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98 ft / 29.9 m Ege Yat - Sleeps 12 guests

From: €14,500 To: €18,000

Chartering in the West Mediterranean

About MYRA

Operating in the West Mediterranean




Fore Deck

Fore Deck

Aft deck

Aft Deck

Aft Deck

Aft Deck

Side View

Side View

Side View

Deck View



98 ft / 29.9 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

8.5 kts / 15.7 km/h


Aifo Iveco 350hp


25 ft 11 in / 7.6 m


Ege Yat


Captain: Massimo Marci + 3



VAT Registered



9 ft 10 in / 2.7 m






US Duty Paid



  • TV saloon
  • Wi-Fi
  • Kayaks multiple
  • Water skis - adult

Crew Profile

Captain Owner M/ Myra , Schooner 28m.

Professional Experiences
Captain/Owner of Myra since 2003, when the boat was launched, she worked with Francesca Iacona, my wife with which I began a collaboration in 1984. The last professional experiences include three years on board Isla Negra a 20 mt Classic Motor Sailer and M/S Sacra Familia from the same owner. ( 1999 – 2002 )   From 1994 to 1998 worked as first mate on board ketch Sangermani Luna, and from 1988 to 1992 as captain on a 45’ sloop.

Experienced captain operating in charter yacht industry in the last 14 years Massimo sailed all over Mediterranean sea, Aegean sea and Caribbean.  He use to create a friendly and sobrius atmosphere, never forgetting the attention to details.  Good in fishing, spare gun, deep fishing and “professional fishing” he is a passionate Someiller, he loves cooking, crative and local one.

Massimo and Francesca will receive their guests on Myra and donate
them a relaxing and stressless vacation .

He speaks English and main interest are music and literature ( reading ). Another passion is selection of natural and biological products as the perfect ingridient for the pure and natural cooking art.

Extremely good sailor he started when he was child on optimist.

Francesca Iacona

Born in Napoli il 19 maggio 1961

Co-owner and stewardess on M/S Myra, shooner di 28mt.

Sharing the same experience and passion of her husband Massimo, Francesca loves take care of her guests. Specially the youngest one. He has 14 years experience in the charter market, the last ten on
board Myra. Really and strongly passionate for the sea life and
extremly good sailor, kind stewardess, attention to details are Francesca's characteristics.

She started very young sailing on the optimist and following the strong sailor family tradition. She became sailor instructor and he managed also a sailing school for children in Naples.

Favorite sport is swimming, where she received important competitive results.

She has a strong predisposition for welcome and assist her guests and sensibility in human relationship. She is Italian mother tongue and speaks English.

Antonella Buccino
Born is Naples 13 Febbraio 1969

Her incredible love for cooking started when Antonella was only 11 yo. Her passion became as naturalconsequence a job and she started a typical restaurant. Very fond of sailing she has participated in numerous races. Her passion for travel around the world has been aimed at the knowledge of othercultures, cooking and food.

She starter working on Myra in 2008 the relationship with the crew is not only professional but of respect and friendship bu creating an atmosphere of great harmony and serenity.

Antonella favorite cooking is local food, Mediterranean cooking, but creative and revisited. She pays great attention to the quality and freshness of the ingredients giving guests of Myra a culinary
experience of the highest quality.

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