48 ft / 14.6 m Privilege Yard - Sleeps 8 guests

From: $11,500 To: $18,150

Chartering in the Caribbean


Operating in the Caribbean

Sailing on Catamaran Belline II is like a magic carpet ride...

"On a cloud of sound

Any place it goes is right

Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here... " 


Her two hulls give space... speed and stability

Leave your stress, traffic jams, gotta-do’s, hafta-do’s and if you wish even your cell/mobile/wifi/keepintouch-devices behind and experience the richness of a lonely island, a quiet bay, a deserted beach on the fully equipped yacht.

Diving... off the yacht and into crystal clear, warm waters, blending into the world of stunning underwater playgrounds, showing the fish your big grin.

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating reefs still alive in the world today. Or even blow the first bubbles under water with your own PADI dive instructor.

During your sailing cruise you can enjoy all the on-board toys and top your vacation experience with our wakeboard, double seated kayak, fishing rods, aquanaut and much more activities tomake your sailing holidays a great success!

We love eating, so we love food - and we love to cook!  We are devoted to enjoying preparing new and different meals as well as the classic, traditional dishes. You will see how we can surprise you.

Belline II is perfect for a sailing vacation with both, friends and family. It’s Sun and Fun. Who knows, maybe soon you are sitting on deck with a cold drink in your hand! (and a big grin!)!!!

Belline 2 anchored off the Pitons, St. Lucia

Anchored just off the beach on Barbuda

Beach BBQ on Ronde Island, the Grenadines

A pod of Dolphins coursing before Belline's bow

Nighttime campfire on the beach on Barbuda

Plenty of diving opportunities

7 Miles of beach, Belline 2 on Barbuda

Belline 2's cockpit lounging and dining area

Belline 2's Saloon

Breakfast time on Belline 2

Forward starboard guest suite

Forward port guest suite

Relax and Enjoy - Lounging on the bow of Belline 2

The Grenadines - Only fresh fruits & veggies

Kiteboarding lesson near Necker Island, BVI

Strolling the beach in the Grenadines

Kayaking along the shore on Barbuda

Flycasting from the beach

All ages love the diving on Belline 2

Nature's wonderful menagerie, from Belline 2



48 ft / 14.6 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

7 kts / 13 km/h


2x Yanmar 50 HP


27 ft 10 in / 8.2 m


Privilege Yard


Captain: Arlette Wyss + 1



VAT Registered



5 ft 11 in / 1.5 m





United Kingdom

US Duty Paid




  • BBQ
  • Book library
  • Deck shower
  • Fishing gear - light
  • Hammocks
  • Special diets
  • Swim platform


  • CD library
  • Cell phone
  • DVD library
  • DVD player saloon
  • Indoor audio system
  • iPod dock


  • Beach games
  • Board games
  • Kayak
  • Mono ski
  • Tube - towable
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skis - adult


  • Caribe tender 13ft / 4.00m - 60hp engine


  • Insured for diving
  • 10 Scuba tanks
  • 8 Bouyancy compensators
  • 8 Regulators
  • 1 Compressors
  • Crew can instruct
  • Diving if certified
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Luxury charter yacht crew for BELLINE II
Captain: Arlette Wyss (25)
Captain: Arlette Wyss

Arlette Wyss – A Swiss Nature Child, accomplished Captain and passionate Dive Instructor, Arlette’s fun loving persona will guide & inspire you to unwind, explore & connect with the Caribbean

The innate love for nature began in her small hometown in the beautiful Swiss hills. At the age of 9 Arlette (25), had focused herself on her first passion, horses. This inspired her to become a certified horse trainer by the age of 20, specializing in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Meanwhile she traveled, working in Nevada as a cowgirl and compounding that passion in Brazil as a “gauchera” on a “facenda”. While travelling she traversed the Amazon, hiked through Iceland & New Zealand, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert and explored Greenland on a sailing expedition.

Yet nothing can beat the beautiful Caribbean and life on the water. Just a small child, she went sailing for the first time on Belline II with her family. Impressing on her so strongly to return again and again. More so to dream of a life in the Caribbean on this wonderful catamaran. The last 5.5 years on Belline II she has gained significant yachting experience, a Yacht Master license, a 50ft RIB license and VHF certification.

Arlette expanded her passion for the ocean by becoming a professional PADI Dive Instructor. She’s always happy to take you on a dive around the most stunning reefs of the Caribbean or even blow the first bubbles with you! All this outdoor fun and excitement can build quite the appetite. So Arlette’s previous experience in hospitality had her achieve a Swiss certification in professional bartending, presentation and service of drinks and snacks. A skill greatly adding to the chef’s cooking and the enjoyment of guests. Above all her happy face and smile are always there, even in moments when it’s hectic, and quick thinking and action are required. She is now comfortable running all boat duties, and enjoys keeping all water sports activities safe and fun.

