55 ft / 16.8 m ETA Yachts - Sleeps 8 guests

From: $16,500 To: $21,450

Chartering in the Caribbean


Operating in the Caribbean

Your Yacht has been specifically designed and custom built exclusively for your comfort on charter.
Your Hosts have set the standards for experience, skill and professionalism. Once aboard you'll find an enthusiasm for fun that will capture your days.
Your Vacation will be tailored to your dreams. It will be the vacation of a lifetime, unless you are lucky enough to come back again next season!



55 ft / 16.8 m

Year Built


Sleeping Guests


Cruising Speeds

9.7 kts / 18 km/h




28 ft 10 in / 8.5 m


ETA Yachts


Captain: Kristian Soendergaard + 1



VAT Registered



4 ft 11 in / 1.2 m


Alex Simonis




Virgin Islands (British)

US Duty Paid




  • BBQ
  • Deck shower
  • Fishing gear - light
  • Special diets
  • Sun cushions
  • Swim platform


  • CD library
  • Cell phone
  • DVD library
  • DVD player all cabins
  • DVD player saloon
  • Indoor audio system
  • TV all cabins
  • Wi-Fi


  • Board games
  • Floating Mats
  • Kayaks multiple
  • Mono ski
  • Swimming noodles
  • Tube - towable
  • Wakeboard
  • Water skis - adult


  • Inflatable tender 13ft / 4.20m - 40hp engine


  • 12 Scuba tanks
  • 8 Bouyancy compensators
  • 8 Regulators
  • Crew certified
  • Diving if certified
  • Snorkelling gear

Crew Profile

Luxury charter yacht crew for BREANKER
Captain: Kristian Soendergaard
Captain: Kristian Soendergaard

Kristian is by all rights a master shipwright, having operated his own yacht repair and wood working shop for years, though his education led him to fine arts, especially in art weaving. Kristian also has a passion for water sports, especially diving, and he is happy to share the fascinating marine life of the Caribbean with guests. Marianne and Kristian look forward to making your cruise aboard Breanker the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever.

Chef / First mate: Marianne Rasmussen

Marianne holds an International Yacht Master 3rd Degree license, and Kristian holds an International Yacht Master 1st degree license. Marianne also has a university degree in education, and is a master of the art of canvas work and upholstery, having owned her own canvas and sail loft for a number of years. Her father was a chef, and Marianne was brought up close at hand and instilled with a love of cooking and a keen interest in fine cuisine. Their extensive travels have only served to broaden Marianne’s culinary horizons and gourmet options, creating mouth-watering delights for the many guests she has welcomed aboard for the past many years.


BREANKER can accommodate 8 guests in 4 cabins. The Master cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet. 2 Guest cabins have a queen size bed, bath/tub, shower and toilet. A Guest cabin has a queen size bed, shower and toilet. BREANKER is fully air conditioned through out (there is a small additional fee for A/C all-night). Crew has a separate companionway, heads and shower.

Luxury charter yacht layout diagram for BREANKER


Early February, 2018, charterers on BREANKER said:

We had a blast, the best food, drink and company. Thank you for making this trip to the BVI’s the best possible. May the wind continue to be at your back and the sun on your faces.
Love Ya! Jubal
Kristian and Marianne. Thank you for a memorable week in the lovely BVI’s. Food and service was fantastic.
To Mr. K and Mrs. M.
Thank you for being an amazing couple, caretakers and now new friends. You have shown me a new wonderful world and moreover I have enjoyed each and every second of the experience. Thanks for expanding and blessing my world.
Cheers to the next trip, Jessica.

Late January, 2018, charterers aboard BREANKER, said:

Kristian and Marianne,
Sheryl and I were invited on a charter cruise with our friends. Little did we realize we were just being invited to spend a week with friends we hadn’t met yet… in their beautiful home with amazing food and drinks and wonderful stories. The trip was no pressure, no demands, as if we were old friends getting together for a week. We were guest instead of customers. And we intend to come back to see our old new found friends. Two people we were meant to meet. 
Good friends have good friends… and now you are our good friends as well. And by the way, thanks for letting us sign the book.
Thanks you for all you do and all our love, Sheryl and Ed.
I was lucky enough to know Cheryl and Don Wegner, and even luckier that they invited me along on one of their awesome adventures! I instantly felt welcome in your home and found the accommodations to be beyond my expectations. I was VERY well feed, VERY well attended too – and I wanted for nothing. Your expertise with the BVI’s made me feel safe. It was the best vacation I have been on! Thank you for taking me on this great adventure.
Xoxo Margy
Kristian and Marianne. This is our 4th time aboard, and we never get tired of you! Again your amazing hospitality, sailing skills and great food made for another wonderful BVI trip. Now we add to the list of compliments, your survivor skills. Winds tore both the awnings – and out comes the sewing machine to fix them! WOW – you’re prepared for anything! And I have to mention how impressed we were that you two can sew together – quite the teamwork! 
Till next time – xoxo Cheryl and Don

