisa trained in Queensland, Australia, where she originates from, and after qualifying, went on to cook in a variety of restaurants.

For the past 20 years, Lisa has been a Chef in Australia, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. She has created Epicurean delights on a variety of luxury yachts, 5 star villas and numerous high quality restaurants. Her wide experience in this industry is extraordinary. Lisa also spent time in Asia, where she gained valuable experience with local cuisine. Whilst in Asia Lisa also learned to speak conversational Malay, Indonesian and Japanese.

With glowing references from around the world, Lisa has also had the opportunity to cook for some fascinating people during her career including celebrities, royalty and heads of state.

In her spare time, Lisa dedicates herself to her other passion as an artist, and has exhibited her paintings in galleries throughout Australia and the British Virgin Islands. Lisa is also host of a TV show 'Galley Gourmet with Chef Lisa" airing in the BVI area.

ENIGMA Specifications

ENIGMA Testimonials

Guests chartering ENIGMA in late February, 2017, said:

We and three other couples recently returned home from a week aboard the Engima, with Eddie, Danielle and Lisa. I asked Eddie to give me your contact information, so I could tell you what a wonderful time we had.
The boat is simply lovely. Spacious, well maintained, clean and cared for. I can see Danielle's thoughtful care in so many ways -- the wonderful bedding and towels, the lovely accoutrements, the simple cleanliness. It's pretty, comfortable and well appointed for the comfort of the guests.
Our group might have been a food nightmare -- we had people who don't eat meat, people who are allergic to fish, people who are gluten free, dairy free and even one who dislikes chocolate! Lisa worked around our food needs and preferences with grace and without complaint. Every meal was perfectly presented and delicious. We were never hungry and always happy! Danielle made sure we were never thirsty, and made us feel cared for and cared about.
Eddie is a marvelous captain. He answered our endless questions, took us to new places, adapted when a few of us got sick, showed us the glory of the BVIs. He was friendly and thoughtful -- and took such good care of us and the boat. He taught us to paddle board, encouraged us to go to new places (I really wanted to see Anegada, so off we went) and was upbeat and fun to travel with.
Your boat, your crew and the BVIs made for a spectacular vacation for all of us. Thank you!
Betsy Stone

Guests aboard ENIGMA in mid-February, 2016, said:


We’re back in STL, safe and sound but missing all of you. Lucy’s gets a little teary-eyed when she tells people about what an amazing trip it was. As for me, there are many parts of the trip that I’ll never forget but the most memorable was when Evan took me out fishing that last morning... it was simply magical and certainly above and beyond his Captain duties.

Before time gets away from me, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the Enigma charter that are more on a professional-to-professional level than something for the Guest Book.

From the first piece of correspondence, and throughout the trip, I was impressed with how thorough you were in helping us enjoy the experience. You are so good at communicating the details behind the cruise...what to wear, the pros and cons of our suggested itinerary, what “Life on the Enigma” is like, food/refreshments (types and quantities), weather/environment, etc. And you patiently responded to all our redundant questions, even though you had provided all of us with the answers in your Helpful Hints document. When we final arrived at Red Hook, met Evan, Lisa, and you and saw Enigma, boarding was stress-free for all of us due to your great instructions, careful pre-planning and friendly introductory attitude.

Of course, the ship is breathtaking but the graciousness in which all of you welcomed us made us feel like special guests in your home.

Evan has the prefect personality and disposition for a ship’s Captain. He is patient in answering all questions, and his knowledge and professionalism in stills confidence with passengers. As for Lisa, she is a true professional... always cooperative about the menu, explaining ingredients, taste profiles, and handling everyone’s likes and dislikes. I never imagined how complicated it would be to coordinate food for 8 until I saw her inaction... she is a master at that task and a chef extraordinaire!

I was so impressed with how the 3 of you worked together as a team. Each of you had a specific area of responsibility, which you managed quite successfully, but you supported each other in all areas. You and Evan sometimes preformed the role of sous chef or waiter to help Lisa... Lisa provided assistance to Evan when he brought the ship to port... and Evan and Lisa were always available to help out with one of the guest’s requests if you were busy.

Another thing that I couldn’t get over was the level of respect you all shared towards Enigma, you treated the ship as it was yours. You were continually cleaning/straightening/adjusting things... making sure everything was in its proper place. As a business owner, I’m sure the gentleman who owns Enigma would be equally impressed and thankful to have such a conscience team in his employ.

Jalene, I certainly hope our paths cross again soon. We had an incredible time, and it was made even more special because of Evan, Lisa and you.