Arlette has been dreaming and thinking of a new future with Belline, a direction of Adventure and Sports charters. A direction she strongly feels she can offer even more value in being the adventurous and sporty spirit she herself is. Adding that she has lately become addicted to Kite Surfing the direction became even more clear, to begin sharing this new love with guests as well.

So get ready to take part in an experience of the authentic Caribbean on the beautiful Belline II. Unwinding, dining and getting your adrenaline going when you so desire, be it sailing, kayaking, diving, kiting or a fun ride on the dinghy.

1st Mate: Jean-Pierre Greaux (33)
1st Mate: Jean-Pierre Greaux

JP Joined BELLINE 2 early in the year and has added a bit of local flair to the yacht, being born and raised on the island of Saint Martin. Growing up on or near the ocean, JP is a fun Loving, hospitality oriented person who loves cooking Caribbean dishes for new and exciting dining experiences. An avid fisherman, he loves catching and harvesting fresh ocean creatures to throw in the pots. We are very excited to have him on board and he has gotten rave reviews from guests on charters that he and Arlette have already done.

Chef & co-Captain: Walter Wegmann (61)
Chef & co-Captain: Walter Wegmann

Walter is a licensed captain and a certified mechanic from Switzerland. He always has a helping hand for other boaters, too! They call him, "Walter-will-fix-it".

During a very cold and rainy summer in Europe in 1987, Walter shruffed off the chill and flew off to the Dominican Republic for a dive vacation. He fell in love with the beauty of the Caribbean and stayed, opening one of the first European dive schools there. He never stopped dreaming from the perfect dive & relax vacation solution.

In '91 he sett foot the first time on Belline ll in France. After some customization work on her, Walter sailed through the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea, where he cruised along the French coast, the Spain's Balearic Islands, Gibraltar and then to the Canary Islands for the crossing of the broad Atlantic. 21 days later they were in the BVI. Walter and his crew thought they where the next Columbus in Paradise, when they found that the beer at Pusser's was only 5¢! (What they didn't know was, they had landed on a Thursday, when Pusser's Pub was celebrating a special "nickel-night").

Walter will be not only be your all-inclusive vacations charter yacht captain, but also your gourmet chef, as cooking is his true passion! Somebody even said: "You cook better than my mother!" That says everything, doesn't it?

During all this time Walter has hosted over 3000 guests and made lots of new friends, many returning year after year to enjoy their "dream come true" Caribbean vacation.


BELLINE II can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins.
The master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and manual head.
Another 3 cabins have a queen size bed, shower and manual head.
BELLINE II is fully air conditioned throughout.
Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.

Luxury charter yacht layout diagram for BELLINE II


New Years week, 2016/2017 guests said:

Arlette + Walti

Thank you for changing our perspective and our lives for the week whole! 
See you next time
BrianWe had the most Amazing trip and look forward to the next time. Cheers to healt and happiness in the new year!
Love AlisonI love my visit,

Love Adison

The Nolens & Smiths from Charlotte, NC

Thanksgiving week guests on Belline 2 said:

Arlette + Walti

We thouroughly enjoyed our vacation aboard the Belline, we had a wonderful trip.

Thank you for:- 

  • The welcoming champagne toast. 
  • The thanksgiving turkey
  • John's birthday dinner + cake.
  • Helping complete our PADI SCUBA certifications
  • Saving George's life by punching him in the stomach
  • Thanks for being such an amazing SCUBA instructor and making us feel comfortable diving the dives.
  • Willy T's, Soggy $ + Foxy's
  • Losing Belline 3 times in backgammon was... and winning her back 4 times
  • Sharing your life stories... and those of your family... Eddie, Ross, Jeff, Roger...
  • Awesome food
  • Sleeping under the milky way

Looking forward to our next Belline trip!

If I had one word to describe our experience it would be wow! The islands, the underwater adventures and we can't forget the weather! However, it was your energy, positivity and openness that mad this trip of a lifetime complete! We will never cherish our time with you both aboard the Belline II and hope that you two will enjoy some of our memories.
 There will also be those memories that will remain a little soggy. From the many shots aboard the drunken Willie T's, to the naked in 3.2 painkillers at Soggy Dollar bar. We cannot thank you enough. May our paths cross again, either in in the Caribbean islands or in Rhode Island!