Wow!  Is that a record? 25-times (!!!) charter guests on catamaran BREANKER with Kristian and Marianne in January, 2018, said:

Dear Kristian and Marianne. 
These past two weeks has flown by. It is hard to believe that we have been on 25 charters with you guys since January 2000 aboard Casador. Keith Berger really summed up well why we keep coming back – Breanker is a great boat, you guys do a great job with such ease. It is a privilege to call you “friends”. Thank you for being our home base since our home in St. John was severely damaged by hurricane Irma. We have been able to get a lot accomplice in a short time.
We are thankful that Breanker survived both Irma and Maria and is in such a good shape. We really enjoyed our time onboard and look forward to # 26! 
May the rest of your season be blessed!!
Much love 
Martin and Jodie


Marianne and Kristian. 
Thank you for such a beautiful week. To be with you on Mart and Jodie’s 25th trip with you was special. As I look back on the week a few things come to mind…. There is a way to know someone by simply watching what they do. In this past week it has been a work of art to watch you both. You are amazing craftsmen in all the parts in your work and service: Economy of motion and grace with the boat, exquisite dishes on the table, attentiveness to the smallest of details in every way. That kind of pride in your craft is beautiful to see and a real part of the joy in the trip. But then there is the ease of friendship and laughter with you that makes the trip unforgettable!
Thank you so much for letting us into the stories of your life on boats and the glimpses into your home in Denmark. We have rarely felt more “at home” with people we just met. But thank you for a beautiful week. Breanker is a beautiful boat and you both are a grace to the islands.
Thanks again,
Keith and Page

25 times on charter with Kristian and Marianne - This calls for champagne!


Late April, 2017 guests on BREANKER said:

Marianne and Kristian, 
I truly don’t know where to begin; To try and share my thoughts and feelings abut this past week would take me “pages”! Without a doubt this is OUR BEST FAMILY VACATION EVER! From the beautiful boat to the incredible harbors, snorkeling adventures, boat jumping, tubing, family swimming and so much more – it was all over the top! And what can I say about our meals…. your cooking was FANTASTIC! You both did everything possible to make our family experience onboard the Breanker truly special – and it was! I have never had so much fun and relaxed so much all at the same time. As I stand above – I can go on pages…. Tarpon, sea turtles, pirate show, Honeymoon Bay, sunsets, bubbly pool, kayaking and trail hiking!! Please understand that as I write this and reflect on our week, literally have tears in my eyes thinking about all the wonderful family memories that we made here. Jack, Phillip, Ashley and I will cherish this experience forever. It was also a true pleasure to get to know you and Kristian. Thank you for the hospitality and new friendship forayed… Good luck with your Denmark project and I wish you safe travel home!We will defiantly be back for another Breanker adventure! Thank you again for this incredible experience. 
God Bless, With love,
John, Ashley, Jack – 10 and Phillip – 7

My highlight was snorkeling; I had so much fun at Buck Island with the sea turtles. JackI enjoyed snorkeling at Peter Island. 
Love, Phillip

Early April, 2017, guests aboard BREANKER said:

Marianne and Kristian,
I started this trip at a 0 out of 10. I was terrified of the ocean and apparently had a large seasickness that I did not know of. I couldn’t look at an ocean swell without being scared and my heart beating fast. The first morning when I woke up and threw up for 30 min. off the side of the boat really solidified to me that I shouldn’t be on the water. However, all I needed was a day and you guys made me feel so at home, (ocean included). Somehow with your guidance, and calm, cool collectiveness, I was able to ease my way into the ocean and overcome (not all the way) my fears. I saw dolphins, swam with turtles, heard “shark” and got out of the water (Thank Good), and so much more. The food was incredible and the company of you guys was so much better. Wish you nothing but the best!
Xoxo Kelly – (the girl that was scared of the ocean) 

Marianne and Kristian, 
Thank you so much for our second charter experience. We loved the USVI way better and this was the perfect week away. Thank you for you hospitality and for keeping our bellies full. As always the food was amazing. I feel this trip was extra special given all the animals we got to see – sea turtles, an octopus, a sand shark etc. The jumping stingray was also amazing! Since our sister and brother in law missed the trip due to their Breanker baby, we will be back again soon! Have a safe travel to Denmark and enjoy your time off with your family! Wishing you all the love and happiness.
Joe and Lauren 