Bill Schmidt
Managing Partner


One of the guests aboard catamaran ENIGMA also penned this note to Chef Lisa Mead:

Greetings, Lisa,

I'm fantasizing about that grilled mahi mahi salad you made for lunch last week and would like to know if we can have that again today. I WISH!!! We are all in a sad state, missing our fun times with you and the others and the very special Enigma adventure we had. I am uninspired in the kitchen and could kick myself that I didn't stand in your kitchen, watching your every move with pen in hand. I don't want to cook because it just isn't tasting good and I am longing for the creativity, freshness and flavor of each and every bite last week.

I'm following you on FB (or rather your Galley Gourmet page) and will be happy to watch you as you do more shows and advance your career. If we somehow find you on a future charter, we will be delighted and I will beg (in advance) for daily cooking classes on top of all the other fun things. We hope to do the trip again with our children but, alas, the three of you have spoiled us and we don't want to do that unless we know we can have all of you with us. We know how very fortunate we were to have such a lovely, patient and fun crew and wouldn't want it any other way.

Wishing I knew what to cook for dinner tonight…

All the best,

Lucy Schmidt


Early February, 2016,  guests aboard catamaran ENIGMA reported:

Our clients Melissa and Jonathan Blau had a very special birthday celebration charter on Enigma lastmonth. Since their return I have had a chance to speak with them and also with their guests whoaccompanied them on the charter.

I am pleased to report that Jonathan, Melissa and all their friends had an excellent time and wereextremely pleased with the crew and Enigma. The feedback from this charter is quite valuable andenlightening because the charter party makeup included guests with varying degrees of charterexperience that encompassed a broad array of yacht styles, diverse locations, and a wide budget range.We were able to get a range of viewpoints that extended from first-time charterers to those with dozensof charters all over the world.

While the consistent message was that the crew were extremely good at what they did in a veryprofessional and fun manner (adjectives included but were not limited to: fantastic, extraordinary, great,solid, etc. etc.), the predominating theme was that Evan, Jalene and Lisa were super nice people andgreat to be around. They made the entire trip very special. The comments were delivered personally bypeople with whom we have very candid conversations. Their comments carry a great deal of weight. Amost compelling indicator of their satisfaction is that Jonathan and Melissa and each of their guestswould love to charter Enigma with Evan, Jalene and Lisa again and that they are already recommendingEnigma to their friends.

From our perspective such comments on the crew’s professional performance and their personalattributes say it all. We are extremely pleased. The guests’ positive comments on every aspect from theimmaculate fashion in which the yacht is kept, to the service, to Lisa’s amazing skills and especially tothe crew’s good nature ensure that we will continue to recommend Enigma and her crew for futurecharters with these and other clients.

We have copied Evan, Jalene and Lisa on this letter. I would appreciate it if you would forward a copy tothe Owner with our thanks for the entire Enigma team’s efforts in making such a special time forJonathan, Melissa and their friends.

Guests aboard ENIGMA in the Leeward Islands in January, 2015

The ENIGMA is a spectacular boat, but her real stars are the crew.  Evan, Jalene, and Lisa are a fantastic crew.  The service and the food were impeccable! Lunch and snorkeling on Sandy Isle, Anguilla, and evenings on the fly deck were some of the highlights, but every moment on ENIGMA was truly special. Thank you!
Kim & Rodney

We have chartered three times already and have some extraordinary experiences... None of them compare to ENIGMA.  It goes without saying that the boat is beautiful, she has everything you could want.  However, a charter is really “made” by her crew, and Evan, Jalene, and Lisa are superb, fun, smart, accommodating and Lisa is a whiz in the galley.  A wonderful experience all around.
L & L Cortes

Everything about ENIGMA was wonderful, from Evan’s great captaining with a smile to Jalene’s anticipating of all that would make our sail more fun and of course Lisa’s spectacular meals.  Thus a great crew on an amazing boat!  Thank you for all the memories.
Anita Corey

Evan, Jalene and Lisa,
Thank you so much for a truly super trip!  Five countries in 5 days, not bad.  This is our 4th excursion as a group and ENIGMA delivered in every way.  
Lisa - “That smells delicious!”
Evan - “Steady as she goes.”
Jalene - “like a busy bee.”
And of course ENIGMA - “We love you!”
Tom & Amy Beaumont

August 22-Sept 3 (Grenadines & Grenada - crew of 2)
What a great time on Engima.  Snorkeling, exploring deserted islands, experiencing the local atmosphere and relaxing on the boat.  Thank you for providing an amazing family vacation.  

August 12-19, 2014 (Grenadines-crew of 2)
Everything about our holiday has been magical... consistently because of  you, Evan and Jalene.  Your kind, easy nature, suggestions and cooking were all a joy.  Enigma provides comfort, style and luxury.  We'd like to think we'll be back soon.  Melly and Mauri (ps we miss the chocolate fairy already ;)

Name:  Maruizio & Melanie
Yacht:  ENIGMA with Evan Kazbohm & Jalene Szuba
Charter Dates:  August 12-19, 2014 - Area Cruised:  Windward Islands
Overall Rating:  5 (5 being the highest 0 being the lowest)

We hope your charter lived up to your expectations.  We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation.  Please answer the following questions and add any comments you may have.

