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229 ft / 69.8 m Verkerk Yachting Projects - Sleeps 26 guests

From: $385,000 To: $425,000

Chartering in the West Mediterranean and the Caribbean


Operating in the West Mediterranean and the Caribbean

Master Cabin


Aft Deck




VIP Cabin


Fore Deck


Lounge Area



229 ft / 69.8 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

10 kts / 18.5 km/h


Caterpillar 3512 B DI-TA


40 ft 0 in / 12.2 m


Verkerk Yachting Projects


Captain: Sjoerd van der Berg + 18



VAT Registered



14 ft 5 in / 4.4 m






US Duty Paid



  • BBQ
  • Book library
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fishing gear - light
  • Jacuzzi in master cabin
  • Jacuzzi on deck
  • Cell phone
  • DVD library
  • DVD player saloon
  • Indoor audio system
  • Local TV
  • Satellite phone
  • Satellite TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Jet skis multiple (standup)
  • Tube - towable
  • Water trampoline
  • Wave runner (sitdown)
  • Windsurfer - Adult
  • Diving by arrangement

Crew Profile

General Manager

Jan Verkerk, Age 49, Dutch

Jan is managing MY Sherakhan for 6 years and prior to this he managed MY Jaguar for six seasons as captain. In his many experiences he saw that a happy and motivated crew immediately reflects on the quality of the service and the success of the charter for the guests. The quality of the charter is in very good hands with Jan as a manager. His way of working has always been to keep the crew happy and motivated and the result reflects immediately upon the guests. As he is aware of this secret ingredient he maintains the quality of his crew to give the best quality charters you can imagine. Now he has recently launched SY Lady Thuraya, which is more than a remarkable achievement. Being the heart and soul of MY Sherakhan, Jan Verkerk knows how to manage his crew to give the product everybody is looking for. Jan respects his team very much and will do everything to keep their spirit the way it is! Jan and his crew are looking forward to another fantastic season on Sherakhan!

Languages: Dutch, English


Sietske Vliegen, Age 38, Dutch

Sietske completed her education at the Maritime School in Rotterdam. To put into practice what she learned, Sietske started to work in 1999 sailing the oceans. She worked for 11 years and knows how to get things organized. When Sietske was offered a job as Captain on MY Sherakhan she really could not resist. And so her career started in the yachting world. Straight away during her first season Sietske showed to be a very competent captain for a yacht. This summer will be her third season on MY Sherakhan. Her biggest hobbies are sailing and inline skating

Languages: Dutch, English

Chief Engineer

Valeriy Ivanov, Age 35, Ukraine

Valeriy has sailed on many Dutch coasters ever since 2001. Before starting to sail he finished the Maritime Academy in Odessa in 2000. Valeriy is very precise and will make sure everything runs smoothly in the Engine Room. Besides maintaining and repairing he likes to listen to music, watch movies and is into programming computers.

Languages: Russian, English

First Mate

Willemijn Vogelsang, Age 28, Dutch

Willemijn has joined our crew 5 seasons ago and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team. She is very good spirited and motivated. She has completed Maritime University in Vlissingen and sailed for a while on the Stad Amsterdam. Not only does she like it on the water, diving is one of her favorite hobbies in which she has several certificates. Her profession also supports her in her other favorite passing time, which is travelling. Willemijn is a cheerful person to have around you and brighten up your day!

Languages: Dutch, English

Executive Chef

Ronald Pot, Age 37, Dutch

Starting his fifth season on board of MY Sherakhan. Ronald started out a hotel management degree and half way through decided that there was not enough cooking involved. Pursuing his passion of food he switched to obtain a degree in cooking. Whilst learning Ronald worked in several restaurant in the Netherlands including two with a Michelin star. After finishing his school he worked for 4 years with the famous Dutch chef Herman de Blijker in three of his restaurants: Foodies, de Engel and Hofstede Meerzicht himself in the position as sous chef. Wanting to expand his skills he found a job opening in restaurant Eten as a chef. Just before exploring the oceans Ronald worked as a chef in Dexkels. Besides his passion for cooking Ronald likes to snowboard, sail, fish and loves to travel. Ronald is extremely organized and creative.