Kristian and Marianne, 
Lighting does strike twice! This our second trip with you and again the adventure was one to remember. I especially appreciate the way I can share with you what our family likes to do and you then take us to the place where that vision becomes reality. Private beaches, coral reefs, hiking trails, visiting old plantation ruins, and spending a night listening to live music in a cozy island bay bar! More happy days to you both.
Dan and Linda

Guests aboard catamaran BREANKER in mid-March said:
Dear Kristian and Marianne, 
Dave and I would like to thank you for your graciousness this week – we loved spending the time on Breanker with you both as our hosts. It’s difficult to have four couples with different needs and expectations, but you managed to make it all seem seamless and to make each couple feel completely spoiled. And as special as this past week has been, with so many fun and different moorings, I think that the one thing we will treasure most is meeting the two of you and getting to know you. We wish you the best in the future adventures and truly hope to be able to spend more time with you on Breanker again!
Hugs to you both, 
Dave and Susan
Kristian and Marianne
WOW what a wonderful week! We greatly appreciate your hospitality, flexibility and unfailing good humor this week. The food was marvelous, the boat and the amenities perfect – you just made it seem so easy. THANK YOU for a perfect week and we look forward to joining you here on Breanker again in the future. In the meantime we will follow you on the net and wish you safe travels and fair weather. Thank you again for everything.
Brian and Heather.
Dear Marianne and Kristian, 
The two of you have given us a trip of a lifetime.I say, as we won’t be back! But we WILL! Your command of your boat, incredible service and fine dining has given us a wonderful experience. We are so grateful! Being boat people, we understand the work and concern you have to have to run a week with us charter folk. We were able to relax – 100% confidence in you both. Some thing new for us for sure. You both have been so genuine – we love you and welcome you in to our family! We know for a fact that we will continue to be in touch. Our lives are now intertwined. So…. until we meet again…. Stay healthy and strong! Keep eating your healthy food and drinking water!
Love to you both, 
Ted and CJ
Dear Marianne and Kristian, 
We had such a wonderful time on board your beautiful boat. It was a trip of a lifetime. We loved all the wonderful food and great wine. You both are so wonderful and you made us feel so much at home. We will follow you on FB. Let’s keep in touch and we will be back again. Thanks for all the great memories. We love you both.
P.S. Come and visit us in Destin. We would love to have you both. We will take you out on our boat.
Larry and Beverly.

Early March, 2017 first-timer charter guests from Minnesota, Florida and Alaska on catamaran BREANKER said:

We can’t say enough to express the wonderful hospitality, culinary and sailing expertise! Of Marianne and Kristian - They keep such a clean boat and clearly they are so organized with their years of chartering. We felt so pampered with food, drink, dinghy-shuttle and tour guiding by these lovely warm people. I can only hope that we might be able to come again on a charter with Kristian and Marianne. Oh, and it was so fun for snorkeling! We loved the Bath and the Dogs Isle for this the best.If you EVER decide to enjoy seeing Minnesota in the summertime – we would LOVE to host you - In fact, we would include some boat time of the St. Croix River too! I hope we keep in touch for a very long time.
P.S. I hope they do not have a bouncer who will force/through us off the boat! 
Cyndi and Steve
Today is our final day in our precious 7 days!
We had a wonderful time exploring the islands and swimming in the beautiful blue water. Before we came we thought we knew about the treasures here in the USVI and BVI… We thought is was the brightly colored fish, amazing beaches and the crystal clear water. It turns out the real treasure was the friendship we now have with Marianne and Kris. We will cherish our time spend with them and look forward to our return trips. Thank you 100,000 times.
Chris and Helen
Kristian and Marianne, 
Thank you so much for a wonderful week! This was our first time on a sailing charter and the experience has been fantastic! As a matter of fact – this was our first trip – big trip – as a couple and we didn’t break up! We will be talking about all of our adventures, the beautiful sights we got to see, the fantastic food Marianne prepared for EVERY meal, the comfort of Breanker, our knowledgeable captains and all of the wonderful memories we made with our friends. Thank you so much for all your hospitality and sharing so much information about your selves and the BVI and USVI! It has been a vacation of a lifetime!
Steven and Mary

Late February guests aboard catamaran BREANKER said:

Kristian and Marianne. 
Words are inadequate to capture our feelings regarding this trip. Don and I have never been on any type of cruise but after hearing all about you from Cyndi and David, we truly wanted to experience you and the Breanker. It so far exceeded our expectations that we are still trying to process the whole experience. You have both made us feel that if Breanker was our home, as well as yours. We relaxed, saw crazy beautiful bays and islands and had absolutely fantastic food!! Snorkeling for the first time was a great experience and we can truly not wait to come back and move in with you again! We are still waiting to be adopted… We hope to see you soon (April?) Hopefully you will be doing this for a very long time!
Lauri and Don 

This past week has been one of the best of our lives – we appreciate the effort and passion you put into every detail. And thanks for allowing us to be the first drone flight of the Breanker – can’t wait to share the footage! You both are amazing!
Debbie and Jeff 

3rd time repeats said:
Kristian and Marianne this was our third charter on the Breanker and we had an absolutely fabulous time. Kristian and Marianne are the most welcoming and enjoyable hosts – we would not ever consider chartering with anyone else. They always go out of their way to make sure that their charter guests have a wonderful time. Marianne’s cooking is spectacular and the meals are healthy too! Although this is only our third charter it feels like we have known Kristian and Marianne for 10 years. We had such fun every night laughing until our stomachs hurt. The trip was pure joy for us. We are so relaxed and happy that we do not want to leave the boat. We will most definitely charter with them again. Thank you both for making our trip so enjoyable and memorable.P.S. Also I meant to mention that Kristian and Marianne keep Breanker in such good condition. The boat is always immaculate.WOO HOO! We want to do 10 days next time!
David and Cindy

Late January, 2017 guests aboard BREANKER said:

Dear Kristian and Marianne.
This was our introduction to catamaran sailing and WOW was it great. From the wonderful food to the beautiful sites, it was our greatest relaxing vacation we have ever taken. You two made the experience all the more special with wonderful Happy Hour drinks and snacks. But perhaps the best part of the trip were your warm hearts and great stories. You made this vacation personal, relaxing and most of all fun! Thank you again for helping us renew friendships, make new friends, eat fabulous food in beautiful locations and experience life in the BVI. You have made this experience truly great.
Love, Dave and Tonya 

Kristian and Marianne. 
Thank you for a wonderful week! It was so relaxing! The bays were the most beautiful. The very best part of this trip were both of you! We loved every moment we got to spend with you. Your stories were fun and very entertaining! Thanks for making us feel like a part of your family. We are already planning to come back in 2019! See you soon!
Steve and Karie 

Holy cow! Where do I begin! We will begin with the crew. You two are nothing short of amazing. You work together so well that we can’t really tell which one of you are in charge! J The food and wonderful company really did make the trip complete….because the place is the most beautiful on earth. A trip like this has always been a dream of ours and we were not disappointed. We (as you know) are now figuring out how we can get back here. We hope you will continue to charter forever, because now we have discovered sailing – we do not want to do it with anyone else!!
W/love Ron and Liz

23rd Charter! WOW! Guests aboard catamaran BREANKER for their 23rd charter with Marianne and Kristian said...

Dear Kristian and Marianne, 
Well, on our 23rd trip now you are still introducing us to “firsts”. The overnight in Honeymoon Bay with the world-class musicians on Water Island was fantastic. It’s very rare (unheard off) to go to Carnegie Hall in shorts and flip-plops! And then to Maho Bay on St. John to Marina Cay to Leverick. Thank you for joining us at Hog Heaven – what a view! Then to Anegada – thank you for spending the afternoon at Loblolly Beach, gorgeous, especially watching the breakers on the reef. Back on Breanker for snacks and adult beverages – I still can’t believe that sunset – incredible!! Have you ever seen the ocean that still? 30 feet of water and we could see the starfish on the ocean floor. Long smooth ride to Green spit Friday, another first with the wind mostly from the northwest. Then our last night on board anchored in front of the Bee Line. Okay, so I’ve written too much. It was a great trip! Oh, and the food, as always, was gourmet. Hope to be with you guys again soon!
Martin and Jodie
P.S. I forgot to mention the lobster dinner with you guys at Anegada Reef Hotel – It was wonderful! Thanks again.