John, Denise, George, Jenni, Dri, Karina, Hamilton and Brooklyn

Late Summer, 2016 guests on Belline said:

Dear Arlette and Walti, 

Thank you for the great vacation. We all had the best experience of our life. The boat was perfect for our family. We liked the layout of the boat. It was open and spacious and easy to get around. From our first meal to our last meal everything was amazing. The BBQ on the beach was very special. It was great to go were no one was around. We loved swimming around in the ocean and had fun with the inner-tube and aquanaut. The scuba diving was amazing and we got to see so many cool fish and coral, especially the lion fish. There was so much to see on shore as well, our favorite spots including Union Island and mainland Grenada. We were surprised with the amount of rain around Grenada and the Grenadines but we loved the warm wet weather. Some of our favorite memories were snorkeling in the Tobago cays with the turtels, riding the tube and eating dinner on Union Island. 
Again, the vacation was amazing and you two were outstanding hosts.

David, Ethan, Lee and Isabel.

Guests in the Grenadines for late July, 2016, said:

Lieber Walti, Arlette & Flo, 

Scho zum 2. mal hemmer uf de guete Belline wunderschöni Ferie dörfe erlebe!
Das mal simmer vo Martinique us bis da abe uf Grenada gseglet und au wenns chli anderst isch als d'BVI hets eus allne mega guet gfalle.
D'Highlights vo de 1. Wuche sind definitiv die grosse Teller gsi wo mer (bzw. zum glück au de Walti) versenkt hend. D'Flo mit de Jungs uf dem Kajak nahzzieh und die legendäri und unvergesslichi wanderig (4h statt 1.5h wo mer denkt hend)
Au i de 2. Wuche hemmer unvergesslichi Moment wie s'sushi esse, s'nachtschnorchle oder de usflug a eisem leider scho leste tag zu de seven sisters waterfalls dörfe erläbe.
Mier sind 2 wuche lang mit erstklassigem esse verwöhnt worde, hend viell vo eu dörfe lerne und sind immer wieder mal nöch bide iheimische gsi, was sicher alli interessant funde hend.

Mier hend unglaublich viell spass gha & danket eu allne für die unvergässliche Ferie!
We wish all of you only the best! 

Schühle's und Walder's

Summer, 2016 guests in the Grenadines said:


Gracias, Danke, Mercie Beaucuep!

To Walti, Arlette + Flo2 Wochen konnten wir (3 Kinder + 6 Erwachsene) Die Karibik, Kulinarische Köstlichkeiten, Outdoor - sleeping, Sonne, Regengüsse, Lachen, Schreien, Drinken, Tauchen, Rauchen ud eure (Gast-) Freundschaft Geniessen!

Fränzi, Aisha, Melanie, Joshua, Mike, Daniela, Oscar und Philip war auch dabei!

May, 2016 guests on Belline said:

Nach einer erlebnisreichen Anreise sind wir in Guadeloupe glücklich gelandet. Wir wurden von Walti mit einem breiten Lachen von herzen erwartet. Ein langer und abwechslungsreicher Segelturn von Guadeloupe bis Grenada nimmt heute leider seinen Abschluss. 
IN den drei Wochen war alles dabei: Hohe Wellen, Wind mit bis zu 36 knoten, Seekrankheit mit => Kotzen auf Back und Steuerbord, ging es vorwärts mit gehissten Segeln bis die Genua zerriss und Walti mich auf den Masten hissen lies. Auf Komando von Arlette lies ich die besgte Leine los und war damit sofort arbeitslos. Marcello und Walti mussten es dann regeln damit wir weiter konnten segeln. Kulinarisch wurden wir mit Menüs aus allen Ländern verwöhnt. Wein, Drinks und Rum genossen wir nur im Mass und hatten trozdem immer unseren Spass!!
Die Reise ist zu Ende, wir genossen es auf der Belline II von Anfang bis zu Ende. 
Herzlichen dank an das ganze Team!

Marcello, Patricia, Cornelia, Sven, Jimmy und Ann

April, 2016 guests in the BVI said:

An absolutly incredible trip filled with so much adventure and laughter. It's hard to beat a weeks worth of pricate beaches, amazing food and a wonderful crew! ARlette and Walter gave us a blissful week in paradise, we could not have asked for a better crew. Every place we went to became over favorite place, it's too hard to choose just one place. I don't think any vacation after this will be as amazing as this. It was so easy to just fall into beat life it will be hard to go back to our old life. 
We wish you all safe travels and great weather on Belline II.

The Shrim family

Phil, Claudia, Sarah, Ashley

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime, Walti and Arlette!

The places you took us to were absolutely amazing... all Paradise! We also loved getting to know both of you and hearing about all of your adventures. We could not have asked for a better crew and truly appreciate your incredible hospitality. I have a feeling this was only the first of many more travels on Belline II. Safe travels to you and we'll se you soon! 