Languages: Dutch, English

Second Chef

Frank Thijs, Age 35, Dutch

Frank is back on Sherakhan! Frank has worked several seasons on board. Working on shore for little over a year he is back to join the crew of the Sherakhan once more. At the age of 13 Frank started to work in one of the best restaurants in Holland, ‘Amsteleindse Hoeve’. Working here, the passion for the kitchen was aroused and Frank started his education three years later. Due to the education obligation he obtained experience working in various restaurants. Frank finished his education working in ‘Paradis de Pettelaar’, a Michelin starred restaurant and stayed there to work and became the sous-chef. After three years he started a new challenge at the best restaurant (‘Cordial’) in the province Noord-Brabant. Here he enjoyed working in all the facets a kitchen has to offer and is therefore an all round chef. During this time Frank also studied to become a Pastry chef, which he completed successfully. Wanting to look farther than the boundaries of Holland, he applied for a job in Copenhagen, Denmark, SAS Scandinavia as Patissier. After half a year in the Banquet Pastry department he worked his way up to the top restaurant in SAS Scandinavia. He worked mainly as Dessert chef and in his spare time again he worked all round. He quit after two years to work as a butcher in the most exclusive game and butcher shop just outside of Copenhagen.

In short Frank is an experienced all round chef with an extra love for the Pastry side of the kitchen.

Languages: Dutch, English, a little Danish and German

Assistant Chef

Michael Rodriguez, Age 32, Filipino

Michael started his nautical career in 2005 for Princess Cruise Liners. For four years he worked on this Ship as a butcher. Knowing he wanted to do more and go for a different adventure he applied for the Yachting industry. This way he became our assistant cook on board MY Sherakhan. Before he studied Computer Electronics, which he finished in 1997. Knowing he wanted to go nautical and loves to cook, he learned a lot in the several restaurants he has worked in the Philippines. When he is back home he loves to dance, listen to music and cook for his family.

Languages: Tagalog, English


Cees Laffra, Age 28, Dutch

First Cees studied at Nova College and earned his diploma as a First Mate. He continued his studies in the direction of marechaussee. Cees worked onboard of the Passe Partout for three years and in between he has renovated classic ships into their original state. He has over four years of experience in this and is a very skilled craftsman. Cees loves to windsurf, sail, motocross, wakeboard, mono ski, hang-glide and snowboard. A very active man indeed!

Languages: Dutch, English


Niceas Garte, Age 45, Filipino

When Niceas finished his Bachelor of Science Marine Technology at the DAVAO Merchant Marine Academy in 1992 his passion for a nautical career developed. From 1999 until 2009 he sailed only on the Dutch waters on Diamond, Wijnen Barends, Sea Shannen River and Eems Sprinter in the cargo industry. After these experiences he wanted to learn more and wanted to have a new adventure. Applied for Yachting and came on board MY Sherakhan. He is a motivated, hardworking man with always a big smile on his face.

Languages: Tagalog, English


Erwin Ledesma, age 36, Filipino

First of all, Erwin finished the Maritime School in the Philippines in 1998. He took a job on a passenger / cargo ship and worked there as a cook and deckhand. He did this work for 6 years. Erwin is a very dedicated man and one you can always count on! He is always smiling and nothing is too much for him. We are very glad that he is with us for the second year round!

Languages: Tagalog, English


Sietske Lips , Age 24 , Dutch

Sietske is very a versatile person. She has a bachelor degree. She has 10 years of experience in the hospitality and in between she also worked in the construction and as a Carpenter. All these jobs she did with equal pleasure. This season will be her second, willing to get some more experiences and see some more of the world. Sietske is full of energy and has found she can put this to very good use as deckhand. She even still has enough energy to entertain the whole crew! Besides working she likes to dive, go out and socialize.

Languages: Dutch, English


Alvin Bucot , Age 37 , Filipino

Rounded up his studies as marine engineer in 1995. He started working as a seaman on cargo ships and later as an engineer on cruise liners. This summer will be his second season on MY Sherakhan. He is a very smart and nice person to have on board. He knows everything there is to know about sailing, as this is one of his passions. Fishing and playing basketball are both activities he likes to do.

Languages: Tagalog, English

Second Officer

Kevin van Luijn , Age 25 , Dutch

Recently graduated from the Maritime School in the Netherlands (2010). During his education Kevin completed his traineeship onboard of the Holland America Line. In the past years he often worked on the Sherakhan when he had holidays from school. Now he is here to stay! Kevin built up a lot of knowledge of the ship and is an excellent tender driver. As a colleague Kevin is very social and a fine person to work with. He loves to sail, travel and wakeboard.