January, 2017, guests on BREANKER said:

Dear Kristian and Marianne. 
This trip has been the most wonderful trip that Scotty and I have ever been on. The boat, the food, sights, company have all been outstanding. The diving and snorkeling have been exceptional. Thank you for bringing us to the full moon party it was a blast. Thank you both so much for taking such good care of us. We hope to sail with you again 
Scotty and Cindy Jo 

Kristian and Marianne. 
Shawn and I feel so blessed to have met you two. You are living a life most dream of!! We know it is hard work and the sacrifice you give to provide us a wonderful vacation. Thank you so much for sharing your time, boat and lifestyle with us. The food is amazing, sights beautiful but most of all the new friendship we have with you. This was truly our best trip ever and I can’t wait to come back!! What an awesome time we have had!  Thank you again!
Shawn and Leigh

New Years celebrants on catamaran BREANKER said of their week aboard:
Dear Kristian and Marianne. 
This was the BEST trip! Everything about it was perfect – the food, the places we visited and the company! I can’t wait for the next trip down here to do more exploring.

Kristian and Marianne. 
Thank you for the best vacation ever! It was so relaxing and everything you did added to how amazing it was. Hopefully we will see you again.

Happy New Year! 
This was a wonderful treat to meet you, enjoy your knowledge and hospitality and welcome 2017 with you at the Bitter End Yacht Club. Thank you for a terrific introduction to the BVI’s. We look forward to our next trip!

Thank you for a fabulous week. Breanker is so comfortable and well-kept, your pride in your boat is evident! We appreciated your local knowledge and perfect suggestions for our itinerary. The meals astounded us every time – so delicious, great variety and where did you store all the food that kept on appearing? Your calm gracious demeanor and hospitality was the biggest highlight. You made us feel at home and took the best care of us. Thank you for an incredibly memorable vacation. We will be back!

Thank you for such a fun and relaxing vacation! The food was perfect and the rum punch was hard to beat. You are the perfect host and hostess.

Dear Kristian and Marianne.
I cannot begin to thank you for the most amazing experience. I never thought that I could be brave enough to sail for a whole week. You made this week so incredible amazing for me! The food was so incredible, and all of our destinations were stunning. You two are so wonderful and I will never forget you. Thank You! I can’t wait to sail with you again.

Thank you guys for the best trip ever. I love you and this boat and the BVI’s and wish you were my grand parents. We will be back. Hadley

Kristian and Marianne. 
Thank you for the most amazing trip! It would not have been the same without guys! I hope we will be back to see you soon!!
Xoxo Isabelle

3rd timers aboard catamaran BREANKER for Christmas week, 2016, said:
We are all so happy to share Christmas with you. Our kids have the best memories from each time on your boat.  Such a great Christmas! We decided that our best trips are on the Breanker! Looking forward to our next trip!
I’m privileged to say I’ve had 3 trips of a lifetime in only my so far short one. Thanks for making each time better than the last .
Much love, 
Every time our family come to stay with you guys we have a great time. I am so glad that me and my family was able to have the pleasure of spending another vacation with you. I look forward to when I will see you again.
I love being on your boat during the cold months back home. The food is always amazing – I can’t wait to come back.
The 3rd time out on the Breanker. My family and I enjoyed hospitality of Marianne and Kristian. They are charming, accommodating and very knowledgeable. For us, the best Caribe experience is on Breanker – We will be back – Thank you Marianne and Kristian for another wonderful trip in Paradise.

6-time repeat guests aboard catamaran BREANKER wrote:

Kristian and Marianne, spending a week on Breanker is like coming home for us! I don’t even remember how many times we have been here but you just can’t get rid of us. As always, this week was fantastic – even though we got in troubles for leaving our portholes open – (on the sail back from Anegada). Next time we promise to keep ALL our stars!
Bill and Dee 
2-time repeats -
Dearest Kristian and Marianne. 
Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed our second time around even more than the first – and we weren’t sure that was even possible – food was incredible – and thank you for introducing us to Little harbor – a new favorite! We hope to be back sooner than later…
Dean and Terrie – the only ones left with 5 stars – xxo! 
Kristian and Marianne thank you for giving us a wonderful vacation. The food was the best ever!! We loved all the places we saw, the ones we saw before and all the new ones. This was a trip of a lifetime for us. Good luck and we hope to see you again.
Jack and Patti 
3rd timers -Kristian and Marianne – Boarding Breanker and seeing you two again was like arriving at my “home away from home”. Your gracious hospitality, cooking and sailing skills are unsurpassed! Loved the sail to Anegada and snorkeling at little harbor. Many thanks to you for a wonderful vacation!
Sheryl and Don

Repeat guests for early April, 2016, on BREANKER said:

Dear Kristian and Marianne, thank you for an amazing week! We love the time we have spent with you and can’t wait to come back. Love the hot water; flush anytime toilets and all the diet coke J ! We will be back and send our friends and family. Maybe we will come with Mike next year. Don’t retire too soon. If you are ever near SLC, come and visit.
David and Kristel 
What an awesome trip!! Kristian and Marianne have been absolutely wonderful! We appreciate their kindness and their great sailing skills. Thank you for showing us such beautiful places. We loved the dives, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and just plain relaxing. What a great setting to do these things. And what fabulous cooks!! Thank you for a wonderful week!
Jerron and Melanie 
What an amazing trip! Every expatiation was met and beyond. Thank you both for sharing your beautiful boat with us for a week and sharing your life adventures. What a story the two of you have together!! Incredible food! Truly a once in a lifetime experience for us. Safe sailing!
Ryan and Irene 
WOW! Thank you for an amazing week! You two are unbelievable – great food, great touring, and great diving! We feel so privileged to get to join you on your amazing adventure! You two are an inspiring team. Brad LOVED the bone fishing – I loved everything! You made us feel so at home – just can’t say enough about this trip! Definitely excluded my already very high expectations. Try Again!!
Brad and Kimberly

Five-time repeat guests aboard catamaran BREANKER in late March and early April, 2016, said:
Marianne and Kristian. 
Once again you have outdone yourselves in making our trip enjoyable. We feel like you are part of our extended family now! Each of our five trips with Kristian and Marianne has been spectacular – great folks, food, scenery and company. Our family trip was enjoyed by all. Little harbor has the very best snorkeling and is Marianne’s favorite spot. Riley exceeded on the paddleboard and John made a valiant effort. All agreed that White Bay was the best beach in BVI. We have remained friends over the years and value our relationship with Kristian and Marianne.
Harold and Julie

Dear Kristian and Marianne, thank you for a wonderful week at sea. The views were incredible as well as the boat. This was a very unique experience for Riley and I. You made us feel very welcome and at ease. The food was awesome and I enjoyed trying out new things! We will keep up with you on Facebook.
Donna and Riley, John and Jennifer.

Early March, 2016 guests aboard BREANKER said:

Kristian and Marianne, where do I start? This has been a wonderful week. From the moment we stepped onboard our every need and want has been taken care off. All meals were wonderful, coves spectacular and the company was great! It will be extremely hard to step back into reality next week. Thank you for a wonderful trip!!We look forward to returning!
Michelle and Richard

Kristian and Marianne, 
It is hard to describe in words how wonderful this past week has been. It truly has been a dream vacation! Your hospitality and all your efforts to provide such an exiting and wonderful week is so appreciated! Our meals were delicious and served with such beautiful flair. 11 years ago Rex and I were in Tortola and saw boats like this in various areas we visited. It looked like the guests were having so much fun. Even with such a memory I could not imagine just how wonderful this week truly would be! It has been a trip of a lifetime!! 
Thank you!!
Rex and Susan 

Kristian and Marianne, from the moment we stepped onboard have been amazing! Our rooms were very comfortable and clean. The food was incredible…. Every meal was wonderful. Beautiful snorkeling and sailing was great. What we liked most was the personal experience with both you and Kristian. This was a once in a lifetime but hoping to do it again soon. Thanks so much for the great hospitality and experience.
Michael and Jennifer

Guests aboard BREANKER in late February, 2016
Kristian and Marianne.
On behalf of all of us, I will start by saying thank you a million times for such a great week! You are masters at your craft and have toured and fed us to an incredible state of bliss. Clada and I have done this several times before and you have raised the bar, to a new and very high level…. Thank you so much!Your boat lay out is out of this world!!!
Chic and Clada 

Kristian and Marianne, thank you for a fabulous week! Every thing was first class. It was my first crewed charter and I shall never ever bare boat again.
Mange tak, Sherry 

Kristian and Marianne, thank you for a week in Shangri-La!! Smooth sailing, DELICIOUS food, always a smile and great stories. The Breanker is Heaven. You showed us the best BVI, but your warm style added to the special feeling. It was an absolute pleasure to sail with you – many, many taks!
Stacy and Dave 

What an amazing time we have had. We were the virgins to the BVI but what a fab boat, crew and crewmates we have had. Amazing experience. Kristian and Marianne made our maiden voyage in BVI that will last forever and we hope we will return again. (If you will have us). The boat is perfect – great comfortable accommodation – fantastic trampoline-sundeck – the biggest of our flotilla of boats. Thanks you guys – true hosts!
Happy sailing, 
Steve and Anne