The Stillson Family

Terri, Mike, Hannah & Ashley 

I will never forget about this amazing vacation spent on the Belline II. From private beaches to great food and funny shrimtalks at night, no vacation will ever compare to this. Every beach and island we went to were so amazing... and when I thought it couldn't get Better, it did!
save travels and we'll see you soon! 

Hannah Stillson (shrimp)

This has been the best trip ever! I loved very island that we went to. I hope that we can spend many more vacations on the Belline II
Thank you guys so much

Ashley Stillson

*In Forest Gump Voice*

Does anyone want some shrimp? We got spicy shrimp, sweet shrimp, sour shrimp, bitter shrimp, peanut butter shrim, pineapple shrimp, all kinds of shrimp you can imagine! Just we got no Tomatoes because tomatoes aren't healty! We also got Mexican, Italian, sushi, Hambuger. candy, chips cookies...
allt the food you can imagine! we don't make nothing with tomatoes though. No ketchup, no tomato sauce. But we got pesto and alfredo sauce! My shrimp are the freshest shrimp you can get bc they come from the ocean! What i do to find my shrimp is simply snorkel for them and put them in my shrimp bucket! Shrimp is my speciality. However, that's not the only seafood I sell. I also got clams, oysters, crab, lobster and every fish that lives in the ocean... Just NO TOMATOES!

But in the end, everything's just a shrimp. You're a shrimp, I'm a shrimp, everyone's a Shrimp! Belline II is even a shrimp.
 We want to sell as much shrimp as we can, so we mad a song and a dance move.

" Now watch me shrimp, now watch me shrimp shrimp. "Now watch me shrimp shrimp, now watch e shrimp shrimp.
Now i'll be right over with your shrimp. That was the sweet shrimp you said you wanted? Shine a light and ill come find you on my innertube and bucket of delicius shrimp"

Hannah and the Ashley's

Walti + Arlette

When we first set sail, you told me this was not a cruise but adventure. The word "adventure" does describe our experience. While i am thinking of our incredible voyage, I am feeling tears of happyness. The Belline II has became a home for us, and the crew will always be part of our family.
This week we have expanded so much, and I have seen that less is really more. It is that simple. Things that have made this the absolut best. I have seen my teenager daughters have been kids again. The family has growen together. 
I cannot thank you both enough! 
you truly are the Best! 

Mike Stillson

March, 2016 guests on BELLiNE 2 said:

Walti and Arlette,

Safe, fun, adventerous, good food, music, joy, color, nature, sun, shells, sea + Booze!
A Family adventure like no other!
Thank you sincerly Arlette and Walti for a trip of a lifetime.
We wish you sunshine, calm seas and a HERB GARDEN!
We hope our paths will cross again!

Love the McNally Family

Guests aboard BELLINE 2 in February, 2016, said:

Dear Walti and Arlette

This trip is always the greatest. It makes other vacations not worth taking! Thank you for being such incredible hosts and wonderful friends to us! We love coming and hate to leave. We will be back for more fun in the sun soon!

Much Love and thanks!

Michelle, Ian, Tum, Lynn, Bill, Stacy, Sarah and Martin

Quotes from the Boat:

"Hi, I'm Shellkat maby you've heard of me? I'm a 1 person party"
  • "It's monday and we allready lost all of our stuff!"
  • "I need a couple of strong guys to help me... you should ask Stacy!"

  • "Boom goes the dynamite!"
  • "Bill just pulled the plug on the super Bowl! What 's he doing back on shore anyway? Tell him we have mashed potatoes!"
  • "I would like to officially name this island shut up Stacy Island"
  • "Murder Island is scary but it has great sandwiches!"
  • "See Walti, I told you it's possible to spend 500$ at Willy T's!"
  • "I know you need it to sail, but can we keep this map as a souvenir?"

Best boat song = Son of a Bitch, give me a Drink!

Thanks for all the great memories!

p.s. If you fiend my other flipfloppy, I'll be back to collect it in 2018, 


Thanksgiving week "threepeats" in 2015 said:

Our 3rd trip to the BVI has been the best! wonderful water, amazing snorkling and diving. and even better that it was all shared with family! Thanksgiving truely was execptional and so much appriciated! The Belline proud to be a mighty ship and a wonderful experience. Thank you Walti and Arlette 

the O'Conners

Company details for BELLINE II

United Yacht Sales

110 SW Atlanta Avenue




BELLINE II running shot
Available in 1 area
48 ft / 14.6 m
Guests 8
From $11,500

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