1.  Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Very MUCH. Great team very professional and friendly.

2.  Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yes it was.

3.  Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes it was very comfortable.

4.  Was the food good and well presented?
Cuisine very good and up to our expectations

5.  Did you like the area you sailed?
Yes we knew it and we loved going back to it again.

6.  Additional comments on your charter?
Evan & Jalene are a perfect Crew.


April 4-14 2014 - BVI (2 families)
Enigma was an amazing experience!
p.e. I loved the water sports!

Mar 22-29 2014 - BVI
Enigma she is "fat lady! but a joy to spend time on relaxing and playing.

7-14 February 2014 - BVI
Just a quick note to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our time
aboard the Enigma.

25 January - 6 February 2014 - BVI
We will never forget our two weeks on the Enigma.  
What a great charter.  Unbelievable on board Enigma and perfect on all points.  Amazing equipment    

Xmas Charter  Family of 7 (ages 15 to 86 ), Dec 20 – 27, 2013 (British Virgin Islands)
Our trip on Enigma was wonderful.  
Enigma is a lovely catamaran and was very well suited for our needs.  As you know we were very concerned about accessibility for my older parents and the grand "owner's suite" was perfect for them. The other cabins were very comfortable and the rest of the boat very nice as well.  Having the extremely spacious fly bridge was a terrific bonus.
 The boat is very well equipped with all sorts of toys (paddle boards, kayaks, wake boards, snorkel, Hookah, scuba equipment, an underwater jet gadget that we took to calling the "James Bond" etc)  and they were all in good condition.

 Thanks again,
K. R

December 2013 - ARC+ Race

We did really nice and enjoyable ocean passage. By the way - we won the first place (ARC race). Everything was pleasant. 
Great trip to cross the Atlantic in luxury is a great experience.  Pity the wind dropped, but we still came 1st in the ARC Race!!!  Vernon
Thank you all!  You made our dream come true! 
Harry and Alexandra
October 26 2013
We loved our time aboard Enigma.  an excellent sailing experience.   Sarah and Luc
1st September 2013
I just want to thank you for the amazing days that I spent on board this big lady Enigma.  
Jose – Ville Franche sur Mer.

August 2013 - Mediterranean
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our recent experience on the Enigma.  The boat was fully loaded with all of the latest bells, whistles and toys and extremely exciting to be aboard.  We found Enigma to be extraordinarily majestic on the water, sail like a dream, and incredibly spacious.  Much to our delight, we could easily choose an area to gather and socialize, or a quiet place to relax and enjoy the calm serenity.  The sleeping accommodations were excellent, luxurious and comfortable, and the only thing that could get us out of bed was the promise of seeing a beautiful sunrise from the spacious deck.
Overall, our trip on the Enigma was truly one-of-a-kind.  We would highly recommend this charter to family and friends as it was a wonderful blend of luxury, excitement and relaxation.  Our time on the Enigma was truly fantastic and an experience that we won’t soon forget.
Kind Regards,
Mike and Blanche

ENIGMA Specifications

LENGTH 62ft (18.9m) BEAM 32ft (9.8m) DRAFT 5ft 5in (1.7m)
YEAR BUILT 2013 BUILDER Lagoon DESIGNER Van Peteghem / Lauriot Prevost
GUESTS 8 CREW Captain Eddie Reeves + 2 REFIT
SPEED 8kts / 16kts STABILISERS None FLAG Virgin Islands (British)
ENGINES Diesel 2x 150hp

ENIGMA Accommodations

ENIGMA can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins. The starboard aft Master cabin suite has 2 entrances (1 off deck and one from salon), a queen size walk-around bed, desk, 2 sinks, shower and toilet. The port aft cabin has 2 entrances (1 off deck and one from salon), walk around queen bed, shower and toilet.  The forward starboard cabin 'mini-suite' has a desk, island birth queen bed, shower and toilet.  The forward port cabin has an island birth queen bed, shower and toilet. ENIGMA is fully air conditioned through out. Crew has a separate head and shower on the port side amidship.


Main Salon

Main Dining

Master Suite

Guest Cabin

Spacious Decks


Aft Stairs to the Sea

Aft Aerial


Spacious Saloon

At Anchor

Main Salon 2

Aft Deck Dining

Guest Ensuite

Guest Queen

Underwater LED Lighting

Under Sail


Flybridge Aerial

Guest Cabin

Sailing into the sunset on Enigma

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