Multiple repeat guests aboard BREANKER - January 28,2016 – 16 YEARS!!!! – 20 TRIPS?
Well, Kris and Marianne, we made it back!! One of these times we actually have to count the number of trips we have made with ya’ll. It’s been 16 years now since our first and quiet a few times we have been lucky enough to be with you more than once a season!As always, the time this year was amazing! Laid back for us this time – no snorkel or swim trips which was just what we needed!Getting us to our favorite anchorages in time for cocktails, lobster dinner at Anegada Reef, special time with you both on Cow Wreck beach, Anegada, Marina Cay, Peter Island, lunch at The Top Of The Bath – all new wonderful memories to add to our own list.Time on Breanker is always so special – the hospitality, the food – amazing – always SO GOOD, comforts of home and we are always still so pampered and cared for!We truly love you guys and hope to add to our memory and many more times on Breanker!! If not once more this season, hopefully next!!Thank you again for ALL you do and for always making us feel so special!!
Much love Martin and Jodie

From guests aboard BREANKER for New Years 2015/2016:
Thank you for your hospitality, experience and wonderful meals. We enjoyed every minute of our time on Breanker. One of the best holidays we have ever had!
Gordon, Donna, Emma and Ethan 
So thrilled that our first introduction to the BVI was on board the Breanker. We loved celebrating the New Year at Foxy’s, exploring great snorkeling spots and soaking up the sun in the trampoline! The eight of us had a fantastic vacation. We are all well rested and well fed. Thank you!
Bill, Sheila, Riley and Grace
 Thanks Marianne and Kristian for everything! Sorry we kept on forgetting to turn off the fans. We loved all the delicious meals you made for us (gluten-free too!) Yum.  J Agreed I think I gained 5 pounds!! But you kept us busy snorkeling and enjoying adventures both on land and in water! So thankfully I lost these 5 pounds! If you are ever in the Boston area be sure to reach out to us J we would love to show you our home too. Even though the weather there is probably as cold as Denmark. Thank you again, you really made our time in BVI special!
Riley (19) and Grace (18) 
Marianne and Kristian. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! You took us on so many adventures that we’ll never forget. I said it every time I passed the galley, and every time each meal was served but the food was AMAZING!!! Not only did we have a great time, but we learned so much about the BVI, sailing and your Danish culture. Thank you both for these amazing memories that we’ll hold dear to our hearts.
Much love 
Emma (15) 
I loved being onboard the Breanker. Some of the best days I have ever had. Weather was relatively good J the food was amazing. I had a fun time doing one of my first salt water dives with Kristian (our amazing captain). Checked out some great spots, meet some nice people….and had a great time!Ethan (13)P.S. Thanks for the food Marianne and the dive Kristian and every thing to the both of you!

Guests aboard BREANKER in early December, 2015
Dear Marianne and Kristian. 
This has been an amazing week!!! The hospitality, the food and the sights were GREAT!!!
hank you, Helen and George.
P.S. Come and visit us in Lake Lure 

To great hosts!
We came as a group of 8 friends from Lake lure. We sometimes call ourselves “Lake Lure Locusts” because we came as a swarm. I was not sure what to expect, but I will never forget the great times we had during our 8 days. Snorkeling was awesome, I got to use my noodle sling (could have sold it several times) and the very good hike at the Bitter End was so great. To me the highlight of the trip was the sailing with both sails. Now for the most important part the food. We could have never imagined how good it was going to be. Our every wish and desire was granted to us. Hats off to both of you.
Chris and Carol.
P.S. Come and visit us in the mountains. 

Marianne and Kristian – A truly unique experience – full of fun and adventure. You both made us feel comfortable and relaxed. The food was excellent – a culinary delight! Thanks for a wonderful time!
Patti and Jim 

Thanks you for a wonderful first time! You were gracious hosts. Food was wonderful. We had a great time. Come visit us in North Carolina.
Love Joan and Russ 

Guests aboard BREANKER for Thanksgiving Week, 2015
Without a doubt over the top – quality – quality – quality. We loved the food and of course the beverages as both Kristian and Marianne is very talented. We will rebook in the future, as we could not find one fault. All was perfect. We found that the other guests were also the best. They not only kept us entertained but took us to many spots in the BVI.
Bob and Marge 

Excellent meals, very experienced crew and very cordial to our every needs. Breanker is a wonderful memory for us. Go Vikings!

This has been the most perfect experience. You both are very talented and make the charter so special for us. The food and beverages was top notch. It could not have been a better experience with yall. Everything was perfect. We cannot wait to visit again. I hope I didn’t ruin your boat too much J Thank you again.
Ginny Rae and Brad 

Thank you very much for this great vacation – I enjoyed it very much. I hope we will see you soon on another trip.