Languages: Dutch, English

Hotel manager

Nicky Fredriks, Age 24, Dutch

Nicky joined MY Sherakhan as an apprentice in 2008. After completing his education at the Hotel school, he came back to work in the service department. During this season Nicky also worked on SY Lady Thuraya. Excelling in his work he now is the Hotel manager of MY Sherakhan. Combining his passion for the hospitality with yachting is a dream come true. Nicky is very pleasant to work with and is great in motivating his team. He knows what people want and he knows how to organize this. Besides working with people he likes to practice water- and winter sports. Ever so friendly and always with a smile!

Languages: Dutch, English

Hotel Staff / Chief Stewardess

Manon de Wit, Age 23, Dutch

Manon started sailing in 2008 on board MY Sherakhan. Talk about spirit! This girl has definitely got it. She is a great entertainer and a talented musician. This makes her very good with entertaining guests on board. After her high school she has studied Social Studies in Amsterdam and International Business and Management Studies in Arnhem, but never completed the studies. She prefers to learn more than you can from only books, which she found in working fulltime. Manon has quite some experience in the hospitality industry and knows very well how to use this on board MY Sherakhan. Good laugh and endless energy!

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish

Hotel Staff/ Chief Housekeeping

Lieke de Jongh, Age 23, Dutch

Lieke has studied Hospitality Entrepreneur and Management. After finishing she went to work as assistant manager in a restaurant in Leiden. After that she worked in a restaurant in The Hague. This restaurant is very famous and is run by the chef who used to work onboard of MY Sherakhan. Back at home she decided she wanted to see more of the world and needed a change. Lieke works very hard and is always cheerful. Joining the carnival parade is what she likes to do back home and reading is also a way she likes to pass her time.

Languages: Dutch, English

Hotel Staff

Solveig yong, Age 24,Dutch

Solveig has finished a secretary degree. She has worked with a distributer as secretary and bookkeeper. Solveig was looking for a more challenging job and found it here on MY Sherakhan. She is very motivated and great in spoiling and pampering the guest with food and drinks. When not at work she likes to go out and she loves to shop.

Languages: Dutch, English

Hotel Staff/Masseuse

Ivana Matlovikova, Age 30, Slovakian

In the first season onboard MY Sherakhan, she also helped out during a charter on board of SY Lady Thuraya. This is her third season and she is completely dedicated to MY Sherakhan. She has many years of experience on sailing yachts and in the hospitality industry. Ivana is also a gifted diver. She is a lady with a lot of qualities and she will make your stay more than comfortable.

Languages: Slovakians, English, Dutch, German

Hotel Staff / Housekeeping

Joyce Magday, Age 27, Filipina

Joyce has quite an educational background. She achieved her bachelor of science in management. After this she completed a 4 years of Hotel and Restaurant Management. During which she did a traineeship at the Raginis Hotel as a chamber made. After completing her studies, Joyce worked in restaurants and hotels before joining a passenger ship. Now for the first season she is joining the Sherakhan. Joyce is a hard working lady! She loves to sing and dance in her free time.

Languages: Tagalog, English

Hotel Staff / Housekeeping

Elaine Ramos, Age 25, Filipina

Elaine completed a Hotel and Restaurant Management education. After this she had a year of training at the Sheraton Music City hotel. Her work experience is on board training and in the food service. When she is not on board she likes to play badminton and shop.

Languages: Tagalog, English

Hotel Staff

Lisette Vernooij, Age 25,Dutch

Lisette has a passion for her trade. This is to be found in the training she has done and in her work. She finished Management Academy, she is a wine specialist and is certified to guide trainees. She has work experience in hotel management and in restaurant management. Besides the hospitality she likes to kite surf, practice inline skating, shop and enjoy good food.

Languages: Dutch, English

Stewardess Laundry

Stase Vaitkeviciene, Age 62 ,Lithuanian

After bringing up her children, Stace started working in the housekeeping department in a restaurant in Klaipeda. In the morning she was cleaning the restaurant and in the evening she took care of doing the dishes. The crew of the restaurant saw her as their mum, as does the Sherakhan crew. She's mostly known as Mamita on board Sherakhan. A practical lady with practical solutions for all the housekeeping problems. A lady which cannot be missed on a yacht like MY Sherakhan. On board she is responsible for the whole laundry department since 2005 and helps her colleagues where ever she can.

Languages: Lithuania, Russian, English

Tom de Jong, Daphne Bakker and Camiel van Iwaarden are not on board yet. These profiles will come later.


SHERAKHAN can accommodate 26 guests in 13 cabins. The Master cabin has a king size bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. 6 Guest cabins have a king size bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. 4 Guest cabins have a double bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. 2 Guest cabins have a twin bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. SHERAKHAN is fully air conditioned through out. Crew has a separate companionway and heads.

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