Thanks for a great vacation. We enjoyed it very much. We hope to visit you again or on Moen – was great everything!Takket vaere en million
Heinz and Ingrid 

My dear friends, Kristian and Marianne thanks for doing such a fantastic trip for us again. You two are truly the best!!! The food, the cocktails, and your company, your great Breanker – all top top top notch. Much love to you and I cannot thank you enough.
Xoxo Sonja 

Guests aboard BREANKER in late October, 2015
Dear Marianne and Kristian. 
What a wonderful trip you made for us. The food was the best I have ever had! Obviously Bob too. You have converted him! I feel so blessed we meet you. So very blessed to be friends with Giselle and Steve for over 40+ years. This was awesome! The beaches, the views, the hospitality was the best. You all were so good to us!
P.S. Plus living with Bob on his 1st trip to BVI! We fell in love with both of you! 

This has been the best 40 years anniversary trip I could have asked for andd surprised Steve with. Andrew was so right, “Best crew you can get”. Thank you for a wonderful time and that very special Champagne to end the trip. I look forward to my Christmas card this December and every one after. One day we will be back and hopefully you and Kristian will still be here and not retired! Best trip ever! Thank you so much. 

May you never lie, steal or drink
If you lie, lie in the arms of the one you love.
If you cheat, cheat death.
If you steal, steal way from bad company.
And if you must drink, then drink with us because we are your friends. 
Being in BVI is a blessing for Giselle and I. A trip of a lifetime that words can’t explain how I feel while I am here. Each day is a special memory and because we were able to enjoy the BVI with our children, I wish they were here. I am very grateful for all you have done for us on our trip. This trip is in honor of our 40th Anniversary so we will be back in 40 years
Steve and Giselle 

Kristian and Marianne. 
Thank you for hosting Martin and I for our first BVI trip together – very special. We are “foodies” and enjoyed every bite! Really delicious! Martin’s comment was “I know now I can stay in close quarters with you for a week”. He was just kidding but it really is the closest quarters we have been in together. You also have to understand that we also work together – just like you two. It takes a special couple to do this and you are! Wonderful week that we will remember for a lifetime! All is” gooder than good” as the Southerners’ says in SC…. We are sad to go….
Jennifer and Martin 

Repeat guests aboard BREANKER, after a 12 year hiatus!

Back again after 12 years!
Thank you for another perfect sail in BVI. You out did yourselves again!! Thank You.
Donna and Phil

Thank you for one of the best adventures we have taken. This trip was more than we ever expected. You two are beautiful people. Thank you!

WOW what a great week! Perfect weather, perfect p[laces to explore and most of all perfect company with Marianne and Kristian – What a wonderful journey!!

What a great week – Breanker is beautiful and a wonderful boat and introduced us to the BVI sailing so comfortably. But the “big win” Was Marianne and Kristian’s hospitality and friendship. Looking forward to the next trip!

Guests aboard cat BREANKER for their 14th charter with Kristian & Marianne -
(March, 2015)

Kristian and Marianne – 14th YEAR!!!
Hey guys, thanks again for another great trip. We are sad to leave after only three days but such is life. We will let you know as soon as we can about a trip in May. 
Love Martin and Jodie
Marianne and Kristian, thanks for providing a fabulous and wonderful week in our very first visit to the Virgin Islands (and The Caribbean)! Fantastic food and drink – morning, noon and night! Accommodations are very comfortable. LOVE the rum!
Here’s to our brother, the pelican.
His beak will hold more than his belly can.
He holds more in his beak
Than he eats in a week
And I don’t know how the hell’ can
Michael Bean, The Pirate
Thanks Marianne and Kris.
Great relaxation, sun and water and wonderful memories.
Jim and Kip
Thank you both so much for taking such great care of us, especially me, during my sickness. The food was outstanding; Curt will speak of that forever.
We were treated like royalty!
This morning over looking the bays where we spent the nights were spetacular.
As every one comments, the food was very special. I have absolutely no reservation of recommending this trip to anyone wanting to visit BVI. FANTASTIC TRIP!
Curt and Ann
We sailed the ocean
6 days and 5 nights
BVI for to see
Sea life, rum and the sights
Our captain and cook took care of us so well
That we all gain some weight
And our waistline so swell
You two are the Best
To show us around
Indulge in our wishes
Experiences we found
So this is our thank you
Remembering the sand
You’re our friends forever
Kristian and Marianne!
Judy and